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  1. I prefer using Sanguine Plate with my Paladin. It looks cool and the Frenzy proc is great; paladins have so many great talents I prefer not to get Outlander's Frenzy for him or her. And it's faster than Ryona's breastplate once you durganize it.
  2. This is a great guide, indika_tates, thanks! I love priests and always have one in every party, but never Durance, as I can bear his slow casting speed due to low DEX. I agree that DEX is key! You indicate that Scion of Flame doesn't affect Shining Beacon since the latter deals DOT. Wouldn't the same be true of Holy Radiance? It deals DOT as well. Also, has the bug been fixed that caused Painful Interdiction to fail to apply the ACC bonus for the weakened effect? I read about this bug earlier last year, and then noticed that the weakened effect hit far less often than the dazed effect. So I stopped taking interdiction and painful interdiction. With the more powerful weakened effect bugged, it seemed like a waste of two precious talent points. But if this bug has been fixed, I would start taking them again.
  3. Hmm, sometimes the duration is very short, when you graze I think, but sometimes it lasts quite a long time, when you hit or crit. Do you mean that you notice it has a long duration, say 20 seconds, but lasts for a much shorter time? I have noticed this with a Cipher's Puppet Master power in the past.
  4. The last time I ran this quest I killed the outside Ogres (who really can't be avoided, I think), but didn't kill any inside, and I got the shop. I think it's the one's inside who count. I don't know if you can kill a few and still get the shop. But it's easy enough to sneak to the ice chute (and grab Golden Gaze on your way down if you can), kill the Lagufaeth, and then climb up the stairs to the Matron's room and resolve things peacefully. Then you can leave and buy the Tempered Helm, and score a second one in the mines under Durgan's Battery.
  5. Yes, Torment's Reach is still a great ability for monks, but since they fixed it (in 3.05, I think), you no longer get those insane chain reaction procs that can just explode along a line of foes.
  6. No problem whatsoever! It is always good to clarify such arcana of game mechanics. I went on for weeks with my monk wearing the Mourning gloves, not realizing that their speed bonus was suppressed every time I activated Swift Strikes.
  7. Quick point, the speed bonuses from Mourning Gloves and Swift Strikes don't stack, see here. Thanks for clarifying this, JerekKruger. I was aware that they didn't stack, which is why I wrote "or." But I'm glad that you pointed this out; I long assumed that they stacked until it was pointed out to me that Swift Strikes suppressed the Mourning Gloves speed bonus.
  8. Livegood118, I've been playing a monk with the long pain (TLP) for awhile now, and am now in WM2 at lvl 13. I agree with you that the cast time is long. My monk's DEX is relatively high, 16 without any modifications, and 19 with the Ring of Thorns. Even so, the cast seems painfully slow, at least in the stress of battle. However, the recovery time with my monk is very short; the recovery bar only appears for a fraction of a second if at all. This is with 19 DEX, a speed bonus from the Mourning Gloves (10%) or swift strikes (25%), and durgan refined Wayfarer's hide. So, as Boeroer commented in his Witch Doctor build, once you get TLP going it hits like a gatling gun. Personally I find this great. I enjoy having the character wade into battle for unarmed combat, but once he is wounded I switch on TLP IF there are still worthy foes to fight. I don't bother doing this in short battles against weak foes, as they're usually over by the time TLP could be activated. But in long battles, particularly against numerous foes in which it is difficult to maneuver (such as against the hordes of vessels and spirits inside Durgan's battery), it's fantastic.
  9. The last time I played a chanter, earlier last year, I encountered the save bug in which saving a loading took increasingly longer amounts of time, to the point at which it became unwieldy, and I haven't played a chanter since. I am interested in trying the class again, and am thus wondering if this bug has been fixed. I am playing what I believe to be the latest version of the game, 3.05.
  10. I'm currently running a priest with MIG 14, CON 10, DEX 16, PER 10, INT 18, RES 10. She's a priest of Eothas, and after casting buffs she runs into battle with her Unforgiven flail and shield. She attacks very fast with high DEX and Unforgiven's +20% speed bonus. She's quite sturdy too. I don't think you need MIG too high given all of priests MIG buffs. And I don't want CON and RES below 10 on characters who engage in melee.
  11. Thanks for checking this, Maxquest. I thought to ask since lightning strikes, at least, does apply to crush immune enemies.
