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  1. Keep in mind that if you select the bloodmage subclass, or have a way to generate the brilliant inspiration, you can renew resources, which for mages is a periodic regeneration of one used spell slot, at a random level if several slots are used. There is also a way to gain unlimited uses of spells per encounter. This is by stealing spells via the minor and major grimoire imprint spells. These can be made permanent if you cast the imprint spell from a grimoire, and then switch to a different grimoire without the spell before the encounter ends. It's somewhat cheesy, but works of you're so inclined.
  2. I think you made a good choice. Fury is a tough sell for solo since it's cut off from most of the druid's healing spells. But fighter brings healing to the table, while Fury gives you a spell that blinds, which helps too.
  3. Following in this vein, I would recommend a Corpse Eater/shifter if you are playing with the Balance Polishing mod. The buffs to forbidden food in this mod are great for Corpse Eaters, and it thematically fits very nicely. Shifter also has the best automatically learned spells IMO. Too bad you have to cast them before you shift.
  4. Given this problem, it's probably best when doing a tempest to go with ancient or shifter, focusing on the decay, beast and plant spells for DOT, and ignore the lightning spells. If you really want to do a lightning fury tempest, I agree that the blood frenzy path would be better.
  5. If I remember correctly, watershapers can't cast beast spells, so Teheku won't be able to pick up this spell. But Fassina could get it. She' a great addition as a sorcerer IMO.
  6. I agree with Boeroer, and recommend prioritizing INT over STR. You'll be dishing out lots of afflictions, and will want them to last as long as possible. Also, if you're using WotEP, it'll make the cone larger, allowing you to potentially hit more enemies with each attack, and thus generate even more focus.
  7. I agree. But Force of Anguish and Torment's Reach could be dropped. Both are inferior to the FF attack, which you'll be using whenever you can, as soon as the curse expires. But you should get Stunning Blow and the upgrade, as it's just a fantastic ability.
  8. Based on past play thoughs, I'd say no. I believe that the DoT is only triggered by movement. When I play rogues, I usually take eye gouge as well. I'd recommend using it against stationary targets, since its DoT is unconditional.
  9. Why don't you try one as an MC, and bring along the other as a custom hireling for your party? If you realize that the hireling's build is better you can always restart. It never hurts to have two shifters in a party IMO.
  10. Playing a FF/shifter ascetic is very fun in my experience, and feels powerful right from the start of the game. In terms of ultimate power at the end game it falls short of SC monk IMO, lacking as it does wotw and resonant touch, but it is a nice alternative for those of us who have already played SC monks.
  11. Probably best to play this in the vanilla game, or with more moderate mods like community patch and/or BPM. But Shifter Evolution enables the überkäse for those so inclined.
  12. That is true, but keep in mind that eye gouge does relatively little damage, but forever. It's not that impactful in normal fights, in which you'll kill the foes much faster using normal means. But it can be strategically used to take out megabosses and other challenging foes.
  13. Elric, I have a suggestion for a minor buff to ciphers. Among the spell casters, wizards are by far the most OP IMO, since they have such a great mix of damage, CC and offensive and defensive buff spells. But what really makes wizards beasts is their versatility via grimoires, since via them you can access any spell in the game. Druid, priests and ciphers, however, are somewhat hobbled by the fact that they can only cast the spells that they select when they level up. For druids and priests, however, this is mitigated somewhat by the fact that the various subclasses get a free spell per PL. I propose that cipher subclasses should also get a free power per PL. The choices should be obvious, namely shred spells for soul blades, deception spells for beguilers, the damage spells that ascendants spam while ascended, maybe party buffs for psions, and a mix for vanilla ciphers. This would make playing ciphers a bit less painful, since leveling up would be a bit less constrained.
  14. Yes. While shifted, the FF ascetic can use the FF attack, which benefits from transcendent suffering and any and all lashes, including the wild strike lash. Autoattacks while shifted benefit from the lashes, but do not benefit from transcendent suffering. This makes FF the best option in my opinion for a shifter ascetic. Helwalker obviously is best for an ascetic build with a focus on spells, but for a melee build FF takes the cake I think. Tanglefoot is great with the FF ascetic as well. However, you need the vanilla game for that. The shifter evolution mod tweaked tanglefoot, making it foe only.
