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  1. Hello, perhaps I’m missing the obvious but how do I recruit Tup in the party? I have played the game countless times on my iPad since it was released. But when I create a new goblin party (which only allows me to recruit existing goblin character cards) I have no clue what to do to recruit Tup.
  2. Hello, I cannot play the game. The app thinks the installed version is outdated and wants me to update to the latest before I get access to game options. I went to the App Store and it shows my current version as the latest and that it updated 14 hours ago (current time: 7:39 MDT). VER-1081-20170920-PFID Version: What needs to happen to resolve this issue as I’m addicted to the game? Thanks, Rene
  3. I am playing the Rimeskull scenario on legendary., I've taken other parties through it so this isn't the first time and know what to expect. After closing a location only one character can move to the next location. The other characters are stuck after closing the location. When its their turn all I can do is basically skip their turn. There isn't an option to move. I've forteited and restarted the scenario four times with the same result. I've hard reset my iPad as well. Reading the legendary scenario restrictions there isn't anything that says I can't move after closing a location. VER-809-20170214 PFID-E006A8ACA8273796
  4. I tapped on the daily challenges box. I see I'm to play Approach to Thistletop with only Ezren. Tap that, tap everywhere, tap, tap. Nothing happens. Am I missing something?
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