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  1. Hello, I'm a couple of weeks new to this game. Yesterday and today I was trying to kill Zolla and kept dying(Normal difficulty). My characters are mainly 4 and 5. So I tried something I haven't done at all in the game so far and that is run after I beat the easiest ogre. After I did that, the most powerful of the 3, the druid ogre, reset but Zolla stayed out in the hallway. While running, 3 of my characters died however they revived(lack of the correct word) and I was able to go into combat with just Zolla out in the hallway without the druid interfering. Later on after killing Zoll
  2. So I haven't had any real issues with the game since I got it a couple of weeks ago. However this morning I start up the game and it crashes before it even gets to the main screen. I load it up again and hit continue. It loads one of my old saved game files from near the beginning. I shrug it off and hit escape and hit load. None of my recent saved game files are there! I restart the game and hit Load at the main screen instead of 'Continue'. My recent saved games are back! However when I click the one I want to start at, the Load screen reverts back to the main screen. I shr
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