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  1. Andriod OS 6.0.1 Samsung S5 pfid-F99674E1F8EBAEA5 Play order: Ran story through ogres with Mireil and Kyra purchased Seoni and ran through again, but apparently missed completing "Battle at the Dam" Applied July patch purchased Valeros completed story through "Battle at the Dam" Now stuck at rewards screen: Both Valeros and Seoni have earned a power feat, I have to assign both feats before I can select the blue continue arrow. Once I select the continue arrow, Seoni unlocks roles, but since she has no power feats to assign, I can't select the continue arrow. I am able to select the roles button and choose Celestial Sorcerer or Abyssal Sorcerer patch, but I'm not able to see desciptions of powers or select.
  2. The Ill Wind modifier is being applied multiple times at the prison, once for each time you clicked use Location ability. The first time you use the location ability, the difficulty is 11 (8 from the text and 3 from Ill Wind). The second time the difficulty is 14, third 17, 4th 20, etc. You can up the difficulty on a single attempt, by selecting the location ability, cancelling the ability, and reselecting the location ability. The ramped up difficulty is also remembered through turns. (Turn 1 difficulty 11, end turn, turn 2 difficulty 14)
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