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  1. As funny as that would be, Chanters aren't summoning actual living creatures but rather approximating their forms by channeling the energies of spirits and tapping ambient soul fragments. Or I think it's something like that. Something along those lines might make for an interesting premise for a protagonist in a new Pillars game: a Chanter tries to summon the spirit of a dead hero, or one who never actually existed or was a composite figure abstracted from various people, to assist with some battle or task and ends up bringing you into the world. Varied accounts of the hero could allow for
  2. He's actually the god of birth and rebirth, though I quite agree that not being able or inclined to have children isn't a barrier to worshipping Eothas. Then again, Lord_Mord recognized this possibility as well when he initially raised the question, as seen here:
  3. Sure, no problem. I was also interested in confirming the news. I agree the reverse pickpocketing angle opens up a nice set of opportunities for carnage, especially if we can fine-tune the detonation times. It'd be fun to set explosives to go off on tavern performers just after they finish a song, for example, or as the audience winds up for applause. I'm guessing it'll probably get worked into quests as well; maybe there'll be opportunities to plant incriminating evidence on people now and again. That sounds like it could be an interesting tactic for a Watcher who's infiltrating/doubl
  4. Sawyer and Null confirm the existence of an Alchemy skill during Q&A 4 (https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/5vsoiy/pillars_of_eternity_ii_deadfire_qa_4_transcript/; or https://www.twitch.tv/videos/124031593?t=38m55s for the specific point in the video where the question is answered). According to the Q&A, Alchemy doesn't allow you to create explosives so much as use them more effectively. While it hasn't been stated outright, it's easy to see how the skill's benefits could similarly apply to potions and drugs that you find throughout the game, which would help to give the
  5. Ah, my mistake. That does throw a bit of wrench into things, but it also depends on who the first test subjects were. For example, some orlans have natural lifespans as short as 50 years; between that and other physiological differences, they might hit puberty significantly earlier than humans. It also makes sense that the orlan babies might have been used as the first test subjects for the process given their frequent status as second-class citizens at best throughout much of the Dyrwood. If memory serves, Durance actually does talk about how the initial crop of wichts might have been written
  6. Keep in mind that it's not like they had already devised the technique of transplanting animal souls into the bodies of children/babies; this was something they came up with based on the need created by Waidwen's legacy. Before they could actually put it into practice, they had to first determine if it was possible and then develop a way to effect the transfer without immediately crippling/killing the host or something. The fact that the process itself was completed as hastily as it was most likely speaks toward the animancers' desperation to solve the problem, which may also account for their
  7. It might be the case that while some godlike are commonly associated with a particular god as far as people in Eora are concerned, that the different types in the game aren't necessarily tied exclusively to one god or another. Just as there are different gods associated different aspects of death, there might be individual death godlike whose characteristics lean more towards the distinct representations of death that Berath, Gaun, or Rymrgand cover, for example. Similarly, some nature godlike might have closer ties to Eothas' spring and fertility aspects than Galawain's nature as survival of
  8. While being the god of the hunt, predatory beasts, and assassins is primarily what he's known for, that isn't the extent of his connection to nature. Galawain is specifically the god of the wilderness and the guardian of such areas. He's also responsible for the creation of the Great Western Stag, so the Nature Godlike's greater resemblance to prey animals isn't necessarily proof that they aren't related to him. That said, I have seen it argued that they might actually be related to Eothas/Gaun in his capacity as a god of spring and harvest; there's a tendency to focus on his more dramati
  9. It is true that the possibilities aren't endless, but if Tekehu is really an Ocean Godlike or whatever, that sets a precedent for different godlike based on individual portfolios. Since each god has 6-9 portfolios (potentially 10, depending on how things went in the White March expansions), that's room for a lot of different varieties of Godlike. Of course, in some cases, these varieties would become increasingly absurd, like Door Godlike, Apprentice Godlike, and Language Godlike, and others might be too abstract, like Relentlessness Godlike, Inevitability Godlike, Memory Godlike, or Invention
  10. A special spiritshift form for Tekehu has been confirmed here (https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/163414967741/will-player-made-rangers-and-druids-have-access-to).
  11. Here's a screenshot of multiclass title drafts from Sawyer's tumbler: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWyXIbQFAXU/?taken-by=jesawyer1975
  12. (edit: Doppelschwert clearly beat me to the punch here, not that I noticed this while typing my response on and off for a while) None, if the players in question actually knew how soulbound weapons work. Accuracy bonuses from any sort of proficiency apply to the use of soulbound weapons regardless of whether you're actually proficient with the weapon type they belong to. The idea of progressing proficiency based on in-game hallmarks in the vein of soulbound weapons (e.g., kill X number of enemies, land X number of critical hits, etc.) could be interesting, but that can lock players ou
  13. Two things: 1) Proficiency groups like Ruffian no longer exist, all proficiencies apply to a single weapon type, 2) the way enchantment is planned to work in Pillars 2 thematically restricts the sorts of abilities you can add to weapons and also limits the quality level they can be raised to (e.g., fine to exceptional and no further). Consequently, players may find it highly tempting or even necessary in cases (such as when faced with enemies that are highly resistant or even immune to a particular damage type) to switch to weapons that aren't of their chosen type depending on what's avail
  14. Part of it may relate back to having the priests of different deities have their own associated lists of prohibited spells, which we've heard about before, but I'd expect that to be balanced out by the deity-specific spells that such priests gain access to. The benefits from the Nalpazca subclass could easily extend to alcohol consumption. [Edit: On second thought, I don't think the sentence that used to be here was particularly helpful.]
