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  1. First, I know expanded spell book is bugged with display spells, by not allowing you to draw after a spell is displayed. This bug is possibly an extension of that. During quest mode, Ezren displayed toxic cloud to help Harsk kill a Kreeg ogre at the farm house. The close location dialog box popped up and I switched to Ezren to draw a card from the Thassilonian Dungeon power. I successfully drew a card, then clicked the yes button to close the location. a werewolf was summoned, but then the buttons for expanded spell book popped asking if I want to proceed without using powers. This normally does not happen as the power is bugged. I of course tried to use expanded spell book and the werewolf was displayed at the front of my deck (or maybe to location deck?), From there I closed the deck display, a card was not drawn and everything proceeded as normal. Hopefully this helps gives some insight to be able to solve the ezren bug.
  2. As the title says. I acquired the flame cannon with harsk (who IAS proficient with weapons) but could not use the flame cannons second ability. Screen shot https://goo.gl/photos/8FjSWWuRch6Bry1W8
  3. Somewhat relevant. You can use her Animal Trick while fighting Gogmurt becasue you are revealing the animal, not playing the animal. You couldn't use the sabre-tooth tiger to add a d6, since then you would be playing the animal.
  4. They both give the +1 bonus, that is just the way they work, no reason why the greatclub couldn't give d10+1. The greatclub +1 gives the magic trait which is helpful for incorporeal monsters, among a few other monsters.
  5. The Google play store does have the distinction between tablets and phones. But obsidian has not locked it down in the Android version. So if you have the required OS and hardware you can install it on your phone. Additionally, even if there app was tablet picked on the play store, you could side load the app onto your phone if you really wanted to.
  6. I play on the Nexus 5x, which is a decent bit smaller than the 6p and I have no trouble reading zoomed cards, and the UI glow is easily noticable. Do you have some type of other app screen overlay changing view settings? Maybe increase your screen brightness to create a better contrast ratio.
  7. During quest mode with the power that increases giant checks by 2d4 and the henchman Graul Ogrekin there is a moment in between the dice roll where you can display cards which messes up the roll for the Graul Ogrekin power. And then the location cannot be closed. As Seoni the difficulty check rolled 7, and as soon as the number disappeared I displayed the flask of shock. This caused the 2d6 to pop up then the hand tried to roll the 1d4 for the henchman but 2d4 came up and never rolled. I went to the vault and came back and the dice were never rolled for the henchman and combat started. After defeating the henchman I could not closer the location. Every other henchman rolled properly but I still could not closer locations. Also the 1mb attachment limit makes uploading screen shots a pain, since all of my screen shots are 2+ In size, so editing them down in size is a pain.
  8. I noticed this a few days ago, but didn't get proof until today. Salvage values change from time to time. I don't have the specifics yet as this is a relatively new discovery. But i want to stay a Google doc where people can pay their salvage values and times so we can start maximizing the return of gold for cards were have too many of/ don't want. Since I'm not at a computer right now I will get the spreadsheet started later at home, or someone else is welcome to stay one and I'll edit this with the link.
  9. I've encountered this a several times now in quest mode where a location will have a blacked out background, and then only have 2 cards in the location deck. The HUD will say there is 10, and then on each subsequent exploration the number does not go down and after 2 explorations will ask if I want to close the location. I have some screen shots I can upload tomorrow if needed. Nexus 5x - Android N
  10. This is what I do as well. I do have a few cards that are over 2 copies each, but they are few and far between.
  11. When defeating Donkey rat with the Retaliation wildcard power active, both d6s are rolled at the same time and added together. This will never trigger either power (summoning the ogre or the damage) since the minimum is 2. Android Nexus 5x Version: N beta
  12. Definitely some luck involved. I ended up getting both Swipes in the same scenario. Ultra crazy lucky for that. However, I cannot find a single haste or scrying.
  13. Additionally, once the caster's turn reset they have unlimited movement which makes legendary difficulty a bit easier since you don't have to worry about eating movement on the caster.
  14. Did you update to the latest patch? I was in the middle of a quest when they updated and got 0 gold. After update it is working fine.
  15. On the new patch ( using Augury out of turn allows you to search the deck of the current characters turn (just like the precious patches. However, now it completely resets to the casters turn and during their new exploration phase all cards are invisible, even the villain.
  16. I was grinding quest mode for the past week after the patch notes were released expecting gold to jump up for higher parties. Previously story and quest mode gave 200 gold each. Now with the new patch quest mode gives 250 gold max, and story mode gives 350 max gold. Additionally I found story mode to be much easier to play overall compared to the randomness of the quest mode. Now with quest mode giving 100 less gold, I feel there is little incentive to quest, and will just grind story mode. I already have near perfect characters in story mode (not quite there in quest) so grinding gold shouldn't be much of a problem. The only thing missing is lack of variety, but after so many hours of questing you see the same things over and over again.
  17. Several bugs encountered in the past few hours, all during quest mode. I'm assuming this is a bug, but I got the "tutorial" scenario in a party level 3 quest. All the scenario said was Tutorial. During the same scenario one of the wildcard powers was "Snake pits" which is supposed to add 2 Night Boas to each deck. They were not added. During the Scenario where 2d4 are added to giant checks, encountering Barl Breakbones caused a progression break after the dice were rolled. The combat check, nor dice, appeared and no heroes could aid. During the closing of Mountain Peak I examined the top card of a deck, then came back and used the Toad ally to bring back Holy Light on Lini. This caused the game to reset the closing scenario, which I skipped to the discard phase since I was clicking rapidly. Holy Light was then covered by another card in my hand (ie behind it) and when I rest my hand I drew an extra card. Then on the next turn with Seoni Holy Light was in her hand and was immediately banished upon first exploration. (this one really makes me angry since I have yet to see the second holy light appear out of 33 quest levels, so getting it back will be a pain)
  18. In the card game you are actually supposed to roll for every card you encounter and cannot automatically fail. http://paizo.com/paizo/faq/v5748nruor1h4#v5748eaic9tfj
  19. Will there be any way to retroactively fix this with a save editor? I want to continue questing, but I don't want to be permanently down a card a few heroes.
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