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  1. Some times there are files on your computer that trigger stuff like this but a sound issue actually sounds like a hardware problem... and there I cant help you.
  2. You can avoid them completely.. but then you dont get the vocabulator I believe... but if it helps you past your game.
  3. Lol, most solutions come in funny forms.. Its what solved my problem
  4. *exhales* It would help if you stated your specs on your computer. To do this Click Start>Run>dxdiag>wait for the green bar to load> and it will list all of your information on your PC... save this to your desktop for easy use.
  5. State your operating system... And try starting the game manually.
  6. Include details of your PC ... this is a big help to anwsering your question
  7. Good Anwser. I sense foul play aswell, how bout you search KOTOR 2 for a cheap guide
  8. Haha your computer is exactly what mine was before I upgraded it. Wow this is a wierd situation.. have you searched Obsidian for any needed files?
  9. It was a test, to see if Exile could kill her and end their bond breaking his chains and regaining his own connection to the force... It was the ultimate decision. I loled. How do you know that the Exile is a he? That's maybe only in your game . Sorry didnt mean to hurt your feelings.. I forgot about canon Exile is a girl.
  10. Well, I fail to see the difference between that and personal ambition. The Sith may preach that as their higher goal, but to me it just sounds like an excuse for doing what they selfishly want to do. Exactly.
  11. So revans going to ride a horse now? Revan+LOTR?
  12. 60gig ram is impossible... highest ever recorded is 25
  13. Dont double post in your own thread.. it makes you seem desperate. No one likes the topic, dont feel bad *shrug* it happens
  14. Spamming any power is gay besides heal.. but then again most people did it to beat her. I just beat her ass fair and square
  15. Eh, the race on the unkown planet was the Rakata. A force-sensitive race like Miraluka's who used the dark side to build their technology, their most famous invention being the Star Forge. True Sith is another race... Sith is a race.... thats the name of the race... Sith. Search Rakata on Wookieepedia. 1. Agreed... 2. Huh? I thought the level caps were the same in both games... I haven't played one as much though. Whats level caps? 3. Not sure how trhis could work but yeah, should happen. 4. Mentioned earlier, so agreed I guess. 5. Ofc 6. Yes please :D 7. yeah. It was mentioned first by me second by Jediphile.
  16. Anyways, the True Sith arent some unstoppable force their the creatures we saw on the unknown planet... search it on wookiepedia it even names the 3 planets. 1. Exile isnt god-like Kreia is very hard on expert and hardcore 2. Revan was god-like in his game considering he was 30 levels lower than exile 3. Ive already mentioned that a new pc needs to balance out both of the powes 4. Exile+Revan romance 5. Spend time drifting in hyperspace to develop dialogue 6. Enticing story line 7. And most of Jedi-Phile's ideas...
  17. Dont get me started with fish-men the Saqueesh were so gay and painfull to listen to.
  18. It was a test, to see if Exile could kill her and end their bond breaking his chains and regaining his own connection to the force... It was the ultimate decision.
  19. Although Malak's powerfull power attacks wielding one saber made him top stuff...... He had to fall to the Dark Side become a leader and not a follower... he was just Revan's biatch before... But he displayed cowardice,ignorance,comedy,satisfaction, and a laugh to go with it.... What more can be asked by one character?
  20. 1. Read my reply to Jediphile 2. Agreed 3. Agreed on Neutral Characters - I would love to roll a "Grey Jedi" despite the fact most people despise them. 4. Yes I do. Yes I want the game to revolve around the Sith empire, I'm just saying that some areas from Chiss space would be a good idea to make available as kind of a "fall back" area. 5. tnemmoc on My mind has undergone a change of opinion.... I WOULD like a PC. I would however like this PC to be a normal Jedi/Sith depending on your actions. No fancy "Force bonds are strong with this one" type character (I like the Exile/Revan storylines don't get me wrong but two is enough for me. A simple Jedi who managed to survive would be awesome, I would love to level that. (type numbers with dots and repeat what everyone just said)
  21. Woah you must have a high security skill!!! I had to hack and slash to get in here!
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