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  1. wooowww, no response after one month? i hope i didnt´insult anyone, One question: I have seen that several wild cards have the same name btu different power, for example you must play with 1 less card in hand or 2, 3, . Which is the formula for this effect?
  2. Hello my friends, any chance to get an updated list of all willd cards, and the owners for each scenario? thanks in advanced.
  3. What Gallery? From the game collection? or is another page? Because from my phone only i get very low resolution pictures, for that i asked this symbols. Thansk
  4. Where can i find a good picture for every icon of the types of the cards? (item, villain, ally.....) Thanks
  5. -CarrionStorm You can defeat this with divine or combat check, but when appears you can only use divine. -Ally - Father that cure 1d4+1 cards: you can recharge this card to add 1d4 to divine checks, when you use to add to divine dont works properly. -momurikas club (similar name sorry) - Today i get this powerful club but don´t recharge cards from your discard pile.
  6. This wand add the arcane trait and 4d4 dice, but when i use with my wizard, only gets 4d4.
  7. Anyone knows the quantity of coins that the game give for doing something and for what?
  8. i believed the difference betwen heroic and legendary its the quantity of cards, maybe an updated because i believe sevaral cards only works in one scenario or when you arrive to certain level or adventure.
  9. Yeah, they've added a few in recent patches, and some are Adventure or even Scenario specific. I don't have time at the moment to go digging through the app to find them all, but if anyone has a complete list to share, I'd be happy to add it to the OP. OK, Thanks, i hope you can put soon, many thanks
  10. Hello, any chance to get a list with all Wild cards that the program use in Heroic and Legendary level? i see a few at the beggining of this document but i believe there are more.
  11. Hello im trying to do burn offerings in legendary difficulty to get the paths of locations and i can´t acces to this difficulty, i have normal and heroic, Why i can´t?
  12. Nodes and pathing are pre-set for each scenario, and not randomly generated by any particular rule-set in the game. When Obsidian created the digital scenarios they simply made some gameplay decisions on which locations were connected to each other for the "adjacent movement only" rule. Is there any chance to get the list of "who is connected whit whom"? i would like to known.
  13. When you play in legendary level , locations are united with a path, but i saw that this path it´s made about some rules, can anyone explain the rules to make this path with all locations? Thanks.
  14. 1. When you choose a difficulty, you have additionals handicaps to do the scenario, Is there a list of all handicaps? 2. I would like to get Class deck to try several characters, because for now i end this game with all. 3. I know that lately this game it´s very silent with additional material, i hope in a near future we can play all adventures, because in my conutry it´s impossible to play this game in real world, and we only get the traduction of the first base set and adventure packs.....i never see the others, trust me ..
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