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  1. No need to be afraid of Dark Souls, just remember: Rule One: in face of death, keep calm and carry on. Rule Zero: If you feel the game is cheating, cheat back. Rule Minus One: Hit. Every. Damn. Wall.
  2. More real companions, please. I want my story companions to actually have agency outside of the PC, and to be able to question my choices and leave me if I cross certain lines. Better yet, I slso want them to contribute to the story in ways the player character can't, like how GM in the Blood Legacy quest was able to use her powers to give an alternate endimg to the quest. And don't simply make it linked only to class or stats, but to the character's backstory. And last, give all companions unique tools, like you gave to Pallegina and Devil. Oh, and I lied. Here is the last: don't have that one area per act thing please. Either make the entire game centered on a few well made areas or force the player to return to places that they saw before.
  3. Agreed. For some reason, I just feel Fallout 4 has none of Skyrim's quirky charm. Maybe it is because it lacks the weird and paradoxical Elder Scrolls lore, or maybe it is because the post-apocalyptic wasteland is less open than Skyrim, thus feeling smaller and repetitive. Or maybe because of Preston telling you yet another settlement needs babysitting. Or maybe because the setting's (slightly) more down to earth nature makes stumbling upon Sheogorath unlikely. Who knows? I just didn't like it.
  4. Outcast Dean: Blackguard. Honestly, the "dean" part is the only one not ultra-generic but if they played it up it could end a very weird game, for good or ill.
  5. Again, do we know for sure that is the case in Tyranny's world? Is there even one game, movie or book where it is not such a case? Can you name some examples? If I can't, what difference does it make? Just because it didn't happen before doesn't mean it can't happen with Tyranny. And as exemples, how about Avatar: The Last Airbender? Or a very big number of animes out there? Because outside of regular medieval fantasy there seem to be many universes where muscles are completely meaningless.
  6. Again, do we know for sure that is the case in Tyranny's world?
  7. something I only wondered about now: does the duration increase from critical hits and grazes stack additively or multiplicatively with INT?
  8. That is not necessarily true. I've read books set in worlds where humans are not exactly identical to humans from Earth, even if very similar. Who is to say it isn't the case in Tyranny's setting?
  9. Agreed. I only got summoned once for Darkmoon, and my connection failed. Why can't we just invade the worlds of sinners to gain Proofs? It even makes more sense for Darkmoon, lorewise.
  10. Stellaris... I was thinking about buying it, but as someone who never played Paradox games before, or any 4X for that matter, I must ask: does it depend on manual speed, like some RTS games(Starcraft comes to mind as a hateful exemple)? Because the focus on grand strategy instead of combat gives me the hope I could play it well with my stupidly bad dexterity, but I'd rather not discover I was wrong after spending money on it.
  11. Thanks for the spoilers . BTW, the way I understand it, the beggining of the Age of Flame traped the world in an eternal metaphysical cycle: First and last, the fire is linked and gods and kings rise to power, perhaps as manifestations and reincarnations of gods and kings from earlier ages. As the fire fades, however, mortals become undead and said gods destroy themselves trying to keep the fire lit. Among the undead, a champion arises and claims the souls of the fallen lords, in order to gain enough power to kindle the primordial flame. When the fire is kindled, the souls taken by the undead champion are released to manifest in new forms, and the curse of undeath stops taking more victims until the fire fades again. What happens to the champion, however, is more ambiguous.
  12. The real disadvantage in this comes from the fact that you are a wizard, so while you are poking them with a staff for alright damage you could be knocking down, paralizing, blinding or otherwise shutting down whole encounters. Except it is a staff of almighty damage, and it lasts very long. So you can cast less spells and still do great damage on encounters that don't need permanent shutting down, and on harder ones wack them with your staff while they are petrified.
  13. Capra Demon... I still don't believe I managed to kill it without cheesing or the drop attack trick. On map types, I don't mind closed locations. What bugs me is having to visit an NPC on the nexus area for just about anything. I also don't really like the way they nerfed poise in DS3, even though I almost always play lighter armored characters anyway.
  14. Yeah, dual wielding was one of the few things DS2 did better than either 1 and 3, IMO. And the way Hexes scale was easier to understand. DS3 is very cool, but I don't know if I prefer it over the first. Humanities were cooler than embers, IMO, and being able to level up at the bonfire instead of warping to the hub area was nice. And the story in the third didn't leave me as good an impression as the other two games. Never played Demon Souls or Bloodborne.
  15. Play the first Dark Souls. It is worse(better) than crack, IMO. If that doesn't help, go to the hardest area you can find and keep dying until you are too angry to play the game for a week.
  16. EDIT: Actually, I already reached that area before. Even killed the Demon King. It is just that I didn't explore all the lake like I should have. So you've already used it as a ladder you say and just forgot about it? I don't think there is any other way down there. Falling with the Spook spell. You just have to be careful with your aim.
  17. Less vessel filled dungeons and monster filled temperate forests, please. At least put more ruins at ground level, and move somewhere warmer or more open. Or make the entire game be set in a single enormous and ancient city and a few areas around it. That would be awesome, and would make it easier to make things less linear without messing up with the flow of the story.
  18. EDIT: Actually, I already reached that area before. Even killed the Demon King. It is just that I didn't explore all the lake like I should have.
  19. The bridge fell apart for a reason ... Wait, so I was supposed to fall with those skeletons? No way, not even with the sorcery that protects from falls I would survive.
  20. I agree with all Rheingold said. Honestly, I feel RPG developers have some strange obsession in undead filled dungeons, they seem to fit them in the most awkward places ever.
  21. Killed both bosses in the Carthus Catacombs, got many nice pyromancies, two tomes waiting for their teacher, and now I feel much more optimist about my char. If only I knew were Horace is hiding. Anri sounds so sad about parting ways with him... And if I knew
  22. Awesome as always Boeroer. I like the second build a lot, not only because of the looks, but because it is refreshing to see a Chanter build that doesn't dump DEX.
  23. Can't you just respec? That's what I would do. As far as I am aware, the only thing that changes with the start character class are the initial stats and they can be changed.Well, I can, but every time I do it I either regret or feel unsure of what I want. Plus, I only have 2 respecs left. But maybe I just have to power through this brick wall I've hit and things will get clearer then. However, I built my character too much like a hexer in DS2, but it seems this game punishes a too wide stat distribution. And I upgraded my gear too randomly, as I wasn't sure of what I'd specialize in, so I may have to farm titanite for some time if I don't just make another character. And it wouldn't take that much time to reach my Pyromancer's progress level with a new char, since he is still in the Carthus Catacombs.
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