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  1. You should, it's one of the most famous works of short written verse to come out of WWII (it is by Martin Niemöller commonly known as 'First they came...'). Although the jump from 'people like to think they wont be a target of persecution until it happens and thus are willing to surrender the rights of others without realizing how the same could be done to them' to 'we can never oppose any socialist policies' was a bit drastic and uncalled for.
  2. Agreed, everyone thinks that are part of a protected class that will not be targeted by the tyranny of the majority or authoritarian minority until it happens (and, spoiler alert, they're all wrong): "First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."
  3. I actually agree with this more than I disagree, although I suspect that I am more pragmatic while you're more principled. In my mind the reason for the government to exist at all is to attempt to preserve as much personal freedom and choice as possible while also stopping actions that overly infringe on peoples' agility to exercise and enjoy those personal freedoms. I do agree with strict scrutiny, although not always with how it is applied, and do think that there will need to be some compromises to personal freedom if someone wants to be part of society, for example wearing a mask during a pandemic because that is a minimal infringement of personal freedom that directly protects others heath and thus their ability to enjoy and exercise their personal freedoms, but that should be attempted in the least infringing manner. But unless an action is causing significant, active harm to others then, in general, I do not think it should be regulated - although I'm also currently running on approximately an hour and a half of sleep so I've tried to avoid making an absolute statement lest I think of an obvious exception when I'm less tired and more cognizant. And, personally, I'd much rather have an ineffective government than an overly authoritarian one (that's one reason I dislike Trump - he is the worst of both and manages to be both actively useless and dedicated to expanding the imperial presidency to an even more excessive degree than has already been done by both parties in the past).
  4. While I suspect that no Justice could wholly be seen as supporting all civil liberties, in part because there are going to be situations where multiple liberties conflict, I would, personally, say that she did more to defend them than she did to restrict them (particularly when it came to the First Amendment). Although my guess is that, in part, we might disagree on Originalism and that might account for the conflicting view?
  5. I'm the same way, I haven't actually been in the office for approximately six-seven months and don't know when I'll be going back. Although even after COVID clears up I'll probably keep doing at least some work remotely.
  6. I'm still trying to decide if I want to drop $60 and, if I do, Steam or GoG should get my money (I'd normally be all for GoG but am slightly worried cross-platform multiplayer might be a pain and most everyone I know who I'd want to play with is likely going to buy the game on Steam).
  7. I'm planning on upgrading my 3950x (although that's also because I'm making a new SFF productivity build for my roommate/editor and so I'll move my current chip over and use upgrade my workstation).
  8. I made plans with a rather cute Masters in Library Science student for a second socially-distanced date, and while I'm not trying to be overly hopeful last night's multi-hour zombie-killing escapade was mutually enjoyable (we spent around six hours on Killing Floor, not a bad first date all things considered).
  9. And nothing of value was lost, honestly Reddit should have done that years ago.
  10. Yeah, even if you completely remove race from the equation it mostly comes off as the old 'poor people don't deserve nice things' argument.
  11. For some reason my 'this seems rather suspect and they probably don't know what they're talking about' sense is tingling...
  12. Voted in my State's delayed Congressional primaries.
  13. It didn't last for long and there weren't many replies before it got locked.
  14. Given recent events most studios who worked with Chris are releasing statements about what they plan to do with his contributions and since, at the time it was announced, the community was kinda hyped about Chris being involved in Bloodlines 2 it makes sense that Paradox/Hardsuit Labs would want to say something.
  15. The newest version of the desktop after my 9900k decided to release the 'magic blue smoke': CPU Ryzen 3950x Motherboard GigaByte Aorus Xtreme RAM 64Gb 3200 DDR4 at CL16 GPU EVGA 2080Ti KingPin Case Customized H440 Storage 1Tb NVME SSD - Boot Drive 480Gb SATA SSD - Games 500Gb SATA SSD - Games 512Gb NVME SSD - Storage 512GB NVME SSD - Storage PSU EVGA 1000w P2 Display Alienware AW3418DW - 3440x1440p 120Hz GSync Cooling Dual GPU/CPU waterloops Keyboard Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum Mouse G903 and G502 with Powerplay
  16. Maybe a drug store? I don't think I've seen them in a regular grocery store, at least not around here, but medical supply stores and/or drug stores should have something (assuming they haven't sold out).
  17. Trump's predictably bad response - evidently writing a letter is only something you do in literature class?
  18. I've heard a fair number of the more extreme leftists in the US claim that Canada has free healthcare for all because they've never actually looked into it.
  19. I spent entirely too much on a pocket knife but it's to support a local maker from where I used to live that might not make it through the pandemic - plus it's a really unique design.
  20. That's one reason we've authorized people to take home their equipment, so they have as seamless of a transition as possible since we're going to be working remote for at least two more month and, realistically, it might be through the end of the year.
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