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  1. I don't think anything like that exist for digital version, but it does for physical version. Here is a complete card list for entire Rise of the Runelords set which you used to be able to find for free on Paizo's page (maybe you still can, but since there their last "redesign" I can't find it anymore). PZO6000-CardLists.pdf
  2. 1. Chests? No, mini-transactions like that are entirely online gaming invention 2. Multiplayer? Yes, and one that actually work, unlike this version whose multiplayer never came to life 3. Gold coins? No, that's another online gaming invention 4. 3 difficulties? No, but by this point there are 4 different adventure paths and 4 different multiplayer "Season of..." adventure sets. 5. Scenario rewards? Yes, those are original rewards from tabletop. 6. Stash? No, but that's very recent addition. And one that received differing opinions (just like treasure chests) 7. Character variants? Yes, there are class decks available 8. Promos? Yes, if you subscribed to the game from Paizo you'd get a exclusive promo card with each deck. As for game departing from tabletop version... I'm not sure Obsidian can do that. At the end of the day, Pathfinder is still Paizo's intellectual property that Obsidian only adapted for online playing. Changes that were introduced to game are all approved by Paizo.
  3. Which is what is supposed to happen... you don't defeat that barrier, it stays with you for the rest of the scenario (in tabletop version, you'd display it next to your character) giving you both a benefit (reducing a difficulty of and Intelligence or Knowledge check by 4) and penalty (increasing the difficulty of check to acquire allies by 4).
  4. Is that the one from 2nd part of Valeros story? If it is, then it's because check to defeat is Strength, not Combat.
  5. Yes, playing without treasure cards does make the game a bit more challenging. Take note that you'd still get Promo cards (Poog, Horsechopper, etc.) since they are not considered treasure cards. Only stuff you get from chest will be excluded. Another way to make game challenging is to play "unballanced parties"... all females, all males, all spellcasters, all human, all non-human, etc.
  6. That's not a bug and everything work as it's supposed to. Ezren's power say following: "If you aquire a card with Magic trait during an exploration, you may immediately explore again." Detect Magic say following: "If the card is a blessing or have a Magic trait, you may immediately encounter it." Detect Magic allows you to encounter a card from deck, but that doesn't count as exploration so any power that work of exploration (like Ezren's) will not trigger.
  7. I don't have the game with me, but what is the wording on the Mask... does it say to put the card back on "top of the location deck" or on "top of the original location deck"?
  8. Don't forget about Amulet of Fortitude... that one can be used to beat first check on Barl Breakbones, making it a lot easier for spellcasters to defeat him. As for Crown and Iesha... I'm not sure if it's still true but using Crown used to count as defeating Iesha so you'd also get to check a location to find Skinsaw Man.
  9. I don't have a rulebook at hand, but if I remember correctly using Divine check to defeat Selevar/Zaelsar is not considered a "combat" check (even if you will take damage if you fail) since it doesn't have a Combat trait, so Djezet Skin worked as it should and B. of Iomedae adding 2 dies to it would work as it's supposed on a Divine check. It shouldn't work if you played Fire/Force Bolt (since then you're attempting Arcane and Combat check), but are you sure game didn't cancel your combat spell and chose to use Divine check instead since that would be more beneficial to you?
  10. I think the concern is not about damage that happens before you do anything. It's because you roll damage for each character, then it becomes the first character's turn to act. If you don't pay attention, you may think you're just rolling damage again, and not play the appropriate boons to improve the die roll Which make failing a roll your fault and your fault alone... but in any case, doesn't that game roll for damage by itselt? You get to roll for checks to see if you take damage, but as far as I remember, damage, level increase and like is automatically rolled.
  11. Of the ones mentioned, Ceoptera should work since innitial action is "bury"... all other probably will not.
  12. Runewell-induced bury action also counts towards the daily challenge and is in fact the fastest way of achieving it, along with using Amiri. So the initiator of the bury action doesn't seem to be an issue. But with Runewell, the action you take with the card is still "bury"... at Farm location, the action you take is "discard".
  13. Yup, sometimes I have a feeling development would go much smoother and with a lot less bugs if they decided to follow the tabletop guidelines: no party members change during adventure, no repeating completed scenarios, no saving individual characters (only complete parties)
  14. The only reason I can think of is that the game only count it if it's done "from hand". In this case, your action "from hand" is to discard and card only get buried after reaching discard. I wonder if the game would count cards buried after facing that one monster with ability to bury everything with magic trait used against it since your original action there would also not be bury, it would be reveal or discard.
  15. Wisdom since both it and Survival (which Amiri have) came quite ofter as check to close locations. Also, you shouldn't skip on damage reduction feats... there is way too many monsters/henchman/villains that deal befor/after you act damage in later sets to rely simply on having an armor or ring in hand so anything that help you ignore that damage is great.
