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  1. When I went to open some chests the chest animation "froze" and did not open all the way. The animation of opening was stuck in a loop with the beam of light coming out from the lock, but never progressed further. I back out of the store and went back in and I lost 2 chests. I killed the game and restarted and went back in, both chests were still gone, but I was able to open up another one. Nexus 5x - Android N Beta
  2. 20,000 all the way. after you obtain most of the treasure cards, the effective price is actually about 15,000 since you can roughly salvage the extras for about 5,000 gold. I open the chests in batches of 10ish and then salvage for about 1,000 gold. Then I play for 3,000 gold. Do another batch and play for 3,000 again. With this cycle I am basically getting 10 chests for 3,000. Some notes, you need to salvage immediately after you open the chests. During this time salvage values are greatly increase anywhere from 1.5x to a bit over 2x the normal salvage values of the cards. Also when you first start this cycle, you will probably not get 1,000 salvage gold per 10 chests since there will be a lot more cards you want to keep, but once you get to the point where you have most cards and duplicates of the goods ones (I keep 1 of cards I will never use in any deck, 2 of most cards, 3 of a couple, and 7 of the 2-check blessings) you will be salvaging 75-85% of the cards you get out of the chests, which leads to the 1,000 salvage gold. I also want to say, once you get a solid 6-party build, you can get the 50 chests in about 15 hours of playtime, so it isn't too bad of a grind.
  3. Yes, you get to build your decks with any basic cards in the game. So you can swap out the default potions for more useful items and things like that. I assume you can do that before you reach level 2, but I do not know the specifics. Same with Story mode, when you start you can change your deck with any basic cards before starting AD1.
  4. MW tools is fantastic, just not on the loked stone door. The disable check is 13, so the top part of MW Tools allows you to add 2 dice, as you correctly saw. The second power specifically states it can beat any barrier with a HIGHEST check of 14. Since the Combat check is 26, which is higher than 14, MW Tools cannot be used to beat the barrier. Working as intended.
  5. I believe this is only a visual bug, this has happened to me a few times and everytime (so far) he has been properly buried. Check your buried cards, or if you have finished the scenario he should still be in your deck at the end.
  6. Every ten levels you go up a tier. The tier you are in is based off the highest level party member. So when you hit level 10 you will start seeing AD1 cards.
  7. From a thread Flounder (a dev) posted in a while ago. Gallery is supposed to show all cards in the game (basically the box) and the Vault is supposed to show all the cards currently available to your party during game play. However once you enter the vault only treasure cards come up, and then - until you restart - the gallery acts the same way.
  8. That aligns with what I think is the bug. In short: There are 2 AD3 spells "missing" from quest mode. These cards are still in accounted for in the pool when building the decks, but when called by the game the assets are missing, so the game thinks the deck is finished at that point. My observations and thoughts below. If I recall correctly this started happening (on the current patch) after my characters were in their 30s. The location is always blacked out the first time you view that characters location. Then most of the time the background comes back when switching to a new character, but not always. The decks this bug occurs in have only been ones with spells in them. Temple and Apothecary are the two most common locations this happens to, which is what led me to think it is spell based. They are far more likely to spawn with the missing cards. When the bug happens I have yet to encounter the full complement of spells in the location. Though I have only been paying attention to this the last 3 or 4 times this happened, since I only pieced this together in the last 36 hours. Since it is the missing spell the deck will run short at a random spot were the spell is placed. I have run into the deck running short from 1-7 cards in, with the temple typically only being 3 cards max.
  9. You can still win by closing all the locations. This bug has happened to me more than a few times, most of the time it has 3-5 cards in the deck rather than the 10. The locations I can recall it happening on are Academy, Temple, Rusty Dragon, Apothecary, and The Old Light. Though only twice has the villain ever been in the short deck, and both times I won by closing everything. Are you playing quest mode? If so what level are you? I have a current theory why this is happening, but I have no real way to test it other than seeing if other players also have the same variables in common as me.
