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  1. Whoah! That is a lot! But more DRM means it's a better game, right?
  2. And both points would be wrong since Gary Johnson isn't a Republican and doesn't smoke weed! He eats it...
  3. Sure, 7 million paying member of the LP and this one guy is representative of every one of them. Wasn't that the result of a bet? I could be wrong but I think that's why he stripped.
  4. So about that story of the guy who got stabbed because he looked like a Neo-Nazi...
  5. I'm sure you would also find it amusing that the Neo-Nazis here accidentally pepper sprayed and punched some of their own, right?
  6. Meh, honestly I think that the ACLU should have tweaked the wording a bit given recent events. This seems like a non-story on both sides (the ACLU, who I donate money to and like, ran an ad without thinking about all the implications and some people overreacted because it's the internet - nothing really noteworthy).
  7. Also known as Sam the Business-owner (since he is neither a plumber or named Joe).
  8. So much for carefully waiting for all the facts... I guess he only waffles and waits when it's an attack by a white, right-wing, American male.
  9. Not sure if joking or just very, very mistaken...
  10. Given statements by the Nazis who were there I actually think they've been rather quiet. But maybe they're worried that it might make 'Daddy T' look bad if they're honest about Nazis being Nazis and bad while he keeps waffling.
  11. I wonder if she still feels the same way now that Trump has waffled (since that was after the second statement but before the third). My guess is no.
  12. No, that's now what happened at all. Both sides had permits, the Alt-Right was asked to move to a different park for safety reasons but they sued and a judge issued an order saying they could march at the original park (not that it really matters because they managed to get themselves declared unlawful before the stated time they were supposed to be there at). I know you don't like facts or fact checking but... Come on... Because it's not a lie? How about you actually look a the footage from Friday night and stop parroting the Nazi byline. Also look at the footage of the car attack and the beating inside the parking garage - unless you're saying those were justified and then you can **** right off. The Alt-Right was supposed to enter from the other side of the park and then there would have been barriers between them and the counter protesters. They ignored the police's request and decided to march through the counter protesters while chanting Nazi phrases (because, you know, they're Nazis).
  13. Also, because Trump mentioned it, it's not true that the counter-protesters didn't have a permit - they did. Plus, to say something I've said many times in this thread, the protesters on Friday were not peaceful - they attacked peaceful counter protesters without provocation while chanting Nazi phrases. I'm very curious why Trump thought they were peaceful (I suspect that he confused the Alt-Right Nazis and the UVA Students who were standing around the statue before they were swarmed with fire wielding ****s).
  14. I'm not sure I would put it above KotOR II but AP is among their better games (not that they've made bad games).
  15. At least Trump has started to be more honest...
  16. They don't but some others who attended were actually willing to talk (although they were the minority and universally realized they had gotten in over their heads and hadn't really realized who had organized the march or who they would be marching with):
  17. It's actually named The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or the Affordable Care Act for short, but people kept using the name 'Obamacare' enough that it stuck and now almost no one remembers the proper name. I usually call it the ACA but have to follow up with 'Obamacare' because no one knows what I'm talking about.
  18. Awww... Poor David Duke got his feelings hurt because Trump said a mean thing. I wonder if he'll keep trying to fulfill Trump's promises now... Hopefully not but I doubt that he'll stay mad at his beloved Trump for long.
  19. We've been discussing this in the Politics thread but I'll summarize my view: **** the NeoNazis, the KKK, the Alt-Right and all the rest of these ****s. I find it disgusting that the racist, bigoted ****s claim to be the victims when they started the violence on Friday night when they attacked the group of students who were standing in front of UVA in protest of white supremacy and racism. Also they didn't outnumber us - they came into hostile territory and were ejected because they're our streets, the Citizens of Chancellorsville's streets, not theirs. "None of our people killed anyone unjustly." What a ****ing piece of **** - although I'm also glad he's being open about it so everyone knows the type of **** that they're dealing with.
  20. Unless the Country as a whole unites to decry this as abhorrent and unacceptable and actively tries to resist, instead of just playing lip service, then it is going to get worse.
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