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  1. OK i have more ideas ive been snooping around and this is what i found that i liked. (not in order just ideas listed) 1.U can choose from the exile or revan or a new character. 2.meet old friends try to bring more kids to the light side or dark side or (playing a a new character) u start around 16 old enough to have a ship but of course u dont have some random ship appear and its yours u would have to buy one,steal, or someone crashes and u repair theres and the crasher turns out to be a sith trooper or jedi acithlyte and u travel around the places they traveled. Maybe more than one ship crashes and u can choose which one to use and repair making u dark or light or just curious. 3.Train in the academy the right way or kill/manipulate to get higher. And u would meet bastilla in the council ,bao dur,atton and so on. 4.Then the academy is attacked by unknown forces most jedis are destroyed and atton is captured (or bao-dur but not bastilla shes to smart to make mistakes like that and they wouldn't because they know her loyalty to the light side (example: kotor 1 she submitted under constant torture and feel of the dark side she was always curious also. 5.U survive and they find u uncoinciuos (don't know how to spell) and bastilla uses her magnificent healing powers and brings u awake. But in the process she senses great pain in u and also senses that u are force sensitive. 6.They ask u if u could find a ship because there ship ( no idea what name should be post if u think u know) is stolen . And u go off to see if maybe the defenses of planet Coruscant damaged ships but could still be repaired. 7. U go talk to them and ask why isnt anything destroyed and she fears The Sith Assasins were involved u ask who that is and she explains a little about them in the earlier wars and u want to know more but she says "There is more important matters at hand". 8.U find the ship like above and choose one. Light side little alighment and so on. 9. After trying to find atton Bao-Dur says that u shouldn't just charge into the galaxy trying to find him. So they take u to the academy on dantoine to talk to there trainer better known as Mia. She asks them why she should train u when a bunch of others want her service to they tell her of the "special" reason but she suggests u must impress her over the other teens. U can either use the dark side (kill them manipulate the Etc.) or u can do it by gaining presitige. 10.One day u go to report of your sucess and u overhear her saying that she will train u but cannot go save atton because she needs to train more jedi's for the "Events" that are coming up. 11.They start to leave but then mira says "hy (whatever your name is)i see u where overhearing are conversation. And u can deny or be truthfull and she asks u if i find out what happens to atton or save him she will offer u a test to become an Jedi Knight and the captain of the militia there (u can advance ranks the more missions u do or just kill the general of the Dantoine miltia. 12.U go and do the "main quest" And then your sent back to dantoine. Then mira trains u u become a knight at age 18 she then gives u the role a captain. U meet a old retired commander and he joins your party u find out about better planets with stronger millatarys and u offer him the role after becoming a general he accepts and u leave. 13. i would make more story line but i have no power this is just for yall to read. 14.U then go do stuff be a general at a major army,be leader of the sith academy or jedi academy find out more about revan and exile find them and so on 15. PLEASE READ THIS GUYS IT TOOK ME QUITE AWHILE TO THINK ABOUT IT POST BELOW AND COMMENT THIS THANKS. AND ABSIDIAN START KOTOR 3 ALREADY
  2. Fall of the sith makes no since because what happens if u join them and wipe the jedi away or place a wound that would take years to go away. Id also like it if u could go and find apprentices making the light side or dark side have more forces be a general like revan and battle the other with still a main plan at the end. Not sure what character would u be but maybe the could be mulitple choices Exile,revan,new character Etc.
  3. I agree. Would love to atleast see Bastila, Carth etc. as a NPC person somewhere under the game. And btw, welcome. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well whats the news on kotor3 has obsidian even thought about it yet i mean it made a **** load of money 1-2 and 2 was not that bad as everyone said it was bioware isn't doing it so i have to come and plead to obsidian
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