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  1. Wouldn't adding the item to your inventory be the most simple way to avoid any problem ? I have not used the console yet so idk what I am talking about
  2. Yeah I have been quite dumb, rerolling so much Characters to try stuff while I simply could use the console, I'm used to play with the console in other games to test things but idk why I didn't give it a try in this case while trying to optimize the numbers, I guess I was hoping for a longshot by maxing what seemed utile and minimizing the rest, not very scientific nor time efficient lol
  3. Yes ! I play with it as it makes FF and Shatter pillar much more enjoyable ! Yes, to tank a little better and to get a little more from the small shield modal because FF use your fist anyway, the main hand don't matter to much (for where I am in the game now) Yes it feels a little bit monotonous, but that I haven't invested my talent points in Dichotomous Souls and Instruments of Pain yet, I like Enduring Dance tho About the race its true that others racial bonuses are more suited for the build but I am just being lazy with the helmets and the 100% uptime +1 power level feels right for unarmed (+ bonus style points for the godlikes) About the stats, I am used to high DEX and quite like the stat but it's true that high dex + Devil of Caroc makes the recovery time lower than the curse uptime, I think I'll try your stats repartition because low INT feels wrong with that much buffs even
  4. It looked really fun each time I read about it so I’m currently testing it a bit, I went for min INT and for max RES, high PER and DEX and medium CON and MIG, and what seems like the convention for most FF builds, dagger + Tuotillo, Ring of the Solitary Wanderer, Nature godlike + stone of power This time I’m exploring the Archipelago alone (a bit because of the ring and also because i wanted to try) and it is quite strong, I am still getting used to fighting with FF, the community patch allows me to get my sweet multi hits with it, but idk maybe is it too early to judge, maybe its just that running solo makes the game a bit empty or maybe I just played a bit too much of PoE lately so I’m used to the gameplay of 2 or 3 engdame builds, but idk it doesnt feel right or like the monk gameplay I search, might push it to (finally) try the last monk abilities (never SC it so far) and I’ll have a better/more accurate opinion of it
  5. I was maxing the ones that kinda sounded right or fun but nothing beats math I guess. I've looked into Unbending's "bug" (is it a bug since it doesn't match the ingame description but have not been touched for that long of a time ?) and yeah it seems crazy as limaxophobiacq stated it, I was missing out taking it on Eder because he usually is my tank but not on my Watcher (might not build another fighter soon but I'll remember). Is there a list in the forum of abilities or passives that are actually way more different than the description ? I kinda knew that Fists are like among the best (if not The best) options for Monk since I've seen a lot of Solo PotD upscale build as unarmed monk, or since it always is an option in most melee builds that multiclass a monk but I took WotEP for my own pleasure of multi hitting with a 2H weapon, to remember my young years as 2H windfury shaman in Wow, and it seemed like a good weapon for it. I really like unarmed builds in a lot of rpgs because it look so cool so I might try a SC Monk, the only one I built was a Mortar one advocated by Boeroer and it was really fun, for a long time I gave Seraphen's weapons to Xoti to replicate the same effects but I recently discovered (on this forum) that Tekehu use it well too. Might also go Furyshaper/monk (idk which subclass yet) to go full on with the wow Shaman vibe with totems and 2 weapons with elemental lashes. I guess Monk really is my favorite class ! really love Paladin too in rpgs (can't go wrong with a melee char that smites people with rays of light) and Voltron's Votary (Paladin/Monk) might be the most fun I had in the game yet, another paladin Votary's Bleak Huntress (Holy slayer) is a lot of fun too but a bit too overpowered (in solo) Thank you very much for breaking down everything feels good to understand the game more and more !
  6. Nope Unbending proudly bears its name and isn't even bent by the community patch, you are describing it as crazy but 25(or 33)% healing on received damage equals roughly to 25(or 33)% max life doesn't it ? stacking INT to have a longer uptime on this buff (and so to max the amount of those 25% or 33% you get) may not be worth on itself I considered INT stacking (to go to crazy amount with Turning Wheel) but it didn't feel as good as stacking MIG DEX or PER, but I might reconsider it because its more comfortable as I have that much buffs (making Caroc Breastplate less painful to drop as I'll need a smaller power pool) and to get bigger swings of WotEP. It's just not totaly clear for me how to weigh each stat and which to stack or to balance ! The Contenders Armor is definetly better offensively, I'll take it as I like to go glass cannon ! I took Devil of Caroc Breastplate here because it is overall good (and obtainable quite early) and I didn't take the time to check the enchants on all the armors/weapons yet, (and I haven't done the extensions nor checked its items, except for the Deck of Many Things) so I only have a vague idea of what each of those do and what is its potential Also right about the +Acc better to get crits if ACC is higher than DEF, I was so lazy that I asked here but you made me do the math, an additionnal 5% hit->crit roll only increase the conversion chances from ~48% to ~50% on hit (the conversion of all the other effects) so like 1% crit chance added while +5ACC adds 5% crit chance (If I get the attack system right and if I'm not too rusted in probability) tell me if I get something wrong here ! Thank you for the advices !