  10. I run Ezren/Valeros, Seoni, Lini, Seehla, Meri, Harsk and have little difficulty in any of the story modes. I run the same party in quest mode and again very little difficulty, though some of the wildcard power mixes can be near impossible to win (I'm talking Night Boa henchmen with Ill winds and Night Approaches). Ezren is more powerful in story mode because you can get Haste, Swipe, and Scrying whereas in quest mode you cannot... becasue bugs.
  11. Each Adventure deck (in the physical game) adds 110 cards, some of which are locations and other "info" type cards, but the vast majority are new boons and banes to fight. And they add to the story mode with 5 new scenarios continuing the story of Rise of the Runelords. Which is probably one of my favorite campaigns I have ever done, although the card game doesn't capture all the greatness of the story, it does do a very good summary.
  12. I am guessing it depends on the size of the screen. I do think they are spaced super close together, particularly the Recharge/Discard for spells and the like. Additionally, the graphic is larger than the hitbox on the buttons. I have touches visable on my device so I know exactly where the screen is being touched and the outside edges do not read properly.I have on a few occasions clicked the wrong button as well because of the spacing. This is a small but (should be) easily fixed issue that I can get behind.
  13. They want to make it more difficult to farm gold so people are more likely to spend money to get the gold. That being said, legendary is not too much harder than heroic. The only time have trouble is the Night Approaches combined with Ill Winds. And based on some of the screen shots you have posted, you have decent enough cards to do well in legendary.
  14. I also get the impression of bad shuffles. But the human brain has a bad memory bias, so all the times it works as intended trend to get over shadowed by the few times it is bad. I haven't done any analysis myself so I wouldn't endorse anything being wrong yet. But as mentioned above there may be a line of code somewhere not working for an edge case shuffle. More concrete details are needed for sure.
  15. This is purely visual and does not affect any gameplay. Once you hit a certain number of dice (I want to say 15, but I'm not sure) the bottom right dice slot holds two dice. This happens Everytime you meet the threshold. Adding further dice go to new shoots and do not over lap. In the bottom right, you can see a d6 in to of a d12. https://goo.gl/photos/qsDdswqqJaS5ocmg6
  16. Can confirm. This is the highest level sage in all the Pathfinder universe. https://goo.gl/photos/mZd7o1gARhb4CUTE8 A trip to the vault resets the counter.
  17. So a quick update: I forgot to check the C deck for extra spells. This is where the extra low level cards come from (MW tools, strength, augury, find traps). I can also 100% confirm Haste is a bug. Since the game sees me in AD4, after each scenario if i am missing cards I can replace them from AD2 cards and lower. Haste does not appear in the available list, all other AD2 spells do.
  18. I am pretty sure saw this reported already, but on an earlier patch. Just thought I would post in case the previous bug was fixed. Lini can play a spell (usually find traps) to help defeat a cache barrier. After the barrier is defeated, but before the dice is rolled, the spell is asked to be recharged. Choosing discard shows animal trick lighting up to be activated, since the sleek is discarded animal trick tries to add to the next roll. Usually the game corrects, however it does not for the cache roll, so for a cache roll you get 2d4+x cards. Here is a picture of Seoni after getting 9 spells from the cache. Note, none of them are haste, swipe, or scrying which i pointed out on another thread. https://goo.gl/photos/i6hCjC7AuEZpq7jh9 EDIT: The Haste, Swipe, Scrying issue has been answered. Edit 2: this can also be done with Inspired grace from Seoni, but you have to be ridiculously fast. I have only done it 1 time out of 20 or so attempts.
  19. Displayed dice, such as the cloud spells or magic flasks, will change from bonus dice to single pluses after the game restarts or a trip to the vault to work around another bug. This has happened on a few different display cards and characters. First instance of realizing what it was. https://goo.gl/photos/VPeGHjhgbmmHWVcr8 Controlled test showing before and after vault yep. https://goo.gl/photos/HTRn1sgVTa8iTT28A https://goo.gl/photos/njcYQnLBiVXEXeSx9
  20. There is a wildcard where every time you encounter henchman, every character at that location will encounter the henchman zombie minion. So since your base henchman was the zombie you encountered him twice. This is intended.
