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  1. How are you guys getting multiple dailies done? It looks like you got 4 dailies done in 2 days.
  2. If so, that's a nice little quality of life improvement. Seems worth putting in the patch notes!
  3. After completing today's challenge, there is no option to redeem the 100g reward. Are the rewards now held until the weekly challenge is completed, or is this a bug?
  4. iPad 3, iOS 9.3.5. Just battled a Succubus at Thassilonian Dungeon in 5.1. Normal difficulty, party of Seoni, Harsk and Seelah. Seoni encountered The Scribbler; the Succubus was the random spawn. Seoni was making her check and had an open Emerald Codex. She failed the check and was instructed by the card to "bury your whole hand". The game interpreted that as forcing "Bury 6". I was able to avoid burying my whole hand, by burying a card from the Emerald Codex instead. Each card buried from the Codex decremented the Bury counter, which allowed me to keep the Disintegrate in my hand, and in turn allowed me to win the scenario. I don't think this is the intended interaction between Succubus and Emerald Codex? On a similar topic: When The Scribbler reads "each character encounters a random monster" is that correctly interpreted as "a random monster is summoned and each character fights that same monster"? I would have interpreted as "each character independently summons a random monster".
  5. That makes it sound like the issue is due to your emulation. I haven't seen anything unusual with harpies so far. Unfortunately, unless users on supported devices start seeing these issues, the devs aren't likely to look into them.
  6. Snakeskin Tunic adds the bonus properly; however, the game then improperly switches to a roll (from combat ranged, to combat dexterity) with a lower bonus. This seems to occur with all items that apply bonuses to characters with multiple, similar skills. The check will always default to the skill with the lowest base bonus, and need to be corrected manually. You get the right bonus in the end, but it requires extra fiddling with the UI and if you forget, you're gooned. (Note that this behaviour was introduced in 1.4.0.)
  7. I haven't tried multiple devices, but I believe your save is stored in the cloud, as long as you are logged in (through Game Center on iOS).
  8. I had this happen once yesterday; I used the Back button after changing from white to teal, but the white appeared in-game. I made the change a second time, and it stuck. Weird!
  9. Well that's not very helpful is it? It is perfectly helpful! It is, in fact, the most helpful answer there could ever be. OP said, specifically, "I wish they would hurry up and release the Steam version, because I am prepared to play on a PC". Elcoderdude replied, "You don't have to wait for the Steam version; here is an emulator that lets you play the current version."
  10. There are lots of items that have the Arcane trait, and can be auto-recharged by Seoni. That Sihedron lacks the Arcane trait is a question of balance - a powerful effect with a little added risk, in Seoni's case, forcing you to consider its inclusion. It's certainly worth considering whether it is a correct design choice, but it is clearly a deliberate design choice.
  11. I had a similar issue yesterday, though not with the Pit. I don't recall the specifics, but I discarded an item on a check, then swapped characters to add a Blessing. On the roll, the discarded item went into the other character's discard pile, and I could not perform any further actions and was forced to forfeit out.
  12. I'm seeing something similar to this. iPad 3, OS 9.5.3. 9.3.5? Whatever the last version the iPad 3 is getting is. Every time I encounter the Ogrekin (so far, I've only encountered it in 3.2 on Legendary) the game rolls D4 but fails to proceed to combat. Quit to menu does not help, nor does restarting the app. The app is not frozen, but I am required to forfeit and start the scenario over in hopes of getting an instance that does not have the Ogrekin in it. None of the other giants that I have encountered have shown this issue. EDIT! This behaviour is occurring after the upgrade to, and I have seen it occur with rolls of both 3 and 4.
  13. Are you sure that's what is happening? Have you played right through to the end of the scenario? The reason I ask is: As the adventure progresses, the counter LOOKS like it is keeping score, but it isn't. What it is doing, is showing you a) the total number of cards Black Magga has consumed, and b) the total number of allies you have rescued. It really looks like this is a scoreboard, but the two numbers are not comparable. The number of allies consumed by Black Magga is hidden information. The adventure ends when all locations decks are empty, or the blessings deck is empty. At that point, if you have rescued more than half of the allies, you win the scenario; otherwise, you lose. You can track yourself what your win point is by counting the number of allies in all location decks at the start of the scenario, then add 1 (hidden ally) for each location. I played yesterday with a party of 3, and had 8 allies in location decks, plus five hidden allies (1 per location). I knew when I reached 7 I had the scenario won. In the case you describe, where you believe that the game is crediting Black Magga for each card consumed, you would end the scenario and then be informed that you lost. Is that what you are experiencing?
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