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  1. Good Evening, So it's been nearly a month since I reported this fatal issue. Other players have independently confirmed. Game remains unplayable. No communication from Obsidian. This is very poor customer service. I've agonized over this, but I'm uninstalling the game that I paid for. I will leave a poor review & will refrain from purchasing Obsidian products in the future. The reason I've agonized over this decision is that this was a great game - the best digital Pathfinder by far. But now it crashes 100% of the time. Farewell Tark
  2. Obsidian, Any progress on resolving this bug? It's been five days & constant crashing still renders the game unplayable. A status update on progress would be appreciated. Tark
  3. Good Evening Everyone, The crashing continues. I'm dead in the water. The good news is that the actions that cause the game to crash are very repeatable, so it should be possible to troubleshoot after folks return from the holiday weekend. I genuinely appreciate any resources you can bring to quickly resolve this issue. Pathfinder Adventures is truly a great game, and I look forward to being able to play it again. Actions that always result in a crash (tested 20 of 20 times). Click 'Continue' Button on the main screen Within the 'Start' Menu, click on the 'play' button beneath an existing party Actions that _never_ result in a crash: Open the app Pathfinder Adventure screen Obsidian/LoneShark/Asmodee/Paizo screen (Loading icon spins) Main Screen - displays my username, Continue, Start, Collection, Options, Store, etc. Open Start Menu Open Collection Open Options Open Store Open Challenges Actions that sometimes result in a crash: Within Start Menu, click 'New' Please feel free to contact me if I can provide any additional info, or to verify the fix. Thanks, Tark
  4. Pathfinder Adventures consistently crashes for me. I have been playing for several weeks without serious issues. Have had infrequent, non-repeating crashes when changing party and/or changing cards in individual characters' decks. Here's some general info Device: iPad iOS 10.3.2 VER-974-20170628 PFID-78FAC625F158BB9A Consistently crashes each time I click 'Continue' from the main screen. Also consistently crashes when I click 'Start' & then click the play button beneath my party. Party: Seoni, Lini, Len Sincerely, thank you for your support resolving this issue
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