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  1. Dont be pessimistic, MMO's do work and one based on Star Wars should be good... but not if you have Sony as the developers... I mean come on... I trust EA alot more, and maybe they can make it work. Just look at WAR it is going to be amazing..
  2. you must turn down all settings before that happens save often.
  4. Yes it took my 4th playthrough to use the order required to trigger that. Any body remember the trial on manaan where you must anwser the questions correctly... I kid you guys not it took me almost 11 trys to get it right my first playthrough .. at first I thought I did something wrong and was so pissed about it..
  5. How so? Looking at K1, Revan built only those powers you chose to according to the game rules. The One mentions Revan using force lightning on his first arrival on Lehon, but that's scarcely a surprising display of DS power. Indeed, most of Revan's powers seem very conventional, and it was more his choices and tactics that set him apart. He was a good strategist on the basis of what the Mandalorians, especially Canderous, tell us, and you could conclude he was a good duelist since he defeated Mandalore and Yusanis. However, neither of these speak to his force abilities. I dont think Revan is impressive in terms of force powers, but he is so in tune with the force you could swim laps in it. what sets him apart is his tactics,choices, and finesse style of combat. And to say the sith possess more unique abillitys is a hilarious statement. They might possess more straight forward ways or ways involving hunger and corruption but light jedi have to power to revilatize,shield, and heal their wounds without using something as their source like a force drain. However I think that Force Drain/Death Field are some pretty formidable powers I mean sucking the life out of something.. its just the thing is is with power comes responsibillity and I mean most people who use those powers turn corrupt.
  6. He must be a good friend. No friend of mine would sell it that cheap

  7. 800? mine was a grand..

  8. Well my parents are on my back about earning the academic degree, but I a hardcore gamer/experimenter I liked to mess around with games, they dont take it serious but I want to make Programming/Scripting part of my career.
  9. Hey I know im late but give credit to Jediphile he gave the link first!
  10. We dont know if he can use KSE because he doesnt state what console hes on.
  11. I did think it was wierd when I could bash the console on Citadel Station.. then couldnt do it on pc. But that doesnt affect my gaming..
  12. Hey your avatars a sith assasin, and you have the jedi code in your signature nice?
  13. I agree. Nihilus FTW (he's probably me second-favorite Sith Lord) We'd have a lil' of a problem, since dead people can't act... And if it could act he'd be amazing as a force ghost Why he's a power hungry idiot. Im more into the terms of lightsaber geniuses and bad-asses.
  14. hahahaha jack nickleson for malak... haha. JK go and watch the first batman original..
  15. No need to be a sith lord for that Dont remind me I hate hearing lightside characters with force lightning. Being lightside is more fun in terms of saber combat, I buff up about 14 buffs before a fight use my jedi-weapon master set, critical hit half characters health... Hear how darkside is somehow better?
  16. Im intrugued by your post, are you mad that canon says he is a man? And I would love to learn more about Revan and Exile in terms of childhood and stuff like that.
  17. Make sure you follow the guide step by step and make sure all of your drivers are updated. And Nhilus I have posted a faq called How To Kotor 2 on Vista.
  18. Im glad you read my stickied topic, see how fast you get a reply?
  19. Yep I actually do. I have a sting-ray 5 string black/blue bass.

  20. Juyo+Saber with upgrades listed above+Speed Power+2 weapon feats maxxed + ignore pain+ THE END
  21. Someone cant find this so im bumping it (sorry everyone)
  22. Use the kotor 2 Vista help forum I posted recently it should be under KOtor 2
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