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  1. If it helps, orlans have a reputation (which my come prtially from racism, but...) of being naturally sttubborn, something that can be associated with boars. And Boreal dwarves are very powerful, so go either way.
  2. Maybe it would work better if instead of x attacks per turn there were action points, DEX gave more action points per turn and interrupts subtracted action points from the target's next turn action point pool.
  3. I don't think it is necessary. i mean, it is so zoomed in you can imagine him holding a bow and havimg his quiver on a lower position, like slightly above his waist and turned sideways instead of along his back facing upwards (like how it is positioned in Dark Souls, for example)
  4. Magran gives accuracy to Swords, not maces. Berath, however, favors maces, greatswords and is said to pay surprise visits to those who try to cheat death.
  5. Maybe you should open with a gun and switch to a pike? Bows are better for sustained damage.
  6. It was said as the game was still under development, I think. I believe a Rogue's invisibility is a more direct demonstration of "soul power".
  7. Hey, don't let the post above dissuade you from making your bow-mage. Although Ciphers with warbows/guns make much better supernatural marksmen.
  8. While a Cipher with a longbow fits the concept better than both, the idea is viable and looks more interesting than a wand-user IMO.
  9. Tell me, have you ever lived in South America? And what about Central America, Mexico and Canada, which happen to be packed togheter?
  10. Nope then he votes Russia, for exactly that reason. Central America is included yes. USA is only separate because it has one of the strongest gaming cultures, otherwise it's pretty useless to makes sperations in the two americas And yet it is useful to make separations for Europe? How is that supposed to make sense?
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