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  1. Another vote to keep Quest Mode! I enjoy it a lot, and it seems pretty stable to me. It'll be a bummer if it's cut from the app.
  2. Not a desire to rush. Just an expression of excitement to play. :D
  3. Have we heard any release date on a Steam version? Even tentative? I'd love to play on PC!
  4. Nope. I tried pressing, poking, dragging those spells any which way. No luck.
  5. I'm just encountering this bug. It's my first fighting her. I'm playing Lem. He is alone at her location, at the Iron Cages of Lust. He succeeded at the Wisdome check, and now cannot play any spells to defeat her. It simply never asks for the Arcane check. All spells are chained and locked. Any advice? Happy to provide further details if helpful.
  6. I've started playing Quest Mode a bit. I have a few characters up to level 9. I'm just puzzled why no cards show up higher than B's, no matter what difficulty I try. Can anyone explain how card acquisition works in Ques Mode? When do I get tier 1 cards? (I've completed Story Mode through Adventure 3.) Thanks!
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