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  1. Hey! I finally got round to buying POE, big fan of other games of the genre. I've always enjoyed playing a Paladin in role-playing games, I love the idea of a Paladin Tank but am unsure of the stat distribution I should go with. Playing on HARD difficulty, I'm very much interested in a MIN-MAX approach, at the moment i'm doing the prologue with a distribution of: M:10 C:15 D:8 P:10 I: 15 R:20 I took it off one of the other threads I read, I'm unsure about DEX and INT levels. Conversation, Will Defence and Aura Range aside I'm honestly not sure what advantages INT gives me. I feel some points in INT would go better towards CON or MIGHT. Additionally I'm unsure if it might be better if I dump DEX entirely. Just looking for advice/thoughts anything would be appreciated. Thanks
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