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  1. Are you playing on Legendary? She gets summoned every haunt you encounter when playing on the highest difficulty.
  2. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88850-suggestion-add-a-quantity-option-for-repetitive-actions/?p=1838602
  3. I think the liquid trait is implying drinkability. If Sajan drank a flask of fire, I don't think he would be feeling all that well.
  4. The current repetitive actions I can think of are salvaging multiples cards and buying chests. With the upcoming change to Treasure chests (buying a single one at a time with gold) there is going to be a lot of repetitive actions. I still plan on waiting until I have several thousand gold before I buy a 20 or so chests, becasue I don't want to go to the store after every 1.5 scenarios to buy a chest. The process of buying a chest is quite long since the game has to check the server every time. Having to do this for each chest will be extremely time consuming and monotonous, taking away the enjoyment of opening chests. I understand the change in price and have no problem with that, but allowing people to purchase 10/17/25/33 chests at 500 a piece should still be an option and can be done with a quantity picker. Right now when I open 50 chests, that is 200 cards, the vast majority are going to get salvaged. It is such a pain having to salvage 60 or so tier 4 items every time (because of the weighting system). I went so far as to program a semi-autonomous macro on my phone to do it for me, but it still takes a long time since it takes 4-5 seconds to salvage each card due to animations. That is over 10 minutes to salvage all the chests I opened. A built in quantity option to allow people to salvage 5 cards instantly would be awesome, or even a way to set-up autosalvaging of cards (like dice) when the card number reaches a preset number we have determined.
  5. Probably not. The card is shaping up to be rather "meh." Well, at least meh it's better than shovel. Lol
  6. Post your PFID so Aarik can take a look at what your recently unlocked. I had this happen to me with 2 chests and he came a long and cleared it up for me with which cards were unlocked
  7. Where did you get this information? I didn't see this posted anywhere by a dev. And it is not displayed in the Gallery as an unlockable treasure card. Nathan posted it a about two months ago. Still, only one or two unobtainable cards is a fair bit better than where things were back in June. Hmm, well there are a few discrepancies with that list. Not that there is anything wrong with that, development isn't 100% perfect. But at least it isn't showing up in the gallery.
  8. Where did you get this information? I didn't see this posted anywhere by a dev. And it is not displayed in the Gallery as an unlockable treasure card. I am 99% sure that all of the cards currently displayed in the vault are obtainable. There is only one card I know of that has not been reported as unlocked, which is The Dragon Smiter (I think)
  9. You can only close Habe's location of there are no more banes in the deck. If there was another monster or barrier then you couldn't have closed it. Next time he appears (or check the gallery) read the card a little closer for more clarification since I can't remember exactly what the cards reads. There are several known issues with the Skinsaw man, the +20 to his checks had been reported, if it happens again try to copy your save file to help the devs isolate the bug
  10. You can either post your PFID here, or you can send a message to Support@obsidian.net with your PFID and information you posted above and they will be able look into what happened on the server. Aarik is pretty good about replying within a day (excluding weekends when they are off).
  11. Looks like you tried activating Expanded Spellbook and the UI brought up both at once. This has happened in several different circumstances to me and other people. In the future, wait a few second before activating the spellbook to ensure the game doesn't get confused. I believe this is related to a known bug caused by the spellbook which is quite buggy in its current state for this reason and at least one other.
  12. Augury was bugged for the longest time, with several different bugs, first was using it on other locations, and then resetting the game to the casters turn and allowing infiite movement. But now it is working as intended. Lini could recharge/discard and animal for its power, then cancel it, use animal trick on the animal for the d4+x and then use its power again. The d4+x would cancel and Animal trick would reset, using the power again would bring back the animal from the deck/discard and add the d4+x in addition to the animals power, so you could effectively use an animal's power for free while keeping it in your hand. Those were the two I noticed on the recent patch. There were several other small ones that got patched away in previous patches that I cannot remember, but I know they weren't in the patch notes.
  13. I believe the old bug was fixed, the last 2 blessings I used on others Dex checks have asked me to recharge it.
  14. The area you need to drag the cards to is next to the discard pile. When you hold a card that is asking to be buried you'll see a cloth like image pop up and the bottom left, and you can drag your cards there.
  15. The Haunt has no check to defeat and instructs to set the card aside. The Retaliation wildcard should only trigger on defeat, but the haunt is technically never defeated. Intended?
  16. The wording in the app is slightly different than the physical game. If you try to use a weapon or spell, the game will then prompt you to do a wisdom check.
  17. What character were you using? What weapon did you use? What other cards were played. Di you fail the first or second check, or both? Quest or story mode? And many other things that could be useful to reproduce the bug.
  18. Interesting, because (I assume) EthicsGradient is playing on IOS and I am on (2 different) Android devices and his descriptions are the same as the dice I have. Hopefully it is fixed in the future. EDIT: Looks like a correct assumption, so the color issue appears across devices and brands. Hopefully you can find a strong balance between readability and coolness, as of right now I can't stand the legendaries, but I would definitely like to see more of them developed. Also, are you planning on making external effects? Like if the dice rolls max something appears on screen? For example if I roll a d6 and a 6 is rolled some cool fire effect pops on screen for a moment (if the die was Firey Core). I think that would be absolutely awesome.
  19. This^. If you revealed the Blackcloth to add +1 to your check, this counts as you playing your 1 allowed Armor card on the check, so if you fail - you may not play another Armor. Therefore, even if you had another armor in your hand besides Blackcloth - you shouldn't be able to play that one either. I want to say I didn't play the becasue I was mad about not using it (and then would only take 1 damage), but I also wasn't paying full attention to the game at the time. I'll try and test it later to verify. EDIT: I must have revealed it (or another armor) for the bonus.
  20. Since you are on android you can easily create a copy of the save through a file explorer (solid explorer is my app of choice) and send it to the devs. Unfortunately there is not fix to proceed in your current scenario, but you can forfeit and start a new one no problem.
  21. That may very well be true, but there are too many people posting bug reports here the are using devices that the devs clearly stated were not supported (Google Play app description, first line beneath the screen shots "ONLY SUPPORTED FOR TABLETS"). I am running both a Nexus 9 and Nexus 5x and I have encountered most the same bugs on both of the devices. There are a few bugs that I have only encountered on one or the other and the phone has no more bugs than the tablet. The biggest difference is the slight change in the UI, which both have their pros and cons. As I stated earlier there is no difference in handling tablet apps and phone apps on Android, besides UI differences due to the aspect ration or screen resolution. Obsidian did a good job soft coding the UI so the Phone UI is 95% the same as the tablet UI. As Hannibal stated, some phones might not have the PHYSICAL resources to run the game well, but pretty much any phone within the past year and a half should be able to run the game with no problem considering the IPad 2 is supported and they will have better hardware than that.
  22. I still need 6 blessings, I'll try this when I fire up the game later. I tried it several times and could not reproduce this bug. I never received credit for the dragged back blessings.
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