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  1. I'd advise you to quit this game, and forget it ever existed. Believe me, I **LOVED** this game before the latest patch. But it's clear that the game developers simply do not prioritize fixing bugs, or delivering promised content. Instead, they release garbage like a new UI that nobody asked for, and cosmetic garbage like dice skins. I've accepted that this isn't a story of a rag-tag team of indie developers just trying to find their stride before they really start delivering content & bugfixes. I've accepted that shoddy bug-laden releases and M.I.A. content are what we can expect in the future, because that's exactly what they've given us in the past. Dude, chill out. We understand you are angry but it your opinion not the letter of the law. Stop posting the same time over and over again.
  2. Yup, that correct the party arrangement screen before the location assignment screen. It been like that since the major patch and I think it was how intend to lock people in the dam on higher challenge. It maybe a adverse result to that.
  3. I think that is how they want it. Since one person need to stay at the dam, you need to leave one person behind to "watch the dam".
  4. Yes, this isn't clear. But I think you are talking about easy and medium difficultly no longer give gold. Yes, that is correct. once you gone through it once no party regardless how many time you reinstall will gain gold for additional pass-through for those difficultly. You can only gain gold in the hardest difficultly for winning an adventure.
  5. Hi, Ezren is currently lock in my quest mode and I can't unlock him for use. I don't have Permadeath on or have any quests currently running. His Party Status: In a Party
  6. Forfeiting doesn't make you lose gears. You still go to that screen regardless. So if you want avoid missing level boon just quit before the blessing deck end. really, really important that they build a tool that fixes this issue retrospectively I don't know if that would fix the issue since it save local and could open another issue where someone can use it to change their character in another way. (fix stat they didn't like)
  7. I would forfeit if you are on the last card of blessing deck before the end of the game. That will not advance to that xp screen and you won't miss the reward.
  8. My question is can you still use gold for add-on and new mission decks?
  9. My question is can you still use gold for add-on and new mission decks?
  10. According to Nathan, it should have been included or at least visible in the gallery in the last major patch. Unless the devs are currently using it......
  11. Hi Aarik, I thought the Heavyload Belt card was suppose to be with this patch, was I mistaking?
  12. Currently only though Gamecenter. They haven't setup shared play on both Android and ios.
  13. Odd I not getting award for any evade with the new daily challenge, evade 30 banes. I only got one and I don't when or how it counted.
  14. Question, are you online? I made the mistake of try to salvage while offline which doesn't give the option.
  15. It has always taking you back to story mode. It mainly because you can have multiple save in Story mode. If you press quest you will resume your game.
  16. I wastry to fight Barl Breakbone and I was force to fight him three time to defeat him. It happen twice when I met him in Quest mode. I had a full party.
  17. Hi, see an issue with the ogre-kin henchman, it been auto-roll my attack before I can choose what I'm use for the battle. Every time my Monk try to fight it, he get auto roll and take 11 damage. I have no chance to add my blessing bonuses.
  18. Party were Ezren, Seoni, the warrior and the monk. no one was killed on the party just ran out of time. Just delete Ezren twice because of the same glitch. One going to Level 30 and second time going to level 10, they missed the card and skill status bonus. Also had Seoni lose a free item bonus.
  19. I thought that challenge as you character was looking a fight. I like how the daily challenges are setup, it suppose to go against a gamer's norm. Also if you fail the mission you are still getting a good amount of gold for it and you still any items. Also you are not guarantee to win all mission even with or without the daily challenges.
  20. Winged Shield of Storms (Gold) Death Initiative (Gold) Dragon Smiter (Gold) Pathfinder Venture-Captain (Gold) Black Arrow Longbow (Purple) * Legion Armor (Gold) Bounty of Desna (Gold) Bounty of Torag (Gold) Squire (Bronze) Engineer's Work Gloves (Gold) Challenging Shield (Gold) Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1 (Gold) Silent Enforcer (Gold) Healing Poultice (Gold) Samisen (Purple) * *Through Legendary Story mode I have gotten the ones in golden text.
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