  16. How about trying to complete the game with one or all of these parties: Spellcasters: Ezren, Kyra, Lem, Lini, Seelah, Seoni Non-Spellcasters: Amiri, Harsk, Merisiel, Sajan, Seelah, Valeros Females: Amiri, Kyra. Lini, Merisiel, Seelah, Seoni Males: Ezren, Harsk, Lem, Sajan, Valeros Beating the game on Normal will be a challenge for some of those parties (Non-Spellcasters will have issue with Local Heroes!), let alone trying it on Heroic or Legendary.
  17. Grabbing a card even with the intention of discarding it afterwards because you didn't even want it in the first place interferes with cards that react with the graveyard, mostly spells like cure and healing cards. It has the possibility of putting the unwanted cards back into the deck and re-drawing them again as dead draws. While I do wish that we could pass on boon checks it doesn't make as big an issue for most scenarios/parties even on legendary difficulty. Wrong. It make a huge difference once you hit AD3 because at that point you can use locations to banish unwanted cards and replace them with any card from B, C and 1 decks. So picking up unwanted basic spells prevent you from doing just that.
  18. I like Mirror Image... yes, it's a bit of a gamble but you do have 3-in-4 chance to completely negate all damage dealt to you and it work for entire turn. It's especially great to have in hand when you encounter Enchantress since it will work (well, provided you don't roll a 1) on both "before" and "after" you act damage. I even used it on a final scenario on few occasions. And I agree with Irgy, Shalelu is great ally... her ability to avoid getting into a mess is amazing. Most of the time she end up discarded but her ability did save me on quite a few occasions.
  19. I'm afraid that there is no simple answer to that question... because there is so many variables that should affect your strategy and gameplay. First of all, there is a matter of your party size: generally, you need to split your party the more characters you have (playing with 6 character party spliting is a must) since you'll want to temp close some locations if you encounter a villain early. Remember, you always have 30 turns, regardless of the size of your party. Second, there is a matter of which characters are in your party... some like Merisiel or Harsk have to be alone in order to use their full powers while others like Valeros and Lem want to be with someone else to use their full powers. Then there are locations... there are several (Garison, Waterfront, Warrens) where you don't want multiple characters due to location power. Also, with locations you have to take into account what their "When closing" check is so you don't send someone who will have a hard time passing the check there (one check you never, ever want to fail is a check to permanently close a location!). Finally, there are Villains and later on Henchman to take in consideration. If a Villain have a power to force everyone at location to make a check or take damage you generally don't want your party in same location. On the other hand, some Villains have multiple checks to defeat so it's easier if you don't face them alone. Some even get a bonus if you're the only character at the location making it harder to beat them. Also, if this is your first encounter with the game you might want to read Strategy articles on Paizo's homepage which you can find here: http://paizo.com/paizo/blog/tags/adventureCardGameStrategy
  20. Aldern Foxglove is a useless ally that you always receive as a reward (or at least I always got him) for beating Local Heroes scenario. Other that that, I'm not sure he's available to be found during scenarios. HIs sole use is during this scenario when he can be revelead at one location (at any point during the turn! anyone's turn!!) to remove all haunts. Crown of Charisma is a very, very good item from "C" deck (possibly one of the best non-loot items in the game) that you will be using pretty much entire campaign.
  21. A good solution for "Shovel the Cards" is a 4-3 scenario (Black Tower) considering it's scenario power is to bury a card each time you get a spell and you get additional spell in each location. For 6 character game that mean there is 15+ spells over all 8 locations, one of which is Academy.
  22. Solution three: use Aldern to remove haunts, reducing the chance of facing Iesha. Also, Crown of Charisma (if you have it) can be used to pass the check against Iesha. At one point that also counted as defeating her (so you'd get to examine a location) but I think that was no longer the case.
  23. That could be memory issue... caused by having "too many" saved characters (depending on the device it could be anywhere from 14+, but it usually hit when you have 20+). Solution would be to delete some of those characters but since you most likely can't get to party creation screen that is of no help. There is a thread here when one of the devs asked to be sent PFID so he could temp delete some character until the next patch where they'll add memory optimization that is supposed to solve that issue.
  24. Both of those are for Alts. If I remember correctly one of those bundles contain Spellcasters and the other contain non-spellcasters. Or something along those lines. But to answer the original question, yes, if you got Obsidian Edition DLC you already have content of both of those bundles. Edit: Yup, Rugged and Refined are Alts for Lini, Seoni, Lem, Ezren and Seelah while Power and Prestige are Alts for Valeros, Harsk, Kyra, Merisiel, Amiri and Sajan.
  25. See this response from developers: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92778-still-crashing-under-new-patch-1261/?p=1919626
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