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  1. On Dxun what ruined my experience was tracking the stupid Canoks. And I did that alot, beating the game on every profession and sex, light and dark on each is saying alot. I did enjoy killing the mandos who decloaked infront of the camp, then saddened the second time you were force to enter. Ive always liked mandos.. but I love killing them.
  2. Hmm, this is puzzling ive never thought of using my old dusty Controller for the PC. It shouldnt bother you much if you just use the PC's mouse..
  3. Well either you created some random glitch, which I count out of the reasons. I just think your another cheater who plays mods to beat a game...
  4. Dont cheat on your first playthrough that = EPIC FAIL . You disappoint me.
  5. I lost 1 cd in the 4 cd's of kotor 2. I would just play it anyway since its loaded... but I lost the Play Disk..
  6. Visas is so boring, she has like 6 dialogue lines, was easy to defeat, and fun to sacrifice towards Nhilus just because she was pretty useless. She couldnt deal any saber damage and had low force. And Im not a baddy... I still took the neutral approach to the situation.
  7. I agree, I liked Telos surface, but i hated the Citadel Station. Nar Shadaa however, was colorless and blocky. Yes i enjoyed SPOILER: throwing the weak minded minions into the center, it was empty compared to what it should of been. In KOTOR 3 it should be much more bustling.. kind of like new york.
  8. Exile decided the fate and will continue to be a huge factor in deciding it. Kreia being a know it all knew this, she welcomed her own death at the end of the game, as if it were just some mere test of Exile's resolve.
  9. I never liked Mandolorians either. Woah why is that? If you dont supply me with a valid anwser I will have to move my analog stick up, select flurry,tap A (or the mouse) and cut you up.
  10. I never thought of that before, great point DAWUSS. I just think there is no signifigant matter to why they are named Master (First Name) or Master (last name) but thats just my opinion
  11. Agree slightly. I think he was to into brute force... While there is always alternatives..
  12. Excuse me if im played as an ass here.. But What in the living hell are you talking about??? Revan fell to the dark side merely to reap the benefits and strengthen the universe for the upcoming "True Sith".
  13. That happen, look at number one. IF you tried the dialogue to kill the sith they say you would be fried by the lasers from the sentries around the city on the water planet Manaan
  14. You dont know the time elapse, which is why Im just shooting ideas. There could be time to set up a rag tag council, or just some get together of force wielders... Any comments on my ideas??
  15. No I ment a role in the events to come, meaning they help decide what will happen. I mean they are in the new council, they probably will be trainining new jedi..
  16. Sorry if I sound like an a hole but the only time I didnt beat the game on expert was my first play through. ANd yes I agree the battle on telos surface was so annoying because my allies would run towards the turrets and get raped, while I was mopping up the mercs who challenged your char. And Darth__Revan1990, dont you hate how Windu died? OK that was off topic. I think that Obsidian will be creating the III kotor just because Bioware is EA and EA are not exactly on the same page as Lucas Arts.. But I wont dwell there long.. Obsidian should brainstorm off of the ideas on this very forum, I liked a few of the ideas including drifting in space longer on trips to add more dialogue and "real" feel to the game. 1. There must be a new protaganist, that is imminent. 2. New planets, or just more exploration on the previous ones 3. the return of most of Exiles party, because they are all jedi now. 4. the droids must be incorparated in some wierd way. 5. use oblivions character creation 6. Some new Dark Lord or some Big bad boss 7. Revan must be shown, or added into the plot (or people will storm the stores and kill everybody, Revans just that awesome) 8. new animations for different classes 9. Use the same combat system > 10. Epics battles... 11. More lost mandos to reunite with Canderous 12. Add different races to the character creation 13. Major Dialogue and Romance ( I like what bio did with mass effect.. that was great romance) 14. Dont rush it... 15. add more mini games or just add on to them more, Swoop,Pazaakk, etc... 16. Customizable sabers... of course 17. Really make certain parts have a huge decision to be made by the main character, a decision that effects everything, Actually add a couple of those.. 18. a meditation command,in which your char sits down and meditates... 19. some new jedi to fight with you 20. party members dying and gaining new ones.. 21. READ ALL OF THE IDEAS BEFORE ME Feel free to add on.
  17. I feel bad for you... Did you play on easy mode? Anyways.. I dont think Palpatines style should be use just because of its over agression. If that style happens to be used.. then your asking for its light counterpart... Yoda. The second prestige classes were pretty awesome but they didnt add a signifigant avantage. And Juyo is one of the most effective forms of fighting, just because it hits twice for ataru's once.
  18. YEs dune, I agree with you Canderous and the mandolorians in general are amazing. I would also like for Canderous to meet more mando's along the way. I also think that the Forms of the lightsaber Jinzu,Ataru and so on should have certain attacks for opposing styles. Like Judo against ataru or something in that sense..
  19. WELL i didnt mean the dark master as the only ending.. I ment a certain choice... there should be a choice even among darkside.. if you know what I mean. REvan and Exile should team up with the protaganist in the end of the game and not any time sooner. There SHOULD be a new protaganist, someone with nothing to lose, someone who can go balls to the walls. Im not sure what they have in mind for him, but enough with the "I lost my power but I was uber before!!!" scenario.
  20. I dont know if im only speaking for myself but... Im tired of being some Dark jedis pawn. Why cant there be an ending to where you control everything, your the evil badass... you lead a academy of few dark jedi and have a epic battle or something. i just always thought it would be cool if you could train people and not be the one being "trained".
  21. bioware is EA now. I don't see them working in unison for a sequel. And darth you get harder and harder to read when you triple post. And I thought we solved that Lucas arts is just a publisher?
  22. that's just like Xard he loves causing contreversy. Don't ever make that statement you have neither the evidence or proof to back it up. And about the melee and ranged arguement the only blaster that ever gave me any trouble was the disrupter rifle.
  23. KOTOR II TSL is an example of what obsidian can do, the fact that it was rushed.. and still was a great game gives them more credit. Give Obsidian the chance to have 2 years or less to work on a sequel and I gurantee greatness..
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