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  1. Deadly.. you should ask to put that in a FAQ or something.
  2. Haha, you have to admit it be incredibly pointless but hilarious at the same time..
  3. Sorry, its "illegal" to do that. Your best solution is asking SecuRom for a new exe...
  4. He already said he can play on the low settings, why do you constantly post replys about how we couldn't help you?
  5. Posting a full dxdiag is what I ment, forgive my shallow post.
  6. Hmm, I love the mandolorians to, only because I cant RP anything else but human.
  7. Good News, I just started my first AP Computer Science class, we are currently learning Java. Ive heard once you've learned this language since its in Unicode you can learn all the other languages with ease. Which brings up my concern, a lot of gaming companys want C++ and such, does anyone think this will change? and if so am I just being worried for no reason?
  8. Typical European post... well by the most part. Im actually 1/4 spanish and hearing that from you makes me sad...
  9. Hey Scyreous, there is a second coming out? I enjoyed the first a lot!
  10. I'm not trying to flame you in ANY way, but why the hell would they want to do that? Mass Effect was a great game, sure, but that doen't meant Obsidian can't do their own greatness. And I HATED Mass Effect on my PC. Seems to me that Mass Effect was exclusively desingned with console gamers in mind. Better off doing something different for K3, if you ask me. Agreed, it was bad on pc. And yes I liked the previous engine, but I believe they could brush it up a bit adding more combat animations and make it seem more fluid.
  11. Well what you posted hardly helps... How bout operating system?
  12. If your getting a disc error you might have to contact SecuRom for a new exe..
  13. Im glad some of you realize at least"some" potential of a Kotor MMO, I trust Bioware will work something out, so untill then I wont say anything negative.
  14. Well theres been occations few have got them to work, but it might be a lost cause. And MrMidas. right click it and open "Propertie" the go to "Security" check the box for run as admin, and click on windows xp aswell..
  15. Good, im glad you can keep on playing, just post another thread if you need more help depending on the problem.
  16. Happen to me aswell, loading before is the only solution. I think?
  17. 1. Finding a save before that. 2. Downloading all updates for your video card, and lowering every option in the configuration menu.
  18. Then his former guardians fake another one after his clones are depleted.... Haha that was pretty funny, good read though. Everyone should read the book series starring Jaina and Jaced Solo.
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