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  1. Obsidian, I want to second this point. Content would get you more paying users who care. P2W freemium shiny things might attract whales, and I understand one big whale means​ more payroll despite undercutting the overall game quality. But that hurts the community too, no? a) I like Quest mode and am astounded you are removing it AFTER developing it and making it stable. I prefer it to story mode and primarily play it. So of course you will delete that. ??? b) You made content unlocking by gameplay possible, and offered an (apparent) "just pay for all content" option -- but
  2. I'm probably the only one that doesn't understand what "when you reset your hand" means?
  3. Players, thanks for this. Super helpful! I'm playing Android version & have to carefully select which characters to buy (or spend $25, which I can't swing right now). My current team is Merisiel, Kyra, Ezren, Harsk, and Valeros. I enjoy them all. From what I've read here, all characters are versatile enough to be fun. None of my characters seem hard, so I'm not sure I can answer the question. I'm on here looking for level up suggestions/builds for heroes. I've noticed that a few level ups rounds off the toughest parts of each: hand size for Val + weaps, Kyra needs that
  4. Forgot to say I love the rotate to max zoom cards. I saw this when my last game crashed -- and it made me happy. Yaaay
  5. Updated UI doesn't feel thoroughly playtested. Discard & Bury buttons *behind* buttons/msgs, found villain and got stuck on animated flame page, loads of newel crashes. Note 3 and Nexus 6p. I just restarted playing Magic 2015, and they also highlight playable cards -- but much more obviously!!! And it works *much* better. Disappointed in new UI, but hopeful that support team will get it to work beautifully fast. I'm hopeful!!
  6. Don't think its the fit for your team (Weapon skill let's you use best items), but I love Erza the wizard. When he levels up, he just blows thru spells AND draws more spells AND with Arcane Mirror (?) spell, he can take out the worst enemies w/o a scratch. On a good draw, he can empty the location in one turn! (Augury, Det Magic, Arcane Mirror -- all seem weak, but when he draws them & recharges them a few times... WOW!) I also like Valeros, which is who I'd take in your setup, but he isn't the same. My part is Valeros, Erza, Merisiel, and Cleric (Sarenrae zealot).
  7. Android store def distinguishes between phone and tablet. In fact, I guess it distinguishes between ALL models & sees if app is compatible? Yeah, I meant Nexus 6p, sorry iPhone. There's probably not a big reason you can't play yet, but I'm not he dev so I'm just guessing (Hearthstone did that too, but I sideloaded a mod for phone version & played for months before phone version came put, but you can't sideload on iOS).
  8. It's just waaay smaller than most games on the phone. "HOW" do I play? Uh, dunno how to answer that. Like most people??? I also have it on my Note 3, somehow looks better on that...?
  9. Obsidian, I love this game, however I have to have my phone very close to my face to read the text. I have a Nexus 6p, arguably a large phablet. The card size & font could be larger, esp when I tap to zoom the card. Another idea might be a "long tap" might zoom important text LARGER? Also the glow on moves I can do could be more significant (a larger spread, perhaps?). Sometimes the UI 'nudges' are far too subtle, leaving me uncertain what I'm supposed to do. I don't think you need entirely separate versions for phone & tablet, but rather a 'switch' (in settings?) wh
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