  21. There is a visual big where the chains will remain for several turns after, but I've always been able to stop play the cards normally. Did the game actually prevent you from playing the cards as well?
  22. I've had that happen with both goblins and giants with the scenarios that deal damage after they are defeated. I lost a character to permadeath early on this way and why I won't play permadeath anymore until a lot more of these character killing bugs are resolved.
  23. After some discussion with another member of the forum, There are some discrepancies between what quest mode is giving and what is actually shown in the Gallery. I'm not sure which, if any, of these are intended and would love some confirmation of them if possible. At different points during questing I had more copies of the cards below in my group than shown in the gallery. These extra cards were acquired correctly (I.e. encountered when I already had the maximum in my party), and not brought from one group to another. Augury: Shows 2 in Gallery, I had 3 at one point before banishing one on accident. Have not encountered a third since. Strength: Shows 1 in Gallery, I had 2 at one point until switching out one for a different spell. Find Traps: Shows 1 in Gallery, I have 2 and actually encountered the card while I had the Find Traps in hand. Masterwork Tools: Shows 2 in Gallery, I have 3. I currently have a character at level 40 in quest mode, meaning I have does many scenarios. Below are cards I have not seen in quest mode at all. I know that this is hard to prove because lack of evidence does not equal evidence of non-existence. I have tried to acquire these spells by placing Ezren at the Temple or Academy for, at least, the last 30 games (150 spell encounters in those games alone) trying to find these spells. There are 89 spell cards in my Gallery, I have 23 in my decks, which means the game is pulling from 66 spells. The spells have a slightly over 3% chance of being pulled for each card, so approximately 9% chance of being at least one of the the three. After 150 spells have been pulled the chances of not seeing one of them is statistically impossible. Haste: AD2, A member mentioned this was confirmed to be a mistake in the quest mode AD for this card. Scrying: AD3. Swipe: AD3. These are Allies I have not seen. Though they may not be in quest mode since they are story characters. Also the chances of seeing them are much smaller than the spells above. Jakadros: AD3. Vale: AD3. Below are cards that are AD4, and not Treasure cards. Since I hit level 40, AD4 treasure cards have been appearing in quest mode. Lizard: This showed up in my 20s with an AD2 on it. Now that I hit level 40 the AD has changed to 4 Greater Luckstone: This appeared in my 30s with an AD4 on it. It changed back and forth between AD3 and AD4 several times, but is not only showing AD4. I did not think this weird be cause the Cloak of Elvenkind is in both ADB and AD2 and changes depending on where you are in story/quest mode. Here is a link to my Game Save File. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B-j-jSOiX_I2VTliUWJwV29HSkU&usp=sharing
  24. Find Traps should normally have 2 copies in the Vault. Just checked, in the gallery Find Traps is only indicated as having a single copy. I also had 3 copies Augury at one point until I accidentally banished one, and also 2 copies of Strength.
  25. Yes, this was in quest mode. I do have a level 40 character so any AD4 cards are showing up from the vault. HOWEVER, Lizard was originally givien to me in my 20s and showed and AD2, there is someone else who posted this somewhere else in the forums as well saying they could not find the lizard in the gallery. NOw the Lizard is showing an AD4 after I made it to level 40. Additionally, I got the Greater Luckstone in my 30s, same issue where it showed AD3 instead of 4. Now it is showing AD4. On a somewhat related issue (maybe), I have not even SEEN Haste, Scrying, or Swipe in quest mode. Plus I have 2 Find Traps and 3 Masterwork tools, which I encountered with a party that had 1 and 2 respectively, meaning I didn't try to trick the game into thinking I had them. I should probably post its own topic concerning these issues.
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