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  1. I'm starting up a new play through and plan to build a ravager(berserker/nalpazca). My goal is to build a melee AOE beast similar to pillars 1 barbarian. End game I will use oathbreakers end and either amra or the voulge in the early game. Just looking for some tips on how to build this character stats/gear/ ability wise. For stats I definitely plan on maxing per since the main point of this build is the crit synergy between berzerker frenzy/swift flurry/heartbeat drumming. High int is probably a priority since I will be keeping up frenzy/swift strikes and possibly dance of death/c
  2. If sanguine plate is being used by another character what is the next best option for a tanky DPS fighter?
  3. Very interesting. I'm running a similar melee cipher build and planning on using BotEP and was trying to decide on a good back up weapon for pierce immune enemies. I didn't realize firebrand would benefit from my weapon focus so that is great to know. Also are you saying the firebrand gloves and belt stack? Giving 6 uses per rest?
  4. How does getting exclusivity deals have nothing to do with competition ? Seems like nakedly being so. You don't seem to understand what the word competition means. Competition would mean Epic, Microsoft, Steam, GOG, etc a sell the game and the customers decide which store/launcher is best. Purchasing exclusivity rights is the opposite of competition.
  5. Exclusives suck. They are anti-consumer. Steam doesn't do exclusives.
  6. Well Obsidian just lost a significant amount of pre-orders/day 1 purchases today
  7. Has anyone done the math on how dex/action speed/recovery time bonuses stack with each other? I am wondering if dex works similar to might in that the more bonuses you have the less value you get from each point. I am looking at Warlock for example which has a significant amount of action speed bonuses(frenzy, fleet feet, bloodlust, bloodthirst, frenzy ward). The you also have items like helm of the falcon/devil of caroc breastplate/miscreant leathers/etc. to stack even more bonuses. Would there still be good return in maxing dex with all these attack speed/recovery bonuses? Or do the points r
  8. Boeroer, what are your thoughts on WotEP Witch vs Citzal Spirit Lance Warlock for an AOE melee character? The more I think about it the more I think the Warlock does it better. With the Warlock I get easy access to deflection buffs and I wouldn't be dependent on DoC/Modwyr to remove confusion. Thanks for all your help btw.
  9. I was planning on using Eder/Pallegina on the front line. Wearing medium/heavy armor and using borrowed instinct later in the game. Too squishy? He'll consume most of the parties' healing resources, which is a problem for the longer DLC fights. Would it be a good idea to put some points in Con and wear heavy armor? Or do you think the class combo in general will just issues staying alive?
  10. How early can I acquire the materials to upgrade DoC? My plan was to dual wield for modwyr then respec to 2h after upgrading DoC. I was under the impression that modwyr could be upgraded fairly quickly but it might take a while to acquire all the materials for DoC. Is that accurate? I definitely want to to deal with confusion quickly using modwyr/DoC rather than consumables.
  11. I was planning on using Eder/Pallegina on the front line. Wearing medium/heavy armor and using borrowed instinct later in the game. Too squishy?
  12. Just looking for advice on building a melee witch. The abilities/passives seem pretty straight forward but I'm having trouble finalizing my starting attributes. I'm planning on maxing per, dumping res, and leaving con at 10 but i keep going back and forth on how i want to distribute the remaining points between mig/dex/int which all seem useful to the build. I'm kinda thinking something like 15/10/15/18/15/4. Thoughts? Also, thoughts on 2h vs dual wield? From what I understand dual wield is generally better because of full attacks. Is 2h stronger on a build that spends more time auto attac
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