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  1. Well I agree with you, but then again im no developer.
  2. Is it true that this game well be hard to understand if you haven't played the previous "Fall Outs"??
  3. I know im coming out ona limb but... it seems you enjoy shooters..
  4. Your time would be better spent learning how to programme. If you really insist on doing something involving game development during school, the Python SDL wrapper PyGame offers a great compromise between coding & control vs. rapid development & ease of use. What exactly is that? Details... And im not sure where to look for a younger programming class, my parents are hassling me thinking that I might slack-off if I take a off-campus class.
  5. Download the mod Warp Wrist from a mod site searching for it on google. You can trigger a key to force the door open. (to lazy to go get link)
  6. Lol this is a funny glitch, good thing I beat KOTOR 2 first on the xbox and had no glitches at all.
  7. PS: It would help if you stated what console your playing on.
  8. I guess the animations for dual single is much better than the dang staff... And using Freedon Nadd's lightsaber as an off-hand is a good combination
  9. Wow triple posts... I see your new here, its best not to post after you have already posted.
  10. Ok look for it its called Running kotor 2 on vista... made by me..
  11. Ok im going to make this topic here because despite the FAQ topic some people are just to lazy to constantly click each link... so I will help everyone here by posting a STEP BY STEP guide on how to make sure you can keep your KOTOR 2 running on vista. 1. Insert CD 1. 2. Open Start>My Computer>Kotor 2 and right click on "setup". 3. Go to properties and Run as admin and also run as Windows XP OR Windows 2000 (they both seem to work similar, but Ive had better gameplay on 2000.) 4. Install it, install the rest of the disks regularly.. 5. Right click on the desktop icon and repeat step 3 6. Run the game, you will most likely get an error. (if not then keep playing) 7. Now you must download a new ms32.dll file.. (the orginal is located in My Computer>Program Files>Lucas Arts>KOTOR 2. Make sure you copy it and put it in a easy to find folder for further use of the one you downloaded doesn't work.) 8. Click Here 9. Now that you have downloaded the file, replace it with the newr mss32.dll file (location is in step 7) 10. Run the game and you quote on quote "shouldnt" have any errors. Now if you still are having errors which happens alot.. there is one more solution. This involves contacting support@securom.com Send them an email saying something like this... "my kotor 2 is messing up can you send me a new kotor2.exe." They will send you an email about what to do to send them a "Analysis" (helps them determine if you need it) Follow the instructions using the same subject they replied to you with in your new email to them, attach the analysis file and send. In no time you will receive a new KOTOR2.exe. 1. Now open up My Computer>PRogram Files>Lucas Art>KOTOR 2. 2. look for the old KOTOR2.exe now copy and move that file to a different location for easy access. 3. replace it with the new kotor2.exe provided by support@securom.com and right click it and run as admin/xp-service pack2-3 or windows 2000. 4. Now double click the game and play normally. I have now listed all possible ways of making sure kotor 2 can run on vista.
  12. IS there a link to the beta... I'd like to find it maybe I can give a report about it...
  13. Well I will be posting windows vista help topic soon... It seems its still bothering people even with a faq up already.
  14. I guess thats true, which is why everyone thinks their horrible.
  15. How ironic that people download a beta version of an unreleased project and then whine about it when it breaks. That's why it's called a beta, people. And now you know why it hasn't been released yet. Not really ironic, but kind of funny.
  16. Some times there a certain things you have to do to trigger it... Once this happened to me so I left the planet and came back walking through slowly and it worked.
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