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  1. Turn down all of the settings at that moment, and keep reloading, thats how I solved it
  2. That would be kind of cool, a beginning quiz or mission that determines your start?
  3. Hmm, ive heard bad feedback on EVGA cards compatibillity with older games, check nvdia's website for updates.
  4. Hmm, are you sure you followed my topic?? Replacing the ms32.dll and the kotor exe with the replacements, and running the new one as admin and xp it should work.
  5. Yep, which is cool.. for awhile it will get boring a lot faster than the kotor's... there offering about 20-25 hours of gameplay. My first kotor play through was 30 hours, not including all the other playthroughs I had.
  6. Put in the game making sure your signed in, you will get an option to update.... Select yes.
  7. Just not gona happen, dont wanna shoot your ideas down. There needs to be a complete new protaganist and Revan and Exile must play a big role in the events to come. I dont know how many times I must stress this..
  8. open up my computer.. go to program files... Lucas Arts>Kotor 2> look for "swkotor2.exe" move it out of the folder and put it somewhere safe, put in the new kotor. But you must make sure you also use the link in the topic I posted and download that new ms32.dll file and do the same with the ms32.dll file as you did with the kotor2.exe
  9. The thing has danm Euphoria which hasnt been used on a computer yet.
  10. yes Exile, yes Revan they are huge pieces of the puzzle and if they follow canon we can get some super jedi romance!
  11. Exactly + his critical abillity while stealthed is incredible combined with snipe shot.
  12. Let me guess, you use your 360 as target practice for throwing bricks at? I take care of mine and its in perfect condition I have no problems with it.
  13. I dont mean to bump this topic, just dont feel like posting a link for everyone who needs help on vista.
  14. Well you see, what had happen was....... Actually I follow the same code its just sometimes I get wrapped up in the story and just want to see what happens next Call it a curse?
  15. Well, something is having trouble loading on that map, try turning down your settting when you hit the ground there.
  16. Hmmph, your Atton was probably horrible. He starts out with all ranged spec feats, and it takes along time for you to spec him for double melee.
  17. I agree with this. If Bioware's so grand, why not gush about them over there? THAT'S right, they're so very touchy about anything you post on thier boards, and most K3 threads end up locked. I don't mean to sound grouchy about it, but if you think Bioware is the better choice, I think you're CRAZY. How deep was k1, REALLY? There's really no unanswered questions, and as much as I ♥ Mass Effect, it seemed to me to be an updated KOTOR, but w/o having to pay Lucas royalties (and knock back the M rating, which is NEVER gonna happen for a Star Wars game). It's also GLARINGLY obvious that ME is the 1st of a trilogy. It's WAY too short (even completing all side quests), and not much happens in it, except a tiny introduction to some HUGE lurking threat. Don't believe me? Try playing it back-to-back a couple times, and see how bored you become. Also, I doubt there'll be much to discuss regarding that game 4 years from now. Sorry to rant. I guess I'm just grouchy. And I ♥ Bioware. I just worry about them with the whole EA thing, and all. And I ♥ Obsidian TONS more! /off topic I put around 25 hours in ME and played it twice Good and Bad. I thought it was good and I do want ME2 within a couple of years.....as long as they get time to finish it ofcourse /on topic i played KOTOR2 before KOTOR mayby not the smartest thing to do but I thought KOTOR2 was good only the cut content really anoyed me. I tried 4 times to get into the sublevels on Telos before i found out that it was cut. And they let you hanging about your partymembers in the end. But with a clifehanger like that I thought KOTOR3 would be out within a year or two. KOTOR I liked but i thought the story was worse then it thought after all I heard about it. And I missed the influence.....don't kill me for it...........and yes it was introduced in KOTOR2 but as I said I played KOTOR2 before KOTOR so that's personnal. It's not that I think KOTOR2 was flawess, I mean it really annoyed me that my dark side party members where allways against killing people......which as playing dark side i loved to do I mean thats just dumb being dark side and still act like you are light side. So in Kotor3, WHEN it comes out please change that. And yes I said WHEN because it's coming........mayby there's a new duke nukem forever But still I keep hoping for 2009/2010 Oh and don't be disappointed if ME2 releases and its incredibly over hyped, EA tends to do that alot. /offtopic Anyone hear about Alone in the Dark, it wasnt made by EA but it was over-hyped which led to its downfall.
  18. Lol, now im not a fan of rifles but they can be incredibly effective. I can kill the 3 jedi in freedon nadds tomb by myself by doing the following. 1. run out of range of saber 2. use plague making them move slower 3. place high level stun mine at corner 4. grab rifle snipe shot, snipe shot one is dead. 5. plague them all again 6. stun mine... 7. and repeat with snipe shot killing both and receiving almost no damage on expert. I believe its called "Kiting"
  19. Well, it will most likely be Obisidian or some new company because Bioware is no more... it is now EA Games.. Check the developer and icon at the bottom of Mass Effect for the pc you will see a big EA not Bioware.
  20. Well it was easy on KOTOR 2, but on kotor1 you actually had to look.
  21. Honestly had no idea from his posts what console he was playing. And last thing ive checked ive helped over 10+ people with problems concerning both.
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