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  1. If avenging storm is considered a weapon effect from lord darryn's this explain why it's a neverending effect. Since you hit, it procs again, indefinitely. The AOE is maybe because mob stance triggered the attack on the next enemy so the infinite proc continued on the next one but i'm not sure about this because it happened so fast that I had no time to realize what was happening.
  2. I guess it's a bug. But i've never seen anything like this. And it happened twice in this campaign. If you see in the log the delay between gathering storm and enemy attacks to eder it happens quite fast. And he was the only one standing The rest of the team were withdraw or knocked out.
  3. No. It's not Relentess Storm. It's a neverending bolt of lightning that hits again and again something like 4 or 5 hits for second. There is no spell that does this so I'm interested if others have experience about fighters and lord darryn's mechanics.
  4. I've never used before this weapon on a fighter, but I have used it frequently on barbarians and druids. To my surprise I noticed that gathering storm, which is a "random" spell that procs on 50% health is quite strong. I was on my way to neketaka and I was near Beina at level 8 (potd), so I gave it a try. I was about to lose the combat then this happened. It just fantastic . The few remaining enemies were dead in a matter of seconds.
  5. I like Cloak of the Theocrat on almost every build that needs int. It's easy to farm and I usually end up having 2 or 3 and I think it's the only cloak that gives INT.
  6. A combination of a SC Chanter and a SC Lifegiver will give you the most "early". Multiclassed also, but at max level. I think priests are underrated by a big part of the POE community, but they are one of the strongest classes of the game, specially on a MC.
  7. It's a confusing description the game has about what means "threatening". SInce it's the same as orlan "minor threat" you can have information on this post:
  8. Legendary morningstar with +16 accuracy + modal (-25 Fort) + spirit frenzy (-10 fort from staggering) + chanter's long night (-10 fort) + aware inspiration +30% hit/crit conversion makes choosing PER over MIG a poor choice. Barbarian is one of the few classes that can crit the enemies without needing PER at all. You increase the raw damage you receive from frenzy, that's true. MIG increases the damage from carnage and while it may not seem to be a lot, when you apply 15-20dmg per carnage to everyone around the barbarian it makes a better investment than perception. DEX is not needed at all for SC barbarians. You get 0% recovery at level 13, and a +45% bonus action speed from frenzy + bloodlust.
  9. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Outcast's_Respite The wiki says it's +2 but I think it has been nerfed to +1.
  10. This is my favorite Wiz build. Equipment: - Thaos headdress: +1 INT + 5 accuracy +10dmg against flanked targets. - Kuaru price: +1INT/PER +5% dmg with spells. - Chamelon touch: +1 INT. Late game: Ring of prosperity - Cloak of the theocrat: +1 INT/RES - Girdle of Eothun: +3 CON - Charm of bones: +2 INT - Boots of the stone: +1DEX/RES, resistance to might afflictions - Weapons: Eye of wael/Amailorra + Chromoprismatic quarterstaff - Kana blood pool from POE1 to get an additional +1INT. - Pet: Milx (+1INT +5% crit with abilities and spells) - Armor: Aloth armor +15% AOE - Gloves: Gauntlets of accuracy +3 ACC Late game you can have 35INT with the permanent boost potion. I don't care too much about DPS because I focus on debuffs specially those you can cast from the unique grimoires. I pick all the passives on level up and use the grimoires for spells. My advice is to hunt the unique grimoires as soon as you can because the unique spells you can cast from them are very powerful.
  11. For my last barb game I went max MIG,CON,INT. Human race + bloodied is 25% + 15% dmg + 7 accuracy. Max CON + gift from the machine + durance effigy + 16 HP/level is more than 600HP late game. Action speed is not a problem because of frenzy + bloodlust + bloodthirst so 10DEX is fine. Dump RES. Berserker hits hard but die faster that's it. If you want a glass cannon go berserker. If you want a barbarian with more survivability then choose no-subclass.
  12. The pet is not going to hold the line because it's frail and it dies too fast. But it can hold against single targets that are also threatened by the ranger. After your tanks pin the enemy frontline the pet has some room to move so you can pick rogues/spellcasters and give them pain. This is the real value of rangers, the ability to eliminate dangerous targets from afar with unmatched accuracy. You don't have to invest a single skill point on the pet if you don't want to. If the pet dies, use a paladin or a chanter to revive it. Or you can go ghost heart because in the end paying 1 bond for summoning the pet is cheaper than paying 2 to heal/revive it.
  13. Single class barbarian are the strongest barbarians mid-late game. It's all about a broken level 13 SC ability called "bloodthirst". MC also gets it but at level 19. Heart of fury and other good stuff come also late game to SC barbs. Any combination of melee/barb is also good, even things like barb/wizard (warlock) are pretty fun to play. Carnage is not what it was in POE1 but it still free raw damage so it's welcomed. Barbs are weak early game, but late game shine in their glory The problem with barbs is that with -10 deflection, at least on POTD, there are enemies that are going to make your life miserable (fampyrs, for example) because no matter how much HP you have when they spam deathblows against you. Any kind of rogue is going to focus your barb and there are a lot in this game. About the subclasses, the berserker is the strongest one but it comes with a penalty that can't be avoided (raw damage) and the highest your MIG the more raw damage you take. You can soften it with accesories or skills like constant recovery but you can't remove it. Brutes are very strong but they get the good barbarian stuff later. If you like a melee AOE character a single barb is what you want, but you need patience to wait until the good stuff came late on.
