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  1. There was. So I guess it's more about the option whether to Banish or to Continue/whatever not popping up when Wendigo is encountered, for whatever the reason.
  2. As far as the first issue is concerned - do any other characters have overflow of that type of card? That sounds like the case here, since I've yet to here anything happening otherwise. For example, if Merisel banished an item and is at 3/4 items at the end of scenario (therefore needs a new item to be able to continue), BUT Harsk has 5/4 items (he acquired additional item during the scenario), you HAVE to move ANY item from Harsk to Merisel to be able to continue. If no other characters have overflow of cards, then you can access vault to reach the limit. As far as the second problem goes - I personally have trouble understanding what you wrote, could you try rephrasing, please?
  3. Sounds like a same/similar problem I ran into: yesterday logged in to check out the new card all fine, everything was still there. This morning I logged in to see that all my gold, chests and dice are missing, yet the parties, decks, treasure cards and adventures/story progress is still there. I decide to wait a bit, and after logging in 2 hours later, everything is back in order. So, might be some issue on Obsidian's side and just needed some time to fix itself, maybe it's something bigger, either way, good to at least make sure that Obsidian is aware of such problem occurring.
  4. Deck customization only did "something" before starting your story, as Hannibal said, or when you end up with less cards than you can hold (banished more weapons than you acquired, cards otherwise removed). You are then forced to pick card(s) to fill up to your card type limit for those characters (it is said that you can pick all base + treasure cards for up to your AD - 2, i.e. after banishing an ally in AD6 scenario, you will be able to pick up new allies from both base set and treasure cards from AD1 to AD4). Otherwise, the deck customization is there if you want to move cards around your characters in between scenarios.
  5. Read this post about the details of the bug and how to break the loop/not use a blessing every time (you only need to HAVE at least 1 blessing or any other card to add to WIS check).
  6. Well, there's a happy camper! Good to see! Myself, my experience is completely the opposite. I've lost all motivation to play because my Quest characters are all level-capped and the bugs in Story mode just make playing on Legendary too frustrating to be worth the effort (for me). Add those two together and so now I've got no gold coming in, so I can't afford AD6 (probably a good thing seeing as how full of bugs it appears to be) and therefore I've abandoned playing altogether. Sad, but true. I ran B-1 on legendary a ton of times with little-to-no gamebreaking issues (healing broke once or twice and I may have had a card be discarded for no reason, but nothing serious for a scenario THAT easy). My pre-AD6 party would straight up succeed all combat checks just because of the +X added to every roll. AD6 (and all other scenarios) have a decent amount of bugs, yes. 5-1 is especially a pain because of the whole Hound issue. Nevertheless, I still beat every single damn scenario on Legendary. It was actually more fun, coming up with ways to avoid bugs like in 5-1 or simply having to bury my whole deck to defeat Karzoug with my very last card.
  7. The card is automatically "displayed" - you have a 2d4 added on your combat checks against Trasmuters or whatever the trait is. There is/was a bug though, where the Runeforged Weapons aren't removed as they are supposed to be after beating 6-5 (I might be wrong on this one, but I do recall seeing the extra 2d4 against Karzoug on my Legendary attempt). As for the difficulty of the scenario itself, many strategies are possible, but beating it on Normal difficulty with a 6-man party is definitely possible. Additionally, you can read up this thread for some suggestions.
  8. Forum accounts with 5 or less posts have to have their posts manually approved. It will take some time, but they will eventually appear (as I am writing this, both this and your previous post have been approved and are visible to all).
  9. If you search other threads, there seems to be an issue regarding damage being reduced due to ability, although its mostly noticeable with Wardens because they always trigger the damage, there's a ton of them and they are all around the time you decide to pick up the ability. Essentially, if the damage is reduced by the ability, the next character will roll a 0 on their check. That is, if Amiri and Harsk are in the same location and Amiri encounters Warden, reduces damage and the check passes onto Harsk, he will roll 0. Solution - VRT before you roll with Harsk, that "restores" the dice. If the 0 roll wasn't done (instead, Amiri was the only character in the location), the character doing the combat check wont be able to play cards. The solution, again, is to VRT (I never rolled the combat check without doing VRT first, so it's possible it would roll a 0 as well). Tl;dr - VRT after you reduce damage with ability.
