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  1. Thanks, Boeroer. I remember reading how the freeze effect works particularly well against some of the mega bosses; I guess this is only the case with those that are not DEX affliction immune, but only resistant. Thanks for the suggestion regarding the Harbinger build,@Constentin Lévine. I imagine that this would work well for a street fighter/skald if you had a priest companion to help keep you alive. As assassin build might be great for a solo run too. I just wish you could cast invocations from stealth/invisibility.
  2. I thought that Grave Calling could also freeze dex immune foes, but I might be wrong about this. I playing the spiritualist now and have Grave Calling. I'll report on whether or not it affects DEX affliction immune foes.
  3. I recently came across an interesting "wit of entropy" spiritualist interrupter build posted two years ago by Constentin Lévine, which didn't seem to get any attention at the time. It uses Thick Grew Their Tongues and Long Night's drink to continually interrupt foes, Her Revenge and Sasha's to get the Tier 3 inspirations, and food and gear to make one immune to afflictions (and hence keep up Energized without interruption). It has a lot of interesting symmetry in gear choice as well. I'm trying it out now, but instead of Beguiler/Bellower I am going with Soul Blade/Skald. Since the build is melee focused I think Soul Blade will work a bit better, and for the same reason skald has nice synergy as well. So far it is very powerful but not OP in an overly cheesy way. It's a great build for a party. Not sure how well it would work solo.
  4. I look forward to reading your Arcane Roquefort the Cheesing Archmage build when you're ready to report on it. I'm planning on playing a solo BM again myself, but not until I finish my current game, as a Thrice nuking, heavily debilitating Spiritualist (Skald/Soul Blade) who will ultimately immune to all afflictions once I acquire all of the needed gear. It's fun but not quite as OP as a BM.
  5. You might consider updating your Bleeding Arcanist build to have Lover's Embrace in the offhand rather than a shield, since the latter won't be necessary once you imprint Shadowing Beyond.
  6. It only works when the foe has no allies nearby, right? If so, it would work best against bosses, when you'd really need the interrupts.....just have to clear out the minions first.
  7. In that case, Berserker/skald makes the most sense! I didn't think of using the skellies as fodder. But as in the case of your confused Zerker/devoted wielding Amra, you'd have to keep your companions out of the cone of death!
  8. I have done exactly what these recommends, tweaking the remade scripts, removing the abilities that I don't want to use, adding new ones, or adding additional abilities. For example, I have found that the remade "Barbarian Aggressive" script for some reason cause the barb to continually activate the ability, apparently because the timer doesn't work, in my game at least. So I set the additional condition that they should only use it when not having a STR inspiration. Due to the non-functional timer, my forbidden fist monks would kill themselves by stacking too many curses. So set the AI to have them use it only when their health was above 90%.
  9. Yes, wizards with the grimoire imprint trick are beyond OP. You can also steal Escape from the Skaen priests in Fort Deadlight as soon as you hit level 7, which gives you the mobility, without the invisibility, plus a brief but major DEF boost.
  10. I'd recommend Corpse Eater/Skald. As Boeroer mentioned you don't need Zerker since you'll get energized from the chanter side. The nice thing about Corpse Eater is if you eat Forbidden Flesh Pie you'll get a PL boost to your barb abilities. I presume that this would boost spirit frenzy's accuracy and make you more likely to crit/interrupt with it, right? Or is there no attack roll for spirit frenzy's staggered effect? I must admit I'm not sure how this is implemented in the game. At the very least, the frenzy effect would last longer.
  11. Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun. I love chanters but I never really tried to maximize interrupts. The chanter/wizard would be fun, but I'm tempted to try chanter/cipher for another CC heavy build. But of course with SC chanter you'll get energized much more quickly! Decisions, decisions.....
  12. Thanks, Not So Clever Hound. It should be noted that you could achieve the same with a MC chanter. You'd miss out on Far from Defeated, but this wouldn't matter too much, as you could use abilities from your other class during the down time while you recharge phrases. A troubadour/blood mage seems like a particularly good combination. I like the idea of continually interrupting foes while bashing them with alternating invocations and spells.
