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  1. Have you tried to start new party of 6 on difficulty other then Legendary? No, I don't see a point in playing below legendary. Much less gold for the time. And since the complaint is about how much gold is being earned, playing below legendary doesn't make much sense.
  2. They will stay equipped for your story party. Not sure on Quest since I have been struck by the Quest is Story mode bug.
  3. The bug is preventing the Highest value from not showing, so for any non-leveled character it is fairly useless. Luckily once you get a few card feats you can figure out what some of the values are. Additionally, once you are playing for a while you will start remembering how many cards of each type are in the deck, but a fix would still be nice for this,
  4. This would be something to monitor over the next few days for those of you not in the PST time zone. Unfortunately, I am in PST so I can't do any testing.
  5. I just tested this and while in AD3 and needing to replace a card, I can see all AD1 and below cards. If you last completed a scenario lower than AD3, then the game treats you as though you are there and you will only see basics. Intended or not, I am not sure, but does not appear to be a bug of any kind.
  6. Go complete the challenge. Currently I dont think they have a quick link to do the challenge, so you need to set it up yourself.
  7. After a skin has been acquired 6 times, the 7th it will auto salvage for 150 gold. If this happens and you continue to open chests The money bag will appear on all subsequent dice. This does not salvage the dice, nor add gold, but is a confusing visual.
  8. Interesting. there may be a server issue with the challenge. The new challenge should not start for 3 and half hours (5pm PST) according to the patch notes. The solo Ezren challenge worked fine for me, and is still the only challenge that I have seen.
  9. I'm still getting the 350 gold from each story mode no matter what combination of characters I take into story mode. What do you mean you are losing gold? EDIT: any 6 character party
  10. I think there are 3 legendary dice sets. If you look at all the dice in the Gallery there are 3 sets that have a non static "color."
  11. They do replace a card and have rarities like cards. I haven't gotten the rarest ones yet, but I'm pretty sure they add special effects. Also I think they changed the drop rate, I've gotten 2 chests now with 3 epic cards, never had that before the patch.
  12. I can also confirm legion armor. But my gallery is all kinds of bugged after the patch, so they might have to roll me back which will be really sad. EDIT: Gallery appears to be in working order again, can also confirm Death Initiate as well as lots of squires. I do think Squire was bugged pre-patch, but I got a lot when opening chests for dice.
  13. I think there are some Gallery issues in general. All of my cards disappeared, but character decks still contain treasure cards, so they are listed somewhere on my account. Any chests I open show in the gallery, but cannot be salvaged, but upon exiting they disappear again.
  14. So the Broken quest is story mode fix has not been released, correct? Just going forward the bug cannot happen?
  15. You can play, just not get gold or access the store. I played story mode just fine.
  16. Purely speculation, but I think is going live shortly, but the play store hasn't refreshed yet.
  17. These were all added ini the patch. I can confirm the bottom 6. I also think that some of the Legendaries are weighted heavier. There is a very high chance of getting duplicates before all of them show up, but when 2 legendaries have shown-up more than all the others combined, those beliefs tend to happen. As for the squire, I am also missing it and there is some decent insight here from a non-dev. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87611-chest-drop-issue-has-anyone-unlock-these-cards-in-gallery/?p=1834564 And one of the devs confirmed treasure drops were purely RNG, but this isn't to say the RNG is not broken. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88287-certain-treasure-cards-during-certain-weeks/?do=findComment&comment=1833365
  18. A related bug, is Portable ram is not usable on the Locked Passage, a Barrier with the lock trait.
  19. If this helps. all the lycantropes have been FAQed into working with 'Basic' Blessings, instead of BOG (the 3rd card game, Wrath of the Righteous doesn't have BOG for example - it has another Basic blessing entirely). This disctinction won't matter for a long time in the app, but basically, if a Lycanthrope works with any non-Basic blessing - that would be a bug. Then it would be considered a bug as the Favor of the Gods is considered Basic.
  20. So all (most?) lycanthropes have the ability where if the top blessing is blessing of the gods they get +3 difficulty, presumably because that represents the moon or something. Since the Favor cards are special cards for this game, should they interact with the lycanthropes? This is extremely minor and more of a curiousity, so I just want to know if there is any intent behind what it is now. EDIT: This is considered a bug based on the current FAQ for the physical game, where Lycanthropes get the +3 for any basic blessing.
  21. Do you recall getting the Squire before or after the latest major patch? I only really started opening chests after the latest patch, maybe the Squire got mixed up with something?
  22. Anyone have the "common" Squire (Deck 1 ally)? I am up to 10 legendary Flasks of Magic, but not a single Squire in sight. I am only missing 10 legionaries and the Squire, unless I am just super unlucky in getting him...
  23. It is a non-combat check. Just becasue it is against a monster does not automatically make it a combat check. If you look at the card, the only check you can choose to make is a Dex check, where as most monsters list Combat as an option. Same with the Siren and a Wisdom check, blessing of Sheylin will give 2 dice. And there are Henchmen and Villains that have other checks such as Arcane or Diplomacy which are non-combat. Working as intended.
  24. I have also gotten the quest mode is really story mode bug. Would a screen recording help you at all (in addition to save file and PFID)?
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