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  1. I'm starting up a new play through and plan to build a ravager(berserker/nalpazca). My goal is to build a melee AOE beast similar to pillars 1 barbarian. End game I will use oathbreakers end and either amra or the voulge in the early game. Just looking for some tips on how to build this character stats/gear/ ability wise. For stats I definitely plan on maxing per since the main point of this build is the crit synergy between berzerker frenzy/swift flurry/heartbeat drumming. High int is probably a priority since I will be keeping up frenzy/swift strikes and possibly dance of death/clarity of agony/blade turning. I will leave con at 10 and dump res as this will be a glass cannon build. I am struggling to decide how I want to spread pts between might and dex. If I want to use amra I will need max or close to max might but I'm not sure if it is worth it at the cost of dex. Thoughts? For gear I will likely use DoC breastplate and falcon helm for the resources and 2h speed. Just wondering if there are any other pieces I should look out for that synergize with this build. For abilities there is a lot of good monk stuff but only limited points so some tough decisions to make. I will definitely use torments reach and flagellant path for AOE damage. What dance of death? I certainly won't need the extra wounds but that accuracy is much wanted. My main concern is will I even be able to keep it up as a melee build with low deflection? Also wondering if clarity of agony and/or blade turning are worth the point investment. Any tips here are welcome.
  2. If sanguine plate is being used by another character what is the next best option for a tanky DPS fighter?
  3. Very interesting. I'm running a similar melee cipher build and planning on using BotEP and was trying to decide on a good back up weapon for pierce immune enemies. I didn't realize firebrand would benefit from my weapon focus so that is great to know. Also are you saying the firebrand gloves and belt stack? Giving 6 uses per rest?
  4. How does getting exclusivity deals have nothing to do with competition ? Seems like nakedly being so. You don't seem to understand what the word competition means. Competition would mean Epic, Microsoft, Steam, GOG, etc a sell the game and the customers decide which store/launcher is best. Purchasing exclusivity rights is the opposite of competition.
  5. Exclusives suck. They are anti-consumer. Steam doesn't do exclusives.
  6. Well Obsidian just lost a significant amount of pre-orders/day 1 purchases today
  7. Has anyone done the math on how dex/action speed/recovery time bonuses stack with each other? I am wondering if dex works similar to might in that the more bonuses you have the less value you get from each point. I am looking at Warlock for example which has a significant amount of action speed bonuses(frenzy, fleet feet, bloodlust, bloodthirst, frenzy ward). The you also have items like helm of the falcon/devil of caroc breastplate/miscreant leathers/etc. to stack even more bonuses. Would there still be good return in maxing dex with all these attack speed/recovery bonuses? Or do the points return less value after stacking all these bonuses?
  8. Boeroer, what are your thoughts on WotEP Witch vs Citzal Spirit Lance Warlock for an AOE melee character? The more I think about it the more I think the Warlock does it better. With the Warlock I get easy access to deflection buffs and I wouldn't be dependent on DoC/Modwyr to remove confusion. Thanks for all your help btw.
  9. I was planning on using Eder/Pallegina on the front line. Wearing medium/heavy armor and using borrowed instinct later in the game. Too squishy? He'll consume most of the parties' healing resources, which is a problem for the longer DLC fights. Would it be a good idea to put some points in Con and wear heavy armor? Or do you think the class combo in general will just issues staying alive?
  10. How early can I acquire the materials to upgrade DoC? My plan was to dual wield for modwyr then respec to 2h after upgrading DoC. I was under the impression that modwyr could be upgraded fairly quickly but it might take a while to acquire all the materials for DoC. Is that accurate? I definitely want to to deal with confusion quickly using modwyr/DoC rather than consumables.
  11. I was planning on using Eder/Pallegina on the front line. Wearing medium/heavy armor and using borrowed instinct later in the game. Too squishy?
  12. Just looking for advice on building a melee witch. The abilities/passives seem pretty straight forward but I'm having trouble finalizing my starting attributes. I'm planning on maxing per, dumping res, and leaving con at 10 but i keep going back and forth on how i want to distribute the remaining points between mig/dex/int which all seem useful to the build. I'm kinda thinking something like 15/10/15/18/15/4. Thoughts? Also, thoughts on 2h vs dual wield? From what I understand dual wield is generally better because of full attacks. Is 2h stronger on a build that spends more time auto attacking vs full attacks? With barbaric blow costing 2 rage but refunding rage on kill is it spammable enough to give dual wield a big advantage?
  13. I haven't thought about it too much. In looking at spells like chill fog and corrosive siphon. Any spells in particular work well with spammy blood mage? Is it worth using the self buffs like fleet feet and infuse with vital essence?
  14. Im having a hard time deciding on the optimal stats for a blood mage. Normally a wizard would want high might and low con but high might on the blood mage is higher self damage and low con is less health for blood sacrifices. Just trying to figure out how to maximize my damage without killing myself from blood sacrifice. I'm thinking something like: 12 might 10 con 18 dex 18 per 16 int 4 res
  15. Yeah the more I think about it the more I lean towards paladin or mage to offset barbs low deflection and berserker confusion.
  16. I'm returning to this game after putting it down shortly after launch and I'm trying to decide on a build for my MC. I know I want to play a barbarian(either zerker or fury shaper) because I love their ability to stack action speed bonuses. I just can't decide which class to multiclass with. I want to play a front line melee build with maybe some hybrid casting capability. Right now I'm looking at fanatic, howler, warlock, and witch. Brute and maurader look strong but I think I want to avoid those since I will have eder as a swashbuckler and don't want to over lap classes. Just looking for some opinions on which classes and subclasses synergize well. Thanks.
  17. My thinking here is multiclassed with barb or monk would gain focus quicker and spam ascended abilities quicker. Debating whether it's worth losing the 8/9 abilities.
  18. What are some good ascendant cipher builds? Soul blade is pretty straight forward but I'm trying to figure out some nice ascendant synergies.
  19. I haven't seen a lot of talk about druid builds here. Anyone have any strong druid builds to share? I assume single class is the way to go for that strong shock damage. Is fury worth losing rejuvenaton spells? Can animist/lifegiver make strong damage dealers?
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