  12. Maxquest, are you sure that the envenomed strike won't apply when attacking a crush immune enemy? Just yesterday my party was fighting a bunch of ice blights in WM1, and I was surprised to see that my monk killed a crush immune enemy with an unarmed strike; he scored a crit for 0 crush damage, but lightning strikes was activated and he dealt 10 lightning damage. So the lightning damage was applied even though the base attack damage was zero. I have no idea if this would be the case with envenomed strike since I've never taken it, but I thought I would ask given this experience.
  13. My main character, a monk, with PER 15, spotted the ring. I'm sure it doesn't have to be as high as 24. Maybe it's different if you use a custom hire from an inn? I got the ring, was able to save the women but not the man, lacking the proper spell, but suffered major fatigue afterward. I've never been able to complete this burning house sequence without being fatigued. Is it possible to complete it without being fatigued and thus having to rest again?
  14. Thanks, Boeroer. I suppose if I dumped RES I'd need help with concentration for the tough fights. BTW, I'm playing this character with two ciphers using your Dichotomous Soulbenders build, and having loads of fun. As you pointed out, there's great synergy between monks or monk-like Novice's Suffering builds and cipher powers.
  15. I have really enjoyed playing this build. However, as I was reluctant to dump RES get too low I dropped DEX to 10 and INT to 17 in order to bring RES up to 10. However, having played this character for awhile I question the wisdom of doing this. I have noticed that it takes him quite some time to activate abilities, such as TLP. Clearly, boosting DEX would alleviate this. How badly does this build get interrupted with RES set at 3? Personally, I do not want to have to buff him in every battle. Also, I was under the impression (perhaps incorrectly?) that in Russetwood you need to pass a RES 16 check to get the silver arrow from the wounded wolf without killing it, which also helps with the Hunter's Favor quest. Is it possible to get the Silver Arrow without killing the wolf if you dump RES?
  16. Priest's buffs are extremely useful. I don't leave Caed Nua without one! Seriously, they aren't really necessary if you're playing on easier difficulty levels or against trash mobs. But against tougher foes their buffs and "prayer against..." spells are a great help. But you can also get healing from other classes, and can rely on protection scrolls or Paladin abilities deal with the hostile effects from tougher foes.
  17. If you wish to use AI with your priest, the "support" option works pretty well. It instructs your priest to cast general buffs, but to prioritize healing when a party member's health is low. The only downside to the AI is it often ends up casting buffs right at the end of a battle, when they're no longer needed, which is a waste.
  18. A few points in stealth will allow you to sneak up to an enemy group and get in a flames of devotion strike with a firearm before they notice and swarm you. This can allow you to sneak close enough to target more vulnerable characters, such as mages, and one-shot them. It gets very powerful if you have intense flames, scion of flame, and a fire-lashed weapon.
  19. I like having a monk and Kind Wayfarer front line; the monk is mainly DPS, and the Kind Wayfarer boosts everyone with healing, the ACC bonus, and defense bonuses from the Outworn Buckler and Inspiring Triumph. As Boeroer noted, however, the Kind Wayfarer still does sufficient damage to proc Strange Mercy several times during long battles. I usually give the paladin Bittercut and Spirit of Decay as well, a la Blunderboss' Bleak Walker build. Generally, I like to use a Bleak Walker in evil parties and Kind Wayfarers in good parties. For the latter, your "Monsterlash" is weakened since you don't get the Remember Rakhan Field talent, but you make up for this with the healing boost. So the trade off is slightly less DPS for greater party support. You don't need Lay on Hands with this build; you'll get plenty of healing from the Kind Wayfarer talents. I recommend using the same attribute spread Blunderboss recommended, i.e., 20 MIG and 18 INT, with everything else set at 10.
  20. There's no reason not to take Pallegina along with your Paladin MC. Just be sure to get her Wrath of Five Suns talent, after getting Vielo Vidòrio and Sworn enemy. It's a devastating attack, particularly if you get Scion of Flame and Vulnerable Attack as well.
  21. Thanks for the tips, Boeroer. I will keep using Mourning Gloves until I find Gauntlets of Swift Action or get Blood Testament. I'm glad to hear that the former's speed bonus stacks with Swift Strikes. One nice thing about Mourning Gloves is this character gets many kills, and thus activates the Mourning Gloves in almost every battle. He doesn't always get wounds, however, so the Mourning Gloves 10% bonus has been more reliable for me than Swift Strike's 20% bonus.
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