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  1. Serious post? You sound highly... nevermind. Lets keep this clean Well check out the Austin store, its hiring experienced MMO players,and alot of other stuff tied to MMO's. I posted the exact link a while back.
  2. Fraps and Xfire both have these issues occationally.
  3. Well another GT series, have you tried visiting NVIDIA for latest patches? P.S: You only need to list the top and video card part, the rest of the dxdiag is useless.
  4. Ah, another 8800 card.. but this seems to be a big issue. Is it a legal copy?
  5. Well Vista And newer Nvidia Geforce cards have been having re-curring issues. I believe nvidia has a patch, and there is a "How To Kotor 2 On Vista"
  6. Well I think that would be a good solution, I mean I do get annoyed reading the same issue over and over again because they dont click on the faq because they think its just about kotor 2 and not an actuall faq. And there aren't many kotor 2 discussions because most of them are Help Me Threads. I enjoy trying to help, but I see Walkers point..
  7. well try reinstalling it, or using the old ms32.dll sometimes it still works.
  8. They beat me to the punch, I just read that a couple minutes ago.
  9. its was something discovered after release, you cant just release a game then right on the box, Sorry doesnt work with SOME intergrated physics/graphics cards.
  10. Man your ice cold on your posts in the kotor 3 thread bad ass man. (Im tired of the crowd of MMO haters just saying their opinion like someone cares)

  11. Some people fail to grab the concept that Kotor 2 isnt friendly with intergrated physics card. Zu, im happy you can run Crysis, I can aswell but that is actually the cause of your trouble is the cards so damn new it outdates kotor 2. MAke sure you follow this guide step by step, if you do then 8 times out of 10 you will be able to play. And Securom was no help because there was nothing they could do, what they actually told you was "Your doing something wrong, we cant help you"
  12. Agreed, it doesn't seem to really grab the concept of Drain Life.
  13. You have it all wrong, im not trying to convince anyone. Havent you ever asked why an mmo and not single player? Because a Kotor MMO would make much more money... HOw? Well just like I said, people will get wrapped up in the hype of it buy the game, and purchase a month card. Thats already proffit on their part, so by making this an MMO they obviously are gona market the hell out of it making it sound amazing even if it blows. So dont get me wrong, I prefer single player, but its true just wait and see...
  14. I was using you as an example, but thats how lucas arts will make even more money off of an MMO than a singleplayer. People get caught in the hype and pay for the monthly fee

  15. Then you must not play MMO's period. But a lot of people say they "wont" play it. But the truth is you will! You will resist at first, listening to the overwhelming hype and pay for it, for 1 month, hell some might continue playing it just because its a freaking awesome series.
  16. Great find, ive actually never seen the footage, but heard of it aswell.
  17. They arent meant for "some" older games. Kotor 2 is one of those.
  18. You welcome man, anytime. A lot of people have that problem, its funny how Kaalah-Nah triggers it.. Heh heh
  19. Thanks for some of the info, but I fail to see what Graphics Card you have? And have you tried talking with SecuRom they can do an analysis. And it seems you havent replaced the ms32.dll? I placed a link in original post.
  20. Funny thing, this just happened to me installing Fable: THe Lost Chapters, which I own retail of. Maybe its the years I modded it and installed/removed it constantly, I tried manually installing it but to no avail... Hmmm
  21. I agree with you man, im pretty sure Bio will atleast attempt to put some of their talent in their storyline, even if its like similar to WOW's style of presenting it. As long as its good ol' enticing KOTOR.
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