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  1. I repasted my X230 and modded the heatsink since it was running hotter than I would like (temperatures under load dropped by 20-30c so I'll call that a win).
  2. I'm a fan of Kryonaut and use it almost exclusively (except for when I use Conductonaut because when you're repasting laptops sometimes it's worth using Liquid Metal). That's a known eGPU method and I've seen enough people use it successfully that it might be worth a try even though it likely doesn't have a 100% success rate and you will be loosing the wireless card.
  3. I recently got my semi-ancient 1156 box back from my parents, I had let them have it when they needed a new computer and since they've both got their own laptops now I just got it back, and have been upgrading it to see how much performance I can get out of the old box. So far I've done the following: Replaced the i3-530 with an i5-760 Added a 212 Evo cooler Overclocked the CPU to 3.85Ghz with Turbo-boost allowing it to jump to 4.2Ghz on a single core (I could go higher but that seems around the sweet spot for the chip and I don't want to push the system too hard). Added a slightly overclocked 1060 6Gb Added 8Gb of RAM for a total of 12Gb Not counting the 1060 the entire cost has been around $100 USD, about $335 with the GPU, and I'm impressed at how well it's holding up. I think the only thing I really need to add now is an SSD boot disk and maybe replace the PSU. At some point I'll also build an entirely new system to compliment my laptop, I'm using a 6700HQ paired with a 1060 that has been repasted with Liquid Metal, but this isn't a bad back-up system and I'm having fun playing around with it.
  4. It's looking like it won't even pass the House... But worse laws have passed with more support, see the Patriot Act, so who knows...
  5. There are a few games I would also be interested in if you happen to have them!
  6. Personally I think that having insurance tied to employment is a horrible idea, likewise having insurance not cross state lines. Ideally there would be a mandatory federal payer system that everyone could pay into or, if they wanted to, they could buy private insurance - at least that seems like a better solution than what we have now. The government system will be there to cover anyone who couldn't afford private insurance or didn't want to buy it and then private insurance would be there for anyone who wanted additional coverage. At least that's the solution that I thought of off the top of my head. There needs to be some kind of safety net/option and it seems like a rival program might be more effective than subsidies.
  7. I doubt they'll get their act together seeing how they've been acting/voting.
  8. Hopefully this will push down the price of other Pascal cards (I've planning on upgrading my desktop and also my girlfriend's soon). I've got a laptop with a 1060 but it'd be nice to have a full tower again.
  9. I'm about to spend entirely too much getting a custom heatsink installed in my laptop along with a complete liquid metal repaste (my other laptop also needs work but I'll do that myself as it's much cheaper to replace if something goes wrong). I've also got to order parts to rebuild my desktop and upgrade my girlfriend's.
  10. I'm getting off work in a couple of hours and then comes dinner, movie, and trying to get all the achievements in co-op Portal 2 (because she wants to collect them all). I'm assuming that we'll fail and end up doing/playing other things instead.
  11. Wasn't this announced awhile ago? I might be wrong but I seem to recall reading that Obsidian was going to be phased out in the semi-near future about six-months-to-a-year-ago.
  12. I guess that depends on your criteria. While in an ideal world the US would be awesome the current implementation has much to be desired.
  13. Taxes are in and it looks like I'm getting more of a refund than I expected so that's nice.
  14. Federal judge stays deportations of travelers in Trump immigration order Trump executive order: US judge temporarily halts deportations
  15. Unless the technology was directly funded and owned by the American Government I don't think there would be as many issues as you think as they'd still be working for the same companies and so the ownership wouldn't be an issue? Although I'm also sick and on meds that make my head a bit fuzzy so I might be missing something obvious.
  16. Personally I think that we should not tap into our native oil reserves until we absolutely must (because why run them down when we don't have to, I'd rather pay more and have strategic advantage later than use them now and find ourselves short when we really need them).
  17. Huh, weird. I honestly thought that you might have been talking about a third person that I'd not heard about.
  18. Personally I would have rather Snowden pardoned than Manning since it seems like he was more careful about what he released and tried to make sure not to endanger US assets or personal (as opposed to Manning who indiscriminately gathered everything and gave it to Wikileaks).
  19. I'm confused, are you saying there should be stricter gun control or are you saying that gun control doesn't work? It seems to be the former and that's not what I would have expected.
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