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  1. Unless the Country as a whole unites to decry this as abhorrent and unacceptable and actively tries to resist, instead of just playing lip service, then it is going to get worse.
  2. The Counter-Protesters actually helped with that on Sunday and today... Almost like it's our town and we actually give a damn about it or something.
  3. Like the tiki torch wielding Sturmabteilung/Hitler-Youth wantabies on Friday night? Do you also need a special class in meaning of words? No, but I think you might. Here let me spell it out for you: YOUR PRECIOUS NAZI ****S STARTED THE VIOLENCE AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO CHANGE THAT FACT. WHEN FACED WITH COMPLETELY PEACEFUL AND UNARMED PEOPLE THOSE RACIST ****S DECIDED TO ATTACK THEM WITH TORCHES WHILE YELLING NAZI PHRASES. I don't know about you, since you seem to have some really unique notions, but that seems like violence intended to intimidate people into silence to me - and that's what the Nazis and the KKK and the Alt-Right and all the other **** decided to open with. Preemptive violence intended to strike fear into those who would oppose them.
  4. Plus the Nazis started the violence the night before when they attacked a group of students who were standing in front of UVA in protest of white supremacy and racism.
  5. Like the tiki torch wielding Sturmabteilung/Hitler-Youth wantabies on Friday night?
  6. I'll have to go back and rewatch the screne but wasn't Ayra doing more redirecting and dodging than blocking?
  7. And while I'm not saying violence is the right course of action... I certainly wouldn't loose a minute of sleep if this happened again:
  8. Jason Kessler got punched in the face, I'm sure that the Alt-Right will equate this with getting hit by a car. There are rumors of another march tonight, police in riot gear are stationed around downtown but do not seem to be actively dispersing the counter-protesters who are out today - although they did escort Kessler away from the scene of his attempted press conference after he was struck. He didn't get a platform to spew his bile though as he was drowned out by chants of 'murderer' and 'say her name'.
  9. If they play Tabletop RPGs the Original Poster might enjoy FATAL!
  10. The driver of the car has been identified as James Fields and charged with second-degree murder and three counts of malicious wounding. There is a possibility that more charges will be filed at a later date.
  11. Martial Law has been declared and there is a curfew in place.
  12. Only the ones who were killed by a deliberate terrorist or terrorist-like attack.
  13. Chopper crash linked to white nationalist rally
  14. Article linkage? I'm got my information from the Fire/Rescue dispatch and from people who came back from the call. Both of the pilots are dead and it has been reported that another person died from the car attack.
  15. A State Police Helicopter has gone down and initial responders are saying it looks like it was brought down by gunfire.
  16. Yes. There are now reports of gunfire although nothing has been confirmed yet.
  17. There seems to be a debate whether to call it terrorism, but really, since terrorism is all about intent, it should be called that, and people on the ground were calling it one. There's going to be a strong push from people here to have it be treated as a terrorist attack.
  18. **** the NeoNazis, the KKK, the Alt-Right and all the rest of these ****. Currently the National Guard is out in the streets but there are still violent clashes going on. The person driving the car was a member of the Alt-Right group from what was observed on the ground and the victims were all counter-protesters. Things are expected to get worse as the day goes on and several of the groups have stated they will stay in the area for at least a week so more problems are expected from these ****ers.
  19. The ****ing NeoNazis/KKK/AltRight/Racist-**** are in town - one person is already dead and the National Guard is out on the streets.
  20. Sigh... Doom was already way too large... This also makes me wish that the Single Player and Multiplayer had different installations, because I don't touch the MP at all it's annoying that they keep adding things to that cause file size bloat when all I really want is to eventually get through the campaign.
  21. One of my biggest issues with Steam is the forced patching and inability to roll back to a previous version if you run into problems (it was more tolerable when you could disable updates, although you were screwed if you ever had to reinstall the game, but now that they've gotten rid of that feature you're stuck updating no matter what). I want control over the things I own, or license since I know someone will bring that point up, and don't like not being able to do what I want with them.
  22. You really cannot parody this White House... So much incompetence... Wait, wait what happened to "doxing is legally and morally ok" stance you all presented when I pointed out that CNN blackmail of the meme creator was wrong? Good old double standard HA! Good Fun! Considering I didn't post anything about that I think you're pulling things out of your arse!
  23. How are your temperatures? According to the reviews I've seen for that Notebook you might end up thermal throttling and should look into undervolting the CPU and/or repasting the system.
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