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  1. Exactly, that is why Kreia "had" to end that council. It wasn't some darkside moment where she felt she could gain power... I played KOTOR 2 killing the jedi when they were all united... Why?? Because I felt I wanted to help them in their quest to help the galaxy. But they didn't deserve to exile me and "cut off" my connection. The council knew what the true reason of the exile was, but its pathetic they kept it hidden all that time. Because they were to proud to say they were WRONG.
  2. You guys have a great arguement.. But I cant seem to pick a side.
  3. You dont seem to ever know what your talking about, you must use wikipedia for your sources..
  4. Good ideas but you need to incorparate the new protaganist.
  5. Assuming that is the case, why do the masters insist on cutting the exile off from the force, regardless of whether he follows the light or dark side? In fact, they argue quite the contrary. The following is spoken to the LS exile. "In you, we saw the end of the Force. Yes... you can feel the Force, but you cannot feel yourself. You are a cipher, forming bonds, leeching the life of others, siphoning their will and dominating them. It is the teaching of these new Sith, to feed on others, on other Force Sensitives. They are symptomatic of the wound in the Force. You are a breach that must be closed. You transmit your pain, your suffering through the Force.Within you, we see something worse than merely the teachings of the Sith. What you carry may mean the death of the Force... and the death of the Jedi. So you think. It is not the strength of a Jedi you feel. He's right. It's... all the death you've caused to get here. You feed on it, and you grow stronger. You're like Malachor... it's in you, it's what you are now. You must have noticed as you've fought across all these planets, killing hundreds - only to become more and more powerful. Why do you think that was?But what's worse, is that bonding you have - it hasn't gone away. It's gotten stronger, and the more attachments you form, the more you draw others to you.And that is why you are a threat to us all.What if other Jedi went to war as you did, suffered the same events, and emerged as you did. What if there was a crucible that trained such Jedi to consume and kill? For you, Malachor was that crucible. What's worse, is these Sith that we face... I fear that they have learned the lesson of Malachor all too well. It is what allows them to prey on Force users, to become stronger when Force Sensitives are near. Somehow, they have learned their hunger from you. And so you have brought about the end of the Jedi, and perhaps all the knowledge of the Force." You must keep a scrap book with all the speeches in the game... Just Kidding. I enjoy reading this because its a very intriguing speech. It made me think WTF?? The first time I heard it. It somewhat is the truth, but most of it is blinded by the flaws of the council... So there is no exact anwser why and how.
  6. Erm... not quite. Orbalisks block lightsabers, and I don't recall Bane being slow anyway. But remember, Revan has 1000 ways to kill a Jedi or Sith ... kinda like Palpatine, for that matter. Epic Conversational Win!
  7. Ha, its not palpy.. Read exactly what the Sith'ari is.. The idea was introduced before palpy
  8. The new character needs to have some feat or abillity to balance out Exile and Revan..
  9. I didnt think of it in that way.. but it makes sense. It would be epic if Revan and Exile had a huge fight.
  10. Carth is great at what he does.. but he reminds me of my dad... Atton is a dirty fighter,pazaakk player,drunk at occations,Ex-jedi killer,pilot hotshot, and bad jokes rounded it up to one little container. Does anyone disagree?
  11. Is this even a real question???? Revan. 1. Revan mastered the force at a younger age 2. Had the ultimate training of both Light and Darkside 3. Survived his reconnection as did Exile. 4. As TrueNeutral said he was stronger than them 5. beat all the sith lords of Korriban.. holo or not. 6. Was quote "swarming" with the force. 7. An incredible finese duelist according to sources... 8. Why am I even doing this.. 9. This is a another pointless thread... 10. Hasn't this happen already.. I smell a bump? 11. They would never have to fight. And Revan is the overall Top Jedi of his era. Why? Anyone remember who Bane consulted to prefect his technique... REVAN. He can both defend an attack on his Republic... and attack them later on...
