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  1. Also this helps a lot: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103029-issues-with-nvidia-graphics-cards/
  2. Hi Andrea, I have had similar issues (i think) with the game, and this thread helped me and a lot of other people out: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103723-so-uh-i-fixed-one-of-the-games-performance-problems-with-whom-do-i-speak/ Try it out, it's a non-invasive procedure and easy to follow Hope you get it to work!
  3. Basically title: If someone could attempt a mod to make backstab only doable by main hand attacks with light weapons and then buff it accordingly? It's my impression that it kills the immersion for many people.
  4. Thank you, this is great! You fixed my problems in cities (no stutter at all now!) and i experience much less stutter in fights. Any ideas to bring the fight-stutter down as well? I have a GTX 960M running on a laptop. Cheers!
  5. Yeah, it's a bit more worthy now. Actually, concussive shot seems really good now, too (1 bond), play dead (2 bond), evasive fire (1 bond). Barring the lack of acc. boost, the ranger really looks like a fun single-class for me to play, especially if you want utility, and you don't mind spending points on the pet. I just counted, and with (i think it is) 28 points, you actually don't lack for good pick-options. Full ranger next playthrough for me, I'm happy. Edit: Takedown Combo now increases dmg dealt to target by 100% as before, but for 10 sec!
  6. Ranger change: Twinned shot now costs 2 bond and gives 25% dmg. That's down from 3 and no extra dmg, right? Also masters call is 1 bond.
  7. What does Space do? The game is a RTwP (Real Time with Pause) game. That means that the game is built on the idea that you pause, then tell every party member what to do. When they have done what you want them to, give them new orders. Repeat until win
  8. Well personally I think it becomes way too diablo-ish if the archer constantly shoots out multiple arrows that penetrate and find new targets, so I like it - maybe change the cost though. You could also make the argument that the other actives have utility - Wounding Shot for making your companion do extra damage, Headshot and upgrade for debuffing and interrupting enemy and then the rest of the time twin shot. Edit: You could also change Twin Shots to "On Crit" or something like that.
  9. You may be talking about something like this and the thread before that one? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96828-portraits-ii/
  10. That's true. I think it would fix it - or at least make it more fun - if the malus remained similarly harsh (excluding abilities), and magic resistance would be scaling with powerlevel and the class special worked on range as well to accommodate more build types (right now, afaik, only melee barb is viable).
  11. Couldn't you argue that metaphysical strength = resolve though?
  12. Ranged only would also lose out on the advantage of the Mage Slayer effect... it's only applied in melee. Frenzy and Wild Sprint don't have long durations to begin with, so the penalty can be very significant. Barbaric Yell has limited range. Firearms can benefit significantly from upgraded Barbaric Blow (instant extra attack on kill), but bows... not so much (unless you mean crossbows, which do have the nice interrupt modal). The Barbarian passive that lets you interrupt on crit is melee only. The passive that grants bonus stride... doesn't grant very much (10% as opposed to 100% from Wizard
  13. Do you guys think it would be viable to do a Sharpshooter/Wizard Slayer even though you lose out on the advantages of carnage and then go bows for the ultimate Ygritte build?
  14. How about backstab being exclusive to fast weapons? That would solve issues with it being counterintuitive as an idea, and make for a reason to use more rogue-like weapons as a rogue. A streetfighter/fighter would always have reason to use other weapons, so I think narrowing it down would be nice.
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