  10. As far as 5.1 goes, take a look at my post here. I describe the issues involved, how they occur and how to avoid them. For both 5.1 I used Lini and Amiri with great success. For 5.4, I had a combo of Harsk and Amiri, using both to explore and beat Villains. Harsk has maxed his ability to recharge a card and add 1d4+4, while Amiri has a base 3d12+something with a weapon, making any strength combat checks a breeze.
  11. 1. That is the top card of blessings deck. It normally starts with 30 cards and every time a turn ends, the top card is discarded (failing some checks like specific barriers or Villain is undefeated will also discard one or more cards from the blessings deck). If it runs out and at the start of the turn you have 0 cards there, you lose the scenario. Its other use is regarding blessings you have in your hand. If you check the description, for all basic blessings it states that if the top card of the blessings deck has the same trait (i.e. essentially same card; it is safe to assume you don't have access to more advanced blessings yet), you can RECHARGE instead of DISCARDING that blessing instead - pretty cool thing to have. Additionally, Blessings of the Gods card can mimic the ability of the top card of the blessings deck. So, if you have BotG in your hand and you're fighting against a monster with a melee weapon played (a Strength check) AND the top card of the blessings deck is Blessing of Gorum, playing BotG will give you TWO dice instead of one. 2. No, multiplayer option is not available (yet, hopefully). 3. No, burried card is only unavailable till the end of the scenario (unless stated otherwise, there is one location which allows you to recharge all of your burried cards on closing). Banished cards, however, are gone from your deck forever. 4. It's an on-going small graphical bug, happens with pretty much any character. 5. No. 6. Splitting a party has its ups and downs - having a character in each open location lets you temporarily close most/all locations in case one encounters a Villain. On the other hand, some characters have a hard time going on their own or are simply unable to pass some checks. Most of the time, though, through carefully planning, you will split up your whole party and try to close down as many locations as you can. 7. The blessings deck is a "timer" for any given scenario - Campaign or not - (unless stated otherwise, there are some interesting scenarios). Other than that, there is no time limit or anything, so you can sit there as long as your characters are alive. 8. The deck building mostly happens during the scenario and at the end of it - you acquire new boons during the scenario, where you can use them right there and then. At the end of scenario, you are brought into a deck building screen, where you need to discard any type of cards that exceed the limit for that character. For example, if Merisel acquires a spell during the scenario, she can use the spell during it. At the end, though, she has to leave it behind in the deck builder as she can carry no spells. The amount of cards for each type and for each character depend on their base values + card feats you acquire throughout completion of scenarios. As such, even though someone like Sajan can carry no weapons at the beginning, you can increase his weapon card limit eventually, letting him carry one or even more weapons. Continuing on that, if you have 1 spell too much on your character A and 1 spell too little on character B, you MUST move that spell from A to B so that both characters have their limits satisfied. In other words - you can't leave the after-scenario deck builder screen with any limits unfilled. In some cases, though, you end up with less cards in your party than the limits state - that happens when you banish some type of boon(s) but never acquire new boons of that type. Then, you are given the option to pick card(s) from your Vault instead - any cards for that type of boon that you have in your vault (treasure cards included by default) up to a specific Adventure Deck count (I believe that the limit is current AD-2). So, if you completed a scenario in Adventure 4 and ended up with less cards than you can carry, you are given an option to choose from all cards you have in your vault up to Adventure Deck 2 (the small numbers on the bottom left corner of the card's art). Hope this helps and answers all of your questions.
  12. I think everyone's forgetting about the Craft skill... My understanding (although I never played Pathfinder outside of the phone version, so I have no idea what's beyond RotR) is that Obsidian is planning to have a use for things like Demonbane Longsword and Craft skill in later adventures, assuming they do anything beyond RotR.
  13. Not related to his problem anyway, Emerald Codex is AD4(?) reward. Short answer: You don't see it in the "cards to add to fill up your deck because your banished something" list because loot cards aren't included in that list. Long answer: it's possible to get it back; see this link.
  14. Strange, I did the whole Adventure on Legendary on current patch, was awarded the blessing correctly.
  15. Why stop there? Take a shield in each of your hand to be able to both block and punch someone in the face. Stick a third shield on your back so they can't backstab you.
  16. I believe Melee skill implies you are using a melee weapon on that check. Normally, encountering a monster with someone like Harsk gives you a 1d6 because of their Strength dice. However, if you recharge Soldier ally to add 1d4 to your Melee check, the dice are now 2d4 because Harsk has no Melee skill. Based on this, it is safe to assume that using just your hands to beat the **** out of a skeleton is not considered melee.