  15. Ha, great image! You do do ridiculously high damage with the FF attack, as you correctly surmise. Needless to say, you can avoid this simply by not selecting MUT in the first place. If you like playing shifters the mod is worth trying. One thing to be aware of is the fact that the mod penalizes you with a -20% xp penalty to compensate for its OP nature. However, the penalty applies to every game when the mod is active, even if you're not playing a shifter. But you can just deactivate it in the mod manager when you don't want to play a shifter to avoid this.
  16. I recommend Clarity of Agony. It significantly shortens the duration of the forbidden fist curse and any other negative condition, allowing you to get wounds and healing and spam FF faster. However, I personally don't take DoD and its successor for melee builds. I think it's better for ranged builds. As for weapons, sabres and flails are particularly good. There are late game builds focusing on WotW wielding Keeper of the Flame that inflict absolute mayhem.
  17. I have been fooling around with ascetic builds lately, using two of my favorite subclasses, forbidden fist and shifter. In the past I have played helwalker ascetics that were ultimately more spell-focused, but I went with shifter this time for a more melee focus. After playing this build in the vanilla game I started over using the Shifter Evolution mod, which is a rather OP mod that makes SC melee shifter viable by taking the druid elemental spells, and replacing them with passives and other spells that are more melee oriented. I tried this out because of its first level spell, Crush, which basically a downsized version of the barbarian leap ability, allowing you to jump up and knock down enemies in a small AOE. It also debuffs their DEF by -10. It's a fun starting ability in IMO. I just discovered the major cheese factor. This mod adds Monastic Unarmed Training as a selectable ability for the shifter druid. To make matters better or worse (depending on your perspective), the mod does NOT remove MUT as an option if you choose an ascetic MC. If you select MUT, it STACKS with transcendent suffering, which gives you an incredible bonus to damage, accuracy and penetration. However, it's not too overpowered since if you largely play while shifted, as I do, neither MUT or transcendent suffering apply while shifted. There is one exception however: the forbidden fist attack, which, while shifted, benefits from MUT, transcendent suffering, the Wildstrike elemental lash, and eventually the turning wheel fire lash, and lightning strikes, if you select that option. It's really OP, and turns the FF ability into a real death touch, accessible from very early in the game. This is of course very cheesy, but I am offering it up as I know that there are some turophiles out there (Not So Clever Hound, I am referring to you).
  18. Yes, DoT effects like Gouging Strike prevent combat from ending. For this reason, I always take Gouging Strike when playing an assassin.
  19. Tacticians become brilliant when their opponents are all flanked and no one on your side is flanked. This is easiest achieved when you play solo or with small parties, of one or two companions. Psyblade or battlemage are probably the best MC, since both wizards and ciphers have powers (chill fog/curse of blackened sight and eyestrike/phantom foes) that will flank enemies. A tactician/soul blade MC would be a fine combination. Brilliant periodically restores class resources, including fighter discipline, wizard spells, and cipher focus. But it's much better for wizards, who get back a spell at a random level, while ciphers only get a measly +10 focus per tic. Invisibility works a bit buggy with brilliant tactician. If I recall correctly, turning invisible will trigger brilliant tactician, which sounds nice, but often battle ends as well, which is not so great, since you'll lose whatever buffs you had (including brilliant) without your resources being restored. Personally, I prefer playing tacticians either solo or with a small party. Playing a party, say, of three tacticians can be fun.
  20. When I played this build, my favorite end game combo was Sasha's and Weyc's wand in the starting weapon slot, to empower an invocation at the start of combat. But then I'd switch to another weapon slot with Magran's Favor and Sungrazer. The third weapon slot would be unarmed, with Tuotilo's in the offhand, for fire immune foes. I've never been a huge fan of Sun and Moon, despite its obvious utility for a skald, due to its low base damage and dislike of the day and night linked powers.
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