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  1. Yes, DoT effects like Gouging Strike prevent combat from ending. For this reason, I always take Gouging Strike when playing an assassin.
  2. Tacticians become brilliant when their opponents are all flanked and no one on your side is flanked. This is easiest achieved when you play solo or with small parties, of one or two companions. Psyblade or battlemage are probably the best MC, since both wizards and ciphers have powers (chill fog/curse of blackened sight and eyestrike/phantom foes) that will flank enemies. A tactician/soul blade MC would be a fine combination. Brilliant periodically restores class resources, including fighter discipline, wizard spells, and cipher focus. But it's much better for wizards, who get back a spell at a random level, while ciphers only get a measly +10 focus per tic. Invisibility works a bit buggy with brilliant tactician. If I recall correctly, turning invisible will trigger brilliant tactician, which sounds nice, but often battle ends as well, which is not so great, since you'll lose whatever buffs you had (including brilliant) without your resources being restored. Personally, I prefer playing tacticians either solo or with a small party. Playing a party, say, of three tacticians can be fun.
  3. When I played this build, my favorite end game combo was Sasha's and Weyc's wand in the starting weapon slot, to empower an invocation at the start of combat. But then I'd switch to another weapon slot with Magran's Favor and Sungrazer. The third weapon slot would be unarmed, with Tuotilo's in the offhand, for fire immune foes. I've never been a huge fan of Sun and Moon, despite its obvious utility for a skald, due to its low base damage and dislike of the day and night linked powers.
  4. I agree, an assassin MC with smoke veil would give you much more fun and dynamic gameplay. Casting DoT spells and withdrawing would become very boring quickly, for me at least. Not So Clever Hound's mindstalker build is great if this interests you.
  5. I recommend that you start with 18 RES; that's the prime stat for a FF monk. You can get it above 30 with gear and inspirations from a companion. You'll probably want it a bit higher if you're going solo. You can keep STR, CON & INT flat, since monks have great damage modifiers from transcendent suffering, and you'll get up to +10 INT from Duality of Mortal Presence. You can distribute the rest between DEX and PER; they ultimately boost DPS more that STR, I think.
  6. I agree. And a FF monk with high resolve and clarity of agony will be healed far more than harmed by the FF curse. With high resolve and tuotilo's shield you'll have very high deflection, and you needn't worry much about the other three defenses, as any afflictions that get through will last a very short time, and then will heal and give wounds to boot. Also, SC monks are great fun from beginning to end, and especially at the end, when you get the high level monk abilities like resonant touch and whisper of the winds.
  7. You might consider Powerotti's Rumbling Boar helwalker/skald build. It's a lot of fun, and very powerful. But Boeroer's bellower suggestion is great too. You'd be trading more frequent somewhat weaker invocations for more powerful ones less frequently.
  8. Wow, so many great discoveries lately. I'm sure you both know this, but the barrel trick also works with cipher powers, like Borrowed Instinct.
  9. I think you'll find that it is a very strong melee combo that deals excellent DPS and can take a great deal of damage too. Probably best used as a off-tank with another tank with good engagement, but it's also very viable solo, in which case engagement is no longer an issue.
  10. It can be tanky enough I think. You can get lots of engagement from the barb side, healing from the druid side, and plenty of AR from both sides. Not the tankiest of builds, but it can hold its own.
  11. I think that a barb shifter is a great combo; they fit together very well thematically. You'll have great attack speed and good healing and CC. Shifter gets good DoT spells automatically that you'll definitely want to use. Make sure that you pick up Infestation of Maggots and Bloody Slaughter at PL 3. It's nice when the damage ticks go up right when the foes' health gets low.
  12. I also pause often, and I set the game to autopause frequently. I like to micromanage my MC, but when I play with parties, I generally let me companions and hirelings run on AI, interrupting only when they do something stupid, like charging into a chill fog.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. I misread your response. Truly, +5 PL unrestricted would be ├╝ber OP.
  14. Wow, that's great. I recommended FF just for the +4 RES. But +5 PL on top would be fantastic. But didn't the food description say "+5 Corpse Eater PL"? As a result, I assumed it was for barb abilities only.
  15. For thematic reasons only, I always wanted to play a Corpse eater/shifter, a werewolf that consumes the corpses of its victims. This patch makes the build worthwhile. On the other hand, Forbidden Pie would be great for a corpse eater/forbidden fist build.
  16. Both a Psyblade and Battlemage are a lot of fun to play. However, if you want to go with Tactician, Battlemage is superior IMO b/c wizards benefit much more from Brilliant.
  17. I've never tried a Tactician/Fury, but I have played solo with a Tactician/Bloodmage. It's one of the classic solo builds; it plays much better solo than in a party, in fact.
  18. Yes, I wouldn't recommend a shifter/caster MC. Given the inability to cast spells while shifted, the martial MCs are best, since you can use their passives and abilities while shifted. As for spells, when I play shifter, I usually cast a HoT spell and a few DoT spells, like Relecntless Storm, Plague of Insects and Infestation of Maggots, and then shift. The nice thing about the Tempest MC is that when your DoT spells kill a target, Bloodlust and Bloodthirst boost your attack speed. As for missing out on nice weapons and armor, I share your regret. But the animal claw attacks are fast and powerful, and the spiritshift armor is great, with no recovery. So it's not a bad tradeoff.
  19. Another option is quarterstaves. The quarterstaff modal is nice for a caster, and you could use the lvl 1 summoned quarterstaff, with the ultimate goal of getting the Chromoprismatic Staff. It has great upgrades for both the wizard and fighter sides. So many great choices! But for solo, I'd probably go with tactician/bloodmage. You wouldn't have to make the choice with this build, and could select the best weapon for the situation, as you acquire them. I think you'll find, at least if you play martial/caster multiclasses in the way that do, that as the game progresses, that you'll rely more and more on spells, and less and less on melee to inflict damage, making the nice devoted bonuses ultimately unnecessary. Brilliant from tactician, however, is always nice, and it creates a nice tactical challenge to proc it in every battle, which helps keep the game interesting.
  20. I had fun playing an assassin bellower using the blightheart arquebus. You attack from stealth with the gun, then go invisible with smoke veil, and then attack from stealth with an invocation such as Her Revenge. Between the assassinate bonuses and the bellower's increased PLs your attacks will melt most enemies. And with blightheart, you get a phrase back for each kill, so you can just repeat the above until everyone's dead. It's great fun if you like the solo sneaky approach to the game. However, if you try this, don't upgrade Blightheart to level 3 (by killing 10 enemies with empowered attacks). This is because corrupting beauty breaks stealth, and makes the weapon unusable for this toon.
  21. If I recall correctly, this thread discussed getting a huge AOE with watershaper's focus using a SC soul blade with shared nightmare, with a huge amount of focus, achieved by extending the soul blade's increased focus after melee kills using the strand of favor.
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