  15. I asked about unarmed proficiency a few Q&As back and Sawyer stated that it won't exist. As long as the plan for unarmed is to have specialization in it be monk-exclusive, I wouldn't expect the Devoted subclass to be able to tie their benefits to it. As for the Devoted's drawbacks, it might involve limited proficiency resource progression after level one and/or raising proficiency levels at increased cost (if there's more than one level). This comes back to the issue of sidestepping the drawback by sticking with your chosen weapon, but there are several things in Deadfire that may make
  16. So we got hear about a new monk subclass during Q&A: a Broken Pillar (or was it Shattered Pillar?) Monk whose wound generation mechanic is tied to the damage they inflict on others rather than the hits they soak up, allowing for a purer focus on offensive builds. As I recall, the trade-offs are that their damage thresholds for gaining wounds are higher than a base monk's and the maximum number of wounds they can maintain at a given time are lower. It sounds like it'd synergize particularly will with cipher multiclass options, which was something I was considering to begin with, so I'm
  17. Lore's being broken down into more specialized fields, providing options based on education in more focused areas such as religion and metaphysics, Intellect is still going to be a stat that will presumably feature in dialogue options, and Streetwise has already been listed among the examples of passive skills being planned for inclusion (http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Pillars_of_Eternity_II:_Deadfire#Features). There's no indication that Diplomacy will function to the exclusion of these options at this point.
  18. Will we see any examples of NPCs pushing the limits of their classes in ways akin to Concelhaut's magical research and Llengrath's transference of knowledge? Will we encounter or hear about Cipher or Chanter equivalents to archmages, for example? Are we going to have more options for dealing with prisoners (assuming we still have the option to take them?) Are there any notable monastic orders that we'll have opportunities to interact with while we visit the Deadfire Archipelago? Do you have any more details to share about the talking soulbound weapon, such as whether it's morphic/limited
  19. In the origin story from http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Amiri Amiri's motivation depends on one-upping a tribesman who boasted of seizing a frost giant's dagger as a trophy and describes the weapon she finds by the frost giant corpse as an "immense bastard sword", but it could be out of date. The handle would be a bit odd in light of that, but that's easily explained by her getting some smith to customize the weapon to be more manageable for her. It does make for a less impressive origin story though: the first tribesman brags about his frost giant dagger, Amiri finds a slightly bigger dagger,
  20. Not really. Bastard swords sized for humans average around 4 feet in length in Pathfinder, according to the wiki (http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Bastard_sword). According to that same wiki (http://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Frost_giant),Frost Giants are generally around 15 feet tall. There's no specific mention of the average height for humans in Pathfinder that I could find (not that there needs to be either), but if you go by http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/advancedRaceGuide/ageHeightWeight.html#core-race-random-height-weight, it's probably around 5'3" for women and 5'8" for men. Given that
  21. Yeah, I agree that it tends to be less jarring when such content clings more closely to the base. Especially in games like Pillars 1 and 2, where the stakes for resolving the plot are saving your sanity in the first game and, quite possibly, what's left of your soul in the second, it seems extremely important to integrate added content into the overarching story, so I also hope that they do so for Deadfire if they go the parallel expansion route. That being said, I'd still hope for an expansion taking place after the events of the main game, possibly as an epilogue of sorts. Whatever plan
  22. There actually is a reason to go there tied to the main plot: the Steward mentions having heard disturbing reports of the Leaden Key's movements in the area, suggesting that they have an interest in the ruins as they have in others throughout the game. In that sense, the Watcher's trip to Stalwart isn't much different from their trip to Dyrford, with both being little more than transit points en route to the far more interesting ruins that are nearby, even if the lead you get to head over to Clîaban Rilag is significantly more compelling given its source and Lady Webb's interest. The main prob
  23. I'm not exactly an ardent fan of traps as they're currently implemented, but it seems to me that in addition to the interactions and outcomes you've listed above, it's also possible for you to lure or force enemies through traps as well, perhaps all the more so in Pillars 2 with the added emphasis on fighter abilities to drag enemies around. Beyond the possibilities available in terms of immediate responses to traps, the fact that they exist in some areas also changes the tone of exploration to an extent by introducing the possibility of unseen threats of a different nature than the monsters t
  24. https://www.instagram.com/p/BVntBSFlZTj/ New clothing/robes model screenshot.
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