  12. uninstall and when your loading it right click the download and click properties.. click the box that says "Run using Windows XP". then when you run the game itself to update do the same thing and also press "run as adminstrator"
  13. I agree, I think this is the most likely case, although it isn't explained at all what happens to the Exile once she kills Kreia. I mean, following the Rebuilt Enclave scene, the Exile's still panicking about what happens to her if Kreia dies... But that is when he is ignorant... He "thought" he would die, but Kreia could of just "gave" up her connection before her death.. ending the death and granting Exile with his force.. Kind of like a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! YOU WIN YOUR RECONNECTION TO THE FORCE!!! dun dun dun!
  14. That shows how ignorant you are. Who ever said discussion was polite and nice? Anyways... to help anyone who visits these forums or just happens to read this before you post BIOWARE+OBSIDIAN=NOT GONNA HAPPEN BIOWARE=EA And of course a soldier couldnt run the game thats just plain silly. Ive got an idea... Is anyone else tired of being an "older" character?? It would be kind of cool if you were some char who was granted some amazing abillities.. but is only 15-20? Just a thought, but it would be kind of cool to "age" through the game... I do not know of any GOOD games that have this concept. How many things would work im unsure. Another idea, wouldn't it be great if there is dialogue with Revan and Exile in which you relive past battles.. like the battle of Malachor... Dxun.... and so on. It would be kind of cool to "BE" someone in one of those wars reliving the carnage and devastation of battle....
  15. The Jedi Civil War was not only intended to prep the Republic, but also to clean the Jedi Order, so that the next conflict wouldn't be a repeat of the Mandalorian Wars. With an infinite fleet, he could thin Jedi numbers without inflicting much on Republic forces (think Palpatine's Clone Wars, only with a different intent). Revan's plan was thrown off-track when Malak turned on him and Revan became an unsuspecting Republic trooper. Whether or not he would have use the Star Forge's arsenal against the True Sith is unknown. Like I suggested in the OP, I think Revan would tell the Exile to go back to where she came from, since he didn't want anyone knowing where he went, and if the Exile refused to leave, he probably would start to get a bit more forceful in trying to get the Exile to take a hint. ... and considering the Exile isn't Bastila, he most likely has less of an issue striking her (Exile) down Yes I know that... That is pretty much what I hinted at, and Revan is not the kind of person to tell Exile to go and eat his ass. BUT I see what you mean, Revan set out alone, and didn't even take Kreia with him, so it is perceived as if Revan want's no one to come along. BUT Exile asked Kreia if he should pursue Revan, and Kreia didn't give him a straightforward anwser but obviously hinted at going with him. I think Revan would conflict but Exile having been the one to kill Kreia would have to explain what happened, as would Revan... So there would be a big discussion and most likely They would work together considering they both saved the galaxy. BANE! Umm... anyway, yeah, TFU should be sick, but I'm not sure. But you can't be a female. at least that means there shouldn't be a Carth-like whiny character.
  16. You know whats a fact? Bane is slow and strong, so Revan could chop his arms off!!
  17. We could argue for days... hows about a cookie? /givecookie
  18. It is Bane... if you read his book on "Bane's Destruction" you would know he is the Sith'ari.
  19. hahahahahha.... That is somewhat correct... but I doubt they will be playable in KOTOR 3.
  20. Obama is a liberal he will tax everybody so bad we will regret having him. He is like another democrat before him who I forget the name of, who believed in the community and all that good stuff so he could get elected. Then his 4 year term was the downfall of business because increased taxes means more government money which weakens the economy. John McCain is a 22 year veteran who has served in the vietnam war and was a POW for 7 years. That is the kind of man you want running the country, someone who's previous accomplishments scream NATIONAL SECURITY. That is exactly what Obama is failing and will fail at if elected. So Obama is christian, he just left his old church.. hmm how convenient. He claims he christian but his name still is Barac Housein Obama. You know what that means??? HES NOT CHRISTIAN. When you transfer religions from muslim to anything or anything to muslim you are forced to change your name because it must fit your religion. So if hes christian why is his name still have muslim writted all over it.. Because hes a phony, his father lives in like kuwait and is also muslim. So if you guy's want to hand the enemy the title of President.. your asking for it.
  21. Its ok DAWUSS, unleash the Atton within you.
  22. Okie so im partially right, by then he is able to go on without Kreia.
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