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  1. I don't see how this is an accessibility issue. I don't really have a stake in this matter, as I don't play these games for difficulty, challenge or achievements. I don't really know what all the other god challenges are either, from what I've heard there's one that introduces durability/weapon degradation, another that sets a hard time limit, etc. I can only say what I think challenges are supposed to do: Apply pressure on the player's knowledge, experience and ability. Demand higher efficiency and give less room for error. Taking away the ability to pause doesn't do that, it rather fundamentally changes the game and thus subverts and invalidates player experience. Execution was never a requirement, now suddenly it is? That's completely outside this curriculum. Pausing is a defining property of the subgenre ffs, to demonstrate your mastery of a "real-time with pause crpg" you are to play it without the pause? If what is intended is that the player is to rely on AI scripting/automation, I don't know what that is supposed to test. Anyone can lift a strong build from someone else, but you still need to know how to play it, and respond properly to what is happening in encounters. If you lift a strong script package all you have to do is press play on tape. Nothing is being tested there. For that reason It would make more sense to have a god challenge that disabled AI scripts completely, than have one that demands it. Disabling pausing to demand automation not only removes a defining property of the subgenre, but undercuts the defining property of the medium, interactivity. If it were some off to the side curiosity achievement, fine, but if it is to be a required part of the top accomplishment, absolutely not. I can only imagine a Quake game coming out where the Grand Master Certification expected you to utilize an aimbot, whoever came up with that would be hunted down by the playerbase and pitchforked to paste. I don't see how this is an accessibility issue because the challenge in itself is utterly degenerate when it comes to testing a player's ability to Play The Game, and is so regardless of whether achievements should take accessibility into consideration or not.
  2. Uh, from what I remember of BG most of the 'puzzles' were 'find a book/note with the answer but maybe not exactly in cleartext', 'find the missing piece', or some sort of riddle. The only non-trivial puzzle I can remember is where you play some variant of Nim. I couldn't remember the one 'in the circus tent', and, well, I think you are greatly overcomplicating it if you think it's anything but very simple. It's the one with the prince and the princess right?
  3. Oof. If this goes through Obsidian better provide an address where I can send envelopes of cash, because I have sworn the holiest of vows to never give Microsoft any money. Which reminds me, I should be moving everything out of github soon. Oof.
  4. Now that this has been moved to Technical Support, you'd want to include what's asked for here The game being unable to load resources doesn't necessarily mean there's something wrong with the game though, you should download some SMART util for your OS and see if there's any logged read errors on your disk.
  5. No, it was an example of how voices are affected. Where did I say it was described specifically as raspy Well then what does 'how voices are affected' have to do with anything? The point of contention was whether the narrator had a raspy voice, no? Not 'in what ways can smoking/strep change your voice'. So any non-raspy voice transformation would be completely irrelevant, no? Unless you are holding that 'raspy' means 'smoking/strep-afflicted' in all possible manners and not 'harsh/hoarse' in particular, I have no idea how you even put this together. I initially thought I had scrolled past a post or something. Your argument here boils down to 'but raspy can mean many things, consider these things which are not raspy'. What?
  6. No I have other PC games, all working top notch. I mean unity engine games in particular. Have you seen this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/97377-how-to-report-a-bug/
  7. Curious, if someone had their voice pitched an octave up, would you then describe their voice as 'raspy' ?
  8. Clearly Obsidian disagrees, since there's plenty of high end gear to be stolen throughout the game. Since they've already slapped a 15mech requirement on it to bring it in line with the other stealable high end gear, chances are they already did. That's rich, after setting the bar for maturity right here:
  9. I should stop reading these in the morning, now there's coffee everywhere. Again.
  10. It's not even remotely 'for free', the Burglar gloves are what, 5K? Skill trainer on Dunnage is 3K. For something being 'for free', 'straight after leaving port maje' there sure is a lot of specific investment and required stopovers. I'm completely fine with letting people who come in omniscient juke out stuff without everything being hard-gated. Since combat is not the only way to resolve things in these games, I'm also fine with combat not being the only way to acquire things.
  11. Only speculating, but given how it's The Guardian, you'd think he's supposed to show up when you come smashing through the front door. He did for me.
  12. Those crates used to have no lock on them, so if they have a 15mech requirement now, Obsidian has already gone over them.
  13. I'd much prefer it if they just completely abandoned the notion of 'the epic main quest'. There's plenty of non-epic reasons to be in a region such as Deadfire without it being 'god ending the world'. Soldier/emissary of one of the factions, missionary looking to convert the heathens, soldier of fortune/opportunist/powermonger looking to grab bucks/power in a resource-rich unstable region, local resisting foreign influence, etc etc. There's plenty of non-epic conclusions to such an adventure without it being '(not) stopping the end of the world', it could just have you consolidate your power within a faction and establish it as the dominant power in the region, or establishing a peaceful power balance. I would have been fine with this game concluding on securing Ukaizo for your faction, without there being some god to talk down for the 'epic finish'. It would make the 'main story' more open as well, you could be a missionary becoming an untouchable pirate king, or an exiled stowaway becoming the benevolent leader of the Deadfire Rauatai Protectorate, etc etc. I don't mind a linear game/story, but if they're going down the route of reactive world and emergent storytelling, I'd prefer if they committed to it completely. Would make it much less marketable and hookable of course, which is why I expected the 'epic main story' to be present, played the game like it wasn't, and appreciated that it got out of the way as much as it did.
  14. Are you a fellow scandi that hunts cows, or does your moniker mean something completely different?
  15. I use 'pause on ability end' and 'pause on enemy killed', which becomes roughly 'pause on idle', although I'm sure there's some edgecase exception.
  16. Do you think the people bugfixing are the same people that are making additional beards?
  17. There's not too many places where this is used, but I couldn't see anything during the ghost ship battle. Probably a matter to just pass onward to the folks at Unity. If you have any fixes and suggestions, please let me know. * Radeon R9 Fury X, the Fiji chipset * xf86-video-amdgpu-18.0.1 * mesa-18.1.2 * kernel 4.14.51 I'm happy to help with whatever additional information you might need.
  18. Aye, it's just a token restriction. It's not like you are on a timer or the dungeon fills up again if you leave. It don't see how this is a slippery slope either, since from what I can remember of Baldurs Gate, you could spam rest at no cost until fully healed. Seems to be one area where fiddling have been added rather than removed. Besides, you'll always have smashing, slashing and bashing in infinite supply. Choking abilities is just buffing passives. @Abel, if your immersion is irked by invisible hats and unexplained bottomless boxes, how does it handle that a party of 6, already lugging an army's worth of arms and armor around, is only capable of carrying two bundles of firewood, despite this functionally being the most powerful resource in the entire world? Doesn't that seem a bit arbitrary?
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