  14. Maybe I'm wrong but the description is not accurate. I don't remember takedown being removed at all. https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Takedown+Combo
  15. Hearth orlan + sharpshooter + veilpiercer/saint omaku mercy + takedown is a powerful combo. The last one is an underrated ability but if you buff the pet with some INT inspiration it's still +100% damage received for 15s. Acina's trikorn + ring of the marksman + gauntlets of accuracy + marskman + stalker's link + survival of the fittest + accurate wounding + legendary warbow + marked for the hunt put your accuracy at 5 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 10 + 10 + 20 + 16 + 10= +82. WIth devotions for the faithful +92 accuracy. If you max PER you can get near +110/+120 accuracy depending on target's health. With a +15% + 10% hit to crit conversion add some potions and alchemy for tough encounters and you have a character with a 80% crit ratio with a 50% chance of ignoring recovery. SC rangers may seem weak early game but late on are stupidly powerful.
  16. 0:35 Scordeo's Edge spotted I know that certain items that are on the edge of being broken in terms of game balance can turn the tide. But even considering that it's not a fist monk if you see the sequence that starts at 2:30 to the end of the video I can say that flurry doesn't proc reliable for the amount of crits he did. I've fought enemies in sea encounters with more deflection than Porokoa so it's not the best example because in terms of deflection (level 20 monk) at that level is a training dummy.
  17. The chances of a double proc are (25 * 33) / (100 *100) = 8.2%. Is this right? This is without hit to crit bonuses but monk class doesn't have anything to convert hit to crits, like berserkers or fighters. POTD +15 deflection makes the thing worse since to have a 50% hit to crit ratio based on dice rolls you need +45 accuracy over enemy deflection. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Attack_Resolution POE2 enemies have more or less the same deflection as your base attack let be something about 15 points of difference up or down depending on the enemy class and your gear/skills. +45 accuracy in POTD is something difficult. Maybe a late game monk with +10 acc from wounds + 15 from dire blessing+Devotions + 10 from maxed PER/gear + 22 from unarmed can achieve this. Since I assume that enemies (POTD) will often have at least equally or better defenses than my base ACC, pumping MIG & DEX instead of PER and relying on aware inspiration + wizard/druid debuffs to land hits, I think that lightning strikes + turning wheel on a 35 MIG monk is superior in terms of damage compared to flurry strikes of a maxed PER one. At PL 10 I read that monk fists do +80% damage + 22 accuracy. A helwalker with 35 MIG do +75% damage. This is a total bonus of 155%. With a base dmg value of 14-19 it becomes 36 - 48. With an average damage roll of 42 we have: 42 * (0.15 lightning strikes + 0.20 turning wheel + 0.15 aefyllath + 0.15 shared flames) = 70 average dmg/hit at 0.5 - 3sec recovery rate. This is of course late game stuff but weapons like legendary modwyr + watcher blade with +20% lashes on their own can bring decent results from early on. Heartbeat drumming is going to be a choice for a SC monk anyway so when it procs at full MIG it's going to hurt a lot. This is getting complicated because with other lashes additive bonuses losing only a 15% from lightning strikes for a flurry proc with the other lashes combined can make the turning point at high levels where you can pump your accuracy + debuffs enough to make flurries profitable.
  18. Hello! Do someone knows the math about how the critical ratio (hits/crit) of a character have to be to decide when Swift Flurry is a better choice than Lightning strikes for a SC monk with fists? I'm no good at mathematics but this is what I consider: - Lightning strikes multiply damage x 0.15. - Flurry strikes is 100% extra damage (with an extra attack roll that can miss/graze/hit/crit) - One proc of flurry strikes is worth 100/15 = 6.66 lashes of lightning strikes. - Swift flurry has a 33% chance to proc/crit. - Heartbeat add a 25% chance but, how is calculated? 33+25? or two separated rolls? I suppose that you have to proc at least one flurry every 6-7 attacks so you need about 3 crits each 6.66 attack rolls which is roughly a 50% crit ratio. The point is that lightning strikes seem way superior than flurry strikes before heartbeat drumming. Did I miss something?
  19. Priests are fine. Every time I play Xoti is the most useful NPC I have in the party. The point is that single-class priest is not worth it but multiclassed are excelent characters. Devotions for the faithful + dire blessing make the class a must have in almost every party. Priests are not what they were in POE1 but they still remain very useful.
  20. For a 2h build nothing deals more damage than a berserker + sanguine sword with bloodthirst active. It's quite ridiculous 0.4 attack speed/no recovery + berserker dmg modifiers. Max MIG, INT, CON, average per/dex, dump res. The only problem is that this build begins to shine at level 13, so you can use 2h until then or go dualwield then respec. Multi-classes also get acces to bloodthirst but since you get it at level 19 instead of level 13 I don't even consider multiclassing a barb if I plan on using 2h weapons.
  21. I've played a ravager (berserker/helwaker). With berath blessings you can achieve 35mig,35con or 35 int (modal) more or less depending on your items & food. I was using an upgraded bloody links + modwyr (human race). With 35 con mid-late game even as a helwalker you can stay on the sweet spot that is bloodied for a long time. Invest heavily on athletics. The stats have to be calculated in advance but I'll try to recall: - CON: 18+2 berath+1background (21) + 3 eothun (24) + 1 chameleon (25) + 5 hardy +2 konstanten -> 32 con. - MIG: 11 +2 berath (13) + 10 helwaker (23) + 2 ogre gauntlets (25) + 4 mohora wraps (29) + 5 tenacious + 1 gift from the machine = 35. Helwalker bonuses stack. - INT: 18 +2 berath (20) + 10 monk (30) + 2 orlan peddler (32) + whatever INT item you want to stack. INT inspirations don't stack with monk wounds be aware. - 8 Per - 4 Res - The rest on DEX. At the beginning of the game this build is very weak but late on is unstoppable. IMO, the funniest build I've ever played on this game.
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