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  1. Also, anything that affects melee attacks in general, like Vulnerable Attack. However, even though the spirit shift attacks are considered unarmed, the devs have confirmed that the Monk cross-class talent does not work with spirit shift attacks by design. Still, the spirit shift attacks were buffed in 2.0 to the point of being generally considered viable, even if still not as powerful as a caster druid. Some players do find it a fun build though.
  2. Gwisk Glas is a robe that comes with Second Chance, Superb and +2 Might. It's really nice-looking too, almost too nice for Durance but that's what I gave him in my pre-2.0 PoTD play through.
  3. Not fixed.My PC was charmed by Spore and was attacked by nearby party member immediately. That's part of the intended effect of being charmed. The bug would have been if that other party member was also charmed. If you have two characters that are both charmed, they're still on the same side (the enemy's side temporarily) and so should not attack each other. Edit: Nvm, I misread the issue you had quoted.
  4. It's popular to make your mechanic one of your front-row or at least second-row characters, so they can detect traps before someone else in your party trips them! Do this, and/or use the option to auto pause when detecting hidden objects, to help avoid tripping traps. If you detect a trap that you can't disarm, either leave and come back at a higher level, or send your party back and have your tankiest character set it off.
  5. From what I've read, it doesn't necessarily kill their effectiveness. Rather, it's generally a tradeoff. Fists tend to do more damage (maybe there are some exceptions among really powerful weapons, IDK off hand), but some weapons have procs (e.g. on crit effects like stuns), which is the main reason some players use weapons on their monks, even if most prefer bare-handed.
  6. It's a single player game, so it's really up to you to decide how you feel about it. What I would say, though, is that those Endless Paths of Od Nua were actually designed with higher level parties in mind. So if you want the challenge of having to come up with strategies like that even if you progress slowly, go for it. If not, I'd recommend moving on to Act 2 and revisiting Od Nua at a higher level. You could come back and do a few Endless Path levels after every few character levels, for instance. There's no need to clear it all at once.
  7. Comparing enchants of the same rank against each other, undoubtedly. Now some weapons you can acquire remarkably early come with +3 Damaging or Accurate already on them, and I've never bothered overriding these. I've found these weapons to be generally very good for how early you can get them, but not necessarily the "best" weapons you might want to put the very limited high-level Superb enchantment on.
  8. This sounds nice, but how should it be implemented? I think ideally (but least trivially), you should be able to set a threshold per class. Some players, for instance, would want the game paused by default in preparation for a favorite invocation which is below the max-level rank, and would consider it annoying for the game to pause at 3, 4, 5, 6 chants. For a monk, some players might want it to pause at just one total wound (e.g. for Torment's Reach), others at three (e.g. for Flagellant's Path), others at eight (e.g. for Twins, or simply as an alert to start dumping wounds). This system
  9. Luzarius only plays games going headfirst into the hardest hardcore mode blind, and streams them on his Twitch channel. That's literally the idea behind it, and he finds it fun and there's an audience for that. Great, more power to him playing as he (and his audience) enjoys. That said, what he should not do is take that intentionally limited experience and generalize about an entire class, in a game that's balanced for gamers who expect their mastery to gradually develop over hundreds of hours of gameplay, reading about mechanics, and developing progressively more effective strategies.
  10. Or you could take a paladin main for +6/12/12/12 defenses vs a non-main paladin (and stats that are good for both combat and dialogue) and still have potentially all the classes you mentioned in your party . Unless your choice of main has personal significance to you from an RP perspective... then I'd understand.
  11. Unfortunately yes. I was hesitant to like your post. I guess I am not that affected by it, since I have yet to play a spiritshift druid. Let me be clear that what I do like is the fact that you provided that link .
  12. Thanks for the refresher. In that case, I believe the tasks (as opposed to quests) for factions don't have any effect other than whatever rewards and/or reputation they grant. That sounds right. I was going to mention that it seems Ondra's Gift did the trick for me, but I had forgotten specifically which quest. It makes sense that it's the Verzano quest, as it ties in (not to spoil with any more specifics lol!)
