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  1. You can select a dice roll trait that character doesn't have. Just click the dice tray above the dice and select a different and weaker trait for that character.
  2. It's doable, just go after the toughest locations first with blessing support. I had do that with Merisal on Legendary. It was a struggle but doable.
  3. Did you get your hands on the Eye of Agamotto? Then I'm here to bargain for it.
  4. Alright, Aarik (spell checker change it to Aaron) same as above me too then.
  5. I haven't downloaded it yet to check, but if I were a betting man, is coming up right behind it. Needless to say, there are some cool new bugs that just got discovered! Edit: does seem to fix the Justice Ironbriar bug. The updated appears to resolve a couple small progression breaks. Oh boy, that one was a bad one! The man had an army!!!
  6. Finally, got it with Merisal..... I hate Harpy and Harpy Monk. That was trial to get through them with Wisdom check. And the disappearing blessing of dex after every completed mission wasn't helpful at all.
  7. When I checked with Ezren it look like the wand is set to a Divine check not a arcane check. You can't switch it manually.
  8. Can you see if you were using experienced versions? On the very top of the characters select screen there a tab where you can select experienced and you might find the missing party members there.
  9. Just check and you are right, it suppose to be non combat check. And I been use it to boost holy light mostly.
  10. It suppose too with Divine check including Combat check using a Divine spells.
  11. I was try to figure who would be a better character to carry alot of items and spell and basically drop them to back up other character in the party. I was think of load with orbs and area spells (eg Toxic Cloud) I know Ezren has advantage with spell since he can carry up 11 spells and start with 8 spell but it take time to build him up with powerful spell that can reuse over and over again. Yet Seoni can recharge items and spells with no issues but can cycle through a quick dead if you use her ability. Both can hold the same number items. What do you think?
  12. What I been doing is going out the app via the Treasure button and come back. That tend to reset the card or action. If anything, exit the app and reload it and will take back to the begin of that turn.
  13. The devs did remove get gold reward replaying Normal and Heroic difficulty, only on Legendary you can get reward for replays. It not a bug, There was a statement made about it but I can't remember which patch note had it.
  14. Hi, You can only add Charisma when it a charisma check. There are very few banes that that ask for that check.
  15. I seen it a couple of time with Ezren, Once I have level up Ezren's Recovery or Int, I don't know which, he pass along his powers to poor old Father Zantus and the Father get a +3 bonus, depend on the bonus of the Int or Recovery, to his healing skill before he is burden. I don't know how it happen but just a cool bug.
  16. What a Vermilion Rhomboid? The card is a new item in Level 1 gallery.
  17. Wow, you are correct. I just noticed that my itouch can finally download the game. And as you said everything from Ipad is on the itouch after it logged in. Either it save on the icloud or they are almost on the their way to unity the platform under one account.
  18. This is such a stupid thing to say. "It's just a game". Jeeezuz. Don't enforce your priorities on other people. I agree with everything the OP said. The bugs will get fixed eventually, but that horrible and ugly phone UI will stay unless we say something. Hahaha So the OP repeating the same message over and over again all over the forum isn't enforce his opinions on other people? As Ethics Gradient said, this is just a mobile app and if you are going off the handle because of bugs that are actively being looking at and to try to be fix by the Dev ( Aarik and other have been looking and responsing to us) and the timeline for release isn't to their liking. Maybe ask for a refund and leave is for the best for OP. Rage over mobile app isn't worth it.
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