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  1. Is there anyway to tell if you successful on that mission? My two man team has got victory screen twice but I can't advance to the next mission.
  2. Thanks! Maybe they can make the Chain different colors to show if something is locking or could be locked?
  3. Hi, I played through 3rd exp and noticed that Goblin Warchanter is OP. The game won't allow a wisdom roll before acting so weapons and spells are automatic lock. The only time that a roll is allow is when another player member tries to help. But another glitch a occurs even if the wisdom roll succeed the game will automatic lock items that can be use recharge even ought Goblin Warchanter has been defeated.
  4. Hey , how do you get your deck to display like that in the character selection screen? Look for the circle with "..." click on it. It will give you the option to view deck.
  5. Wait I thought they closed the Normal and heroic after another party has run through it?
  6. Alright, I guess, but I do have him. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByvXbK6QcLwSOFptY1hsR2JvVGRMaXRVZ0N2UGlwVnBmaUdF
  7. It would be helpful if they tell us which haven't been created, so we don't waste chests.
  8. Yes, don't salvage till the new patch unless absolutely necessary. NINJA'D That's a known bug, getting fixed in the upcoming patch. Ugh Smith and Nobel Brat for now...
  9. Yes, Yap the Pixie and he is black border Well, this what I know, I was playing quest on easy with 3 party group, Merisiel, Kyra and Valeros Valeros was at The Rusty Dragon What I believe could have happen: Both, Merisiel and Valeros have high charisma and charisma base item. I think I didn't miss or rejected any ally I got. I may have mill through The Rusty Dragon deck just by gather allies The card may be specific to the The Rusty Dragon
  10. Only two Legendary myself, also there an issue with Salvage? I try to salvage 4 item but the gold stay the same. I don't like have 10 smith in the deck
  11. Which Ipad do you have? I have a iPad 3 and it is running fine, I believe anything below the 3 with not work.
  12. Has anyone figure any of the condition to unlock some of the black bordered cards? I just got the Pixie but have no idea how I did that.
  13. Hi, I was wonder why you are not reward for closing that location once you beat the boss?
  14. Can only speak from my own experience, small sampling pool I know but still, I find (B) most likely to be the case. After getting the nth great club for the umpteenth time for instance, scrapping those many copies of them in gallery seem to throw up the singular base weapon card I'm looking for in my game. I understand, I'm on my 10th Smith and 8th Scribe. I yet to get any 3rd level weapons for some reason.
  15. I know that but something that doesn't require flip through several pages.
  16. Will we be able to mix campaign boxes in quest mode in the future?
  17. Hi Team, Can we have a card card checklist to see what card we still missing from the treasure cheat? In game or even a spreadsheet.
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