  13. Welcome! I will link this post I made and still stand by as far as paladin tank stats. Though, as Ymarsakar points out, there are some advantages to prioritizing Might over Con to the degree that he suggests. One thing I didn't justify in that post: the reason I suggest dumped Dex is that 1) A paladin tank won't be doing high DPS anyway, so he will get less mileage from DPS boosters as your DPS-focused party members will. Conversely, he will get more mileage from things that boost his tanking ability. 2) Even as DPS-boosting stats go, a paladin's abilities are mostly Per Encounter,
  14. As Ymarsakar said, faction merchants are unlocked by a quest. You can only choose to align with one of three factions, and your main will get a different talent depending on which one you choose. However, before you make this choice, you can do (IIRC) one quest and one task for each faction. I recommend keeping a save from just before you start doing these quests, in case you accidentally do one that aligns you with a faction before you want to, although the indicators should be pretty clear if you're paying attention. You might want to check out the gear from each faction merchant and buy wha
  15. Just a slight correction: PC paladins can get up to +13 Deflection and +27 Fort/Ref/Will with the Deep Faith talent. That's not a correction: both our statements are true. Non-PC paladins with Deep Faith get +7 Deflection and +15 Fort/Reflex/Will, so PC paladins can get up to +6/12/12/12 above that. Aside from Repulsing Seal which Teioh mentioned, I love spamming Iconic Projection, especially when it becomes Per-Encounter.
  16. Watch this video from 1:26 to see the twin summons. What he meant is that you can toggle between weapon sets, only one of which should have a shield. The monk's Duality ability, however, is toggle-able between granting 8 Deflection and 8 to all defenses except Deflection.
  17. Welcome to the forums! Short answer: I second what the others have said about "perfect" builds (as far as stats) not mattering nearly as much as just about any other factor in your perception of difficulty or your success with PoE. Also, I put "perfect" in quotes because, the more you play and read these forums, the more you will see so many different builds that can be debated and are still viable, to the extent that they match your play style. I've played the game extensively before the expansion, but have not yet played the expansion and found the rogue companion. However, the stats
  18. Well, Barbarian does get a new leap ability at high level with the expansion. Monks, though, have had Flagellant's Path forever AFAIK, but it's always been a high-level ability (level 11). Check it out in that link, you can scroll down to the level 11 section. KDubya uses it to actively zip back and forth, plus damage and debuff whoever is in the way.
  19. Welcome to the forums! There are two links that immediately come to mind that you might want to check out. This is a thread started by another recently returning player wanting to know basically the same things: a brief rundown of the most significant changes that affect party composition and builds in general, and I attempt to give such a summary in post #2. Here is just one good short-and-sweet post on a thread made to discuss the current strongest builds. The post right below it is also good, and possibly an even better summary. To answer your extra question, I and several other
  20. I was going to suggest a melee Wizard until you specified that lol. So for you, I recommend checking out this build for a heavily-armored monk that zips around the battlefield. Granted, it doesn't start truly zipping until level 11, but with the new level cap of 14 that still leaves a good amount of time to enjoy it. I haven't personally tried it, but it sounds fun and quite possibly up your alley.
  21. So either Lore or Mechanics would be a good choice for the highest skill of focus for your main. Lore would give more dialogue options. Mechanics could be good because you'd have it on a very durable frontline character who could not only detect traps before anyone trips them, but would be able to absorb the damage of most traps if you happened to accidentally set one off anyway. My vote would be for your main to take Lore for the dialogue options, and because paladins start with a bonus point in Lore but not Mechanics. As for good candidates for mechanics in your party, the rogue is the o
  22. I get your examples and find some of them amusing . Here I would say that there is not a significant opportunity cost to getting 10 Lore on all characters (except your mechanic, who wants at least 10 Mechanics if not more). What I'd compare it against is the value of other skills. Survival: It's just 5% extended duration per point on your consumables. Regardless of what game we're talking about, I don't know about you, but that seems pretty weak to me. I mean, if this were some MMO where that might make the difference in beating the enrage timer on a boss because there was some artificial
  23. Hey Katie, Glad you could find some more time to play. Now, I know you're generally a busy gal and don't want to read through the forums, but in this case the thread right below yours is very apropos: here are my thoughts on paladin orders (which aren't the most important aspect to a paladin overall, granted). Sorry, I just had to tease you a bit there! Now, moving on... Here are my thoughts on stats for a support/tank. There are other kinds of builds for paladins, of course, including healing, melee DPS off-tanks, and even ranged. It depends what appeals to you. Basically anything tha
  24. Yeah, PoTD changes enemy attributes, which indirectly affects certain other things. Con affects health/endurance, Per affects accuracy, Res affects deflection... but none of these affect DR.
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