  7. Yes ! I’ve read a few posts about Offensive Parry and it looked quite strong, I wanted to have a more active use of it so I tried to build around Blade Form. I really liked the Nomad’s Brigandine immunity to disengagement + running around ennemies, but I might build a Swashbuckler Eder around a high def one to see it in action Mohora tanga self-proccing is mindblowing, might test it but not make a whole run with it, maybe feels like too much to me Amra seems fun ! a 2H one handed weapon looks fun and unique (I miss the possibility to dual wield 2H weapons like in some games, its a fun concept too), could build nice attack speed and big hits with the frenzy proc Didnt know devoted bonus was active for fists, its cool for secondary set of weapons but for main weapon i think SC monk is better as it seems as popular as it is powerful Thanks for the suggestions !
  8. Hey guys, I've been playing deadfire a little (never actually finished the game but I love to test other person's builds and with Berath's Blessing it became even more a Sandbox for me) and for this one I wanted to try play around WotEP because - it's convenient, you can get it on the first trip to Neketaka for almost nothing - with Blade Form enchant you get 20% recovery time which I love in videogames, attack speed based char/builds are fun to me - the weapon is cool I'm not much of a spellcaster and mage/priest/druid/bard trees are a pain to learn (I'm slowly getting used to priest and bard ones as they are so good as supports) so I went for a (auto)attack centered build but I feel like not everything is making synergies as I expected and as I am pretty new to this I do not know if I am focusing the right stats/bonuses or if there is a more optimised way to build it (for exemple the stats, should I dump some and max the others or is there a holy balance to reach) I play in the latest Update (v5.xx i think) with community patch in PotD (haven't tried Upscale yet, how does it feel like ?) -------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Devoted/Helwalker Monk was a natural choice for Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming because another thing I like to build in games are Procs on hit (which pairs with attack speed) and especially multi hit ones (it comes from world of warcraft Shaman's Windfurry). Helwalker because of the free stats Devoted because I told myself I had to play around WotEP +1 Pen -------------------------------------------------------------- Race: Elf Background: Deadfire - Explorer Stats: (Base + origin) MIG: 18 CON: 9 DEX: 19 PER: 19 INT: 7 (I do have doubt about it because it is compensed by Turning wheel but a bigger AoE could be nice for WotEP) RES: 7 All in Athletics and History (Healing and Giftbearer's cloth defense scaling) I wanted attack speed and crits for a lot of Swift Flurry/ Heartbeat Drumming procs (and obviously damages because WotEP seemed a little bit weaker on this side) went full on with Berath's blessings because I wanted to have fun quickly and go through Port Maje so +2 to all here -------------------------------------------------------------- Weapon : WotEP (Blade Form for the sweet sweet attack speed - Run Through for some solo target burst per encounter) Head : Helm of the Falcon (-10% recovery) Amulet : Bone Setter's Torc (5% Hit->Crit with weapons)/Necklace of the Harvest Moon (-5% recovery time on Crit) Armor : Devil of Caroc Breastplate (Devil's due for healing on crit) Cloak : The Giftbearer's Cloth (lot of defence for free) Gloves : Aegor's Swift Touch (+1 DEX, +5% action speed with weapons)/Gatecrashers (+1 MIG, 15% knock down on crits) Boots : Pathfinder's Boots (+1 DEX, +1 Athletics) Ring 1 : Ring of Prosperity's Fortune (15% Hit->Crit with enough money) Ring 2 : Chameleon's Touch (free stats) Belt : The Undying Burden (another Second Wind) Pet (watcher) : Pes (+10% melee damage, +5% Hit->Crit for the party) Pet (Eder) : Anything with +5% Hit->Crit for the party I choose most of the items because it could can be obtained pretty early and cheap/free to spend all my Berath's Blessing money in enchanting WotEP into Mythic Devil of Caroc can be stolen pretty early with lockpicking and stealth, nice legendary armor with healing Giftbearer's cloth can be aquired early too with a bit of stealth and Bounding boots (so right after Fort Deadlight) -------------------------------------------------------------- Talents Global passives Two-Handed style (15% damage) Uncanny Luck (5% Hit-> Crit) Improved