  17. From my experience, loot cards do not appear in that list when you've banished cards, so creating a new party is the safest bet. Could be wrong though, so don't quote me on that.
  18. Wow, that was unexpected, thanks a lot! Happy New Year to you as well
  19. Had the same issue twice, during the same run - Lini was the only character in the location, successfully defeating Tangletooth but it got shuffled back into the location deck. I then sent Amiri to the location as well and on the third encounter, after beating Tangletooth with both Lini and Amiri, Tangletooth was defeated for good. Could be that due to the bug you need 2+ characters in the location. Could be something Lini/location related. Either way, there is a bug but there's also a workaround.
  20. Since it might be a while till there's a fix, a workaround the infinite wisdom roll bug - roll for the first attempt and then (assuming you failed), when you're prompted to roll again but no dice appear - play any card you can. Can be a blessing, any of the Aid cards, even Luckstone - anything will make the dice appear again. Cancel the card you played (unless for whatever the reason you want to play it) and roll the dice again - you then proceed into the combat check for the hound. Be careful! If you encounter or summon the Hound without having a card to play for the wisdom roll and have no way of passing a WIS10 check, you're screwed - forfeit the game. If it was a summoned Hound (i.e. by the stealth check), you're stuck in the endless loop of stealth checks unless two things happen: you finally pass the stealth check (impossible on some characters because of the 1d4 Stealth dice) or fail the combat check (in which case you take damage - make sure you have an armour ready). Source: was the last scenario I hadn't done on Heroic and Legendary. Didn't want to wait for a fix, ran Amiri + Lini combo, carefully playing around the bugs. Was fun though.
  21. Everything is working fine, you just seem to have misunderstood how treasure chests/deck building works. The treasure chest cards you get from opening chests are put into your gallery, which you can view any time in the main menu. You can then randomly encounter those cards during your scenarios. Obviously, the adventure deck number of the cards needs to be at least same as the adventure you're playing yourself to be able to encounter it (i.e. if you play B-1 scenario over and over, you will never encounter treasure cards from adventure deck 1 and higher; same goes for the basic cards). Moreover, the "deck builder" is only used inbetween scenarios to move your current character decks around. That means you can only swap cards from one party member to another; you can't magically add new cards, whether they are treasure cards or not. Should also be mentioned that if you do not have enough cards to fill up specific card type on a character at the end of scenario (for example, you banished a healing potion and no one in your party obtained a new item), you are then able to select card(s) from the vault itself, which will contain basic and treasure cards up to your current adventure deck level.
  22. There is an on-going issue with dice "rolling off the table" and resulting in a 0. There are some cases where the cause is "known" - such as the damage reducing feat may cause the next roll to be 0 (ex.: encountering Warden of Runes with 2 characters in a location, failing the BYA check with the first character but having the feat reduce the damage, then the second character will roll a 0 on the BYA check of Warden. This could partially be related to another bug, where having the damage BYA damage from Warden reduced and then going straight into combat check will not allow you to play any weapons and you will need to do a VRT first). Then, there are some weird cases, such as Cave Bear rolling 0 on its "if undefeated" roll. Obviously there is some constant cause to your case, but knowing the characters, their order, location, etc. is key to identifying the cause. In the mean time, try popping into Vault and back before the third roll - my theory is that the dice should be "fixed" afterwards (although this is purely based on the assumption written above).
  23. Used same party for heroic and legendary, had insanely good luck with heroic, only running into Karzoug twice (both on 2 cards left). Legendary run was bit more difficult, running into Karzoug quite a few times (and had to restart on first attempt due to progression break). Don't have Lem, so I ran Lini for heals + Greater Aid/Restoration/Blessings and occasional Fiery Weapon from Emerald Codex, exploring only when I knew there's no bane on top. Honestly, the scenario isn't that difficult. Besides Greater Aid, I have no treasure cards, nor did I have Revelation Quill/Auguries/Scryings (I had the basic Spyglass on Amiri). Running more characters does increase the number of Wardens, but it also gives you more blessings to play (essentially making it impossible to fail combat checks with your "explorers". It also considerably lowers the number of cards you have to bury on a single character. Last thing is that it gives you more powers, spells and items to throw around, such as a party full of deck rearranging cards to put Karzoug at bottom every time he comes up. I just personally don't have the patience to run a full party (and my full party doesn't have good-enough build to be able to roll decent combat checks on anyone besides Amiri).
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