  13. I have played solo with SC FF monk, which is overpowered as I know you know once you reach PL 9, SC bloodmage, and also multi classes with mixes of bloodmage, assassin, cipher, druid and chanter. Most of these classes have renewable resources, which help a lot. For the assassin builds I relied heavily on smoke veil as you discuss. I have never tried playing a swashbuckler solo; I imagine that it would be quite a challenge, unless it were an assassin/tactician. That would be fun I'm sure, although I've never tried it.
  14. Mohora wraps also give you +4 STR. And in my version of the game it becomes a passive once you save and reload, and thus stacks with the strong inspiration from barbarian frenzy. If this works for you, you can also get +3 STR from taru taru chew, which will get you to 25 I think. But getting the last 3 points from gear would be much easier.
  15. Very true in the vanilla game. But the Balance Polishing Mod reduces smoke veil to 1 guile, if I remember correctly. It's worth using if one plans to play an assassin.
  16. I'm actually not sure. I think that I was thinking in terms of barb carnage. Maybe it does. If so, it would be a great combo!
  17. I like the idea of a SC soulblade wielding Amra. Shared nightmare would significantly increase the riven gore carnage radius. Too bad you can't get focus from this, however.
  18. Thanks for the reply, and welcome back! What is the Captain's Cabin bonus? I don't think I'm familiar with that one.
  19. Doesn't it not crit in the vanilla game? I thought that carnage crits was added in, in either the Community Patch or Balance Polishing mods. But I might be wrong about this.....
  20. That's a great idea, Boeroer. I never thought of prolonging the Bellower's PL boost for Eld Nary casts.
  21. I played it solo as Not So Clever Hound recommended. It's not exactly a tanky build, but relies more on stealth and smoke cloud when the aggro gets too tough. You could use this build in a party as an off tank, however. As for the trickster/FF shadow dancer, that is much more tanky. The trick here is using both the trickster's defensive abilities and also to have high RES, which you need to keep the FF curse to a very short length. You can also use Magran's Favor in the main hand and tuotilo's palm in the offhand, with both modals on. You'd want the weapon and shield style as well. The idea here is you would rarely auto attack, and instead mainly use the FF attack, which when you crit can proc swift flurry or heartbeat drumming using your mainland weapon.
  22. You might want to check out Not So Clever Hound's SC trickster build, which ultimately aims to inflict devastating Freezing Rake attacks. As for shadow dancers, my favorite combo is trickster/forbidden fist. Forbidden fist attacks with sneak attack/deathblows will KO most foes.
  23. The damage invocations benefit highly from the PL boost. A bellower's Her Revenge can completely wipe out mobs, for example. It's the best damaging invocation in the game, IMO. Seven Nights is great against bosses, if you can set it up that multiple projectiles hit. The lightning and fire damage complements the priest's fire damage nicely. You may want to get At the Sound of His Voice; the extra PLs will increase the paralysis duration. Usually I'd just cast Her Revenge instead, however. Definitely get Ben Fidel's Neck. The malus to all defenses stack with everything, so it's great to use against tougher foes. As for the buffs, definitely get Their Champion so as to get energized. The others are unnecessary IMO. But you might want to the other buffs, particularly if you plan on using summons. Bellower's summons get a longer duration due to the higher PLs, but get no other boost. It's probably one of the less impactful way to use your phrases. The Ancient Instruments summons is great however, and is definitely worth getting.
  24. With Kitchen Stove's thunderous report, you can ascend instantly as you know. Also, if your accuracy is high enough, you will often be able to ascend from the two shots of The Red Hand. Another great weapon that is available early is the essence interrupter, which does pierce and shock damage, so it's great against pierce immune foes. These are great early weapons for a SC ascendant. You might also consider trying a melee witch. The speed bonuses on the barbarian side will let you spam powers very quickly which ascended, and melee is generally faster when it comes to building focus in my experience.
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