Critical (10% crit damage) Monk abilities Swift Flurry (33% multi hit on Crit, Bonus attack speed) Enduring Dance (bonus Acc) Thunderous blows (+5 MIG, +2 Pen) Stunning Surge (idk if it works with WotEP AoE but a free stun on crits is cool) Turning Wheel (+20% burning damage, 10 INT) Flagellant's Path (Gap closer) Monk passives Enervating Blows (Weakened on crit) Heartbeat Drumming (25% multi hit on Crit) Fighter abilities Disciplined Strikes (25% Hit->Cri, +5 PER) Mob Stance (-5% Recovery per nearby ennemi, Full attack AoE on kill)/ Warrior Stance for single target (+5 accuracy) Fighter passives Rapid Recovery (healing) Weapon specialisation + Weapon mastery (+15% damage, +5 accuracy) Armored Grace (-25% Armor recovery penalty) -------------------------------------------------------------- Party Eder (Swashbuckler) engaging the most ennemies possible Xoti (Priest) spamming heals, buffs and resurect Xoti's Lantern (Threshing aura +7%damage (shouldn't have pushed her to the dark path, she is so much happier on the light one, I selfishly wanted to max damage)) Maia (Scout) Ranged dps machine Custom (Herald because Pallegina is unbearable with the others) cool buffs, drake invocation and Exalted Focus (+5% Hit->Crit, +5 Accuracy) Basically Eder is a magnet in melee, Xoti and not-Pallegina are casting what the base AI want them to cast or firing (Scordeo's Trophy + Lantern for little Xoti and Spearcaster for the mute Herald) Maia is shooting things with any arquebus (with the bounce ranger passive its hilarious) while I cast all the boost I have and either Flagellant Path in the backline to Impale a high priority target if there is one or run around the clump of ennemies Eder managed to lock in place and swing the most ennemies I can (brittle ones if possible to proc Mob Stance) to stack WotEP's Blade Form and wounds and see the stats grow -------------------------------------------------------------- What it looks like in numbers Currently lvl 19 (may or may not end the scenario and/or try the "mega bosses" as it seem to be the real challenge in the game) MIG: 36 (Thunderous Blows, Helwalker wounds) CON: 11 DEX: 25 PER: 26 (Disciplined Strike) INT: 19 (Turning Wheel wounds) RES: 10 50% Hit->Crit (maxed if the Herald is not too far away) Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming proc pretty often (coupled with the low Recovery Time) but not as much as another build I tried (Voltron's Votary with Magran's favor and Sun and Moon (striped of all the Sacred Immolation side of the build to get more accuracy/Hit->Crit conversion) which is still feeling nice (with party) and chain-proccing quite often) 118 Accuracy (108 with Great Sword proficiency) (+12 with Enduring Dance but it doesn't stay very long) 17 Pen 1.9 Recovery time (WotEP full stacked, some ennemies around for Mob Stance, Swift Flurry) which seems absurd for a 2H weapon but I really feel like old school wow Shaman trying to swing a 2H hammer to proc a Windfurry and OS someone -------------------------------------------------------------- For now it is pretty fun to play (for me), I may be breaking the progression curve with Mythic WotEP out of Port Maje but I wanted this run to feel like a Sandbox so idk how viable it is for a "legit" one, tell me if I'm building something wrong here, expecting a synergy where there isn't one, if you would change something (better class, better stuff (even if you change my lovely WotEP)), or if you have a fun build for me to try in the next run ! When I'm done toying with this one, I might try another build, making a definitive (for now) run and sweep the map, maybe upscale ? (if it is worth the try), maybe solo ? (i like the xp boost and the challenge but the game feels so lonely and it is too bad not to use the party's skills), maybe a custom party ?(love the flavour of a paladin company or anything like that but again, not having Eder trying to touch every animal, Xoti being amazed by everything in the Archipelago or any other companion makes me sad), maybe having a party with Pallegina in ? (but I don't like siding with slavers or her being mean to everyone else so.. we'll see for this one) I haven't played PoE1 much because deadfire felt much smoother to the touch (and to build) in the first hours of gameplay but it also made me love Eora so I might do it, if you have any fun char or advices for it, i'm totally open for it Thanks for reading and have a good day wherever you are in Eora
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