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  1. I just wanted to ask, how does the Assassin + Wizard perform in PotD? The idea is to spam high-level burst-AoE spells from stealth but I'm not sure how it would perform much later in the game especially against tougher content. I once tried an Assassin + Soulblade combination but was a bit too tricky to use since my Guile pool got eaten up too easily and I could only hit one enemy at a time. It also felt like a win-more setup as it only worked well under perfect conditions and then began underperforming once I ran out of guile. (enemies, especially on ship battles, t
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew whether the Damage, Penetration and Accuracy of Shield Weapons such as Magran’s Blessing, Tuotillo’s Palm and The Best Defense increase with every upgrade tier. It would be rather a shame if it didn’t but I’m not quite sure how to check. Any advice on this matter? Much obliged.
  3. Admittedly, I'm still in the process of refining the build (got as far as lvl 14 before I took a break) so I'm thankful for the suggestion Right. So some explanation is necessary. I wish that this was more the case but I can make the argument that because majority of the build suggestions that I encounter either use Ascendant or Soulblade, there's a case to be made in saying that Beguiler is rather unpopular. Still, between the suggestions, I'd say that the build is okay with either Beguiler or Soul Blade. I'm leaning toward the idea that the Cipher half of the build be used to sp
  4. ======== Alistair ======== ~the Trickster Prince~ -------------------------- Class and Specialization -------------------------- MindStalker: Cipher (Beguiler) + Rogue (Trickster) Wood Elf: Resistance to Dexterity afflictions Origin: Old Vailia Background: Aristocrat -------------------- Stats: M/C/D/P/I/R -------------------- 16/10/15/15/17+1/04 Notes: ----- I prefer Beguiler since I'm more concerned with casting Control skills than with dishing out damage. Rogue on its own provides most
  5. Hello. May I ask, how does one go about posting builds? I'm new here but I'd like to contribute. I have a bunch of builds but I don't know where to post. Thanks
  6. So let me get this straight: the 'threatened' trigger does not activate on 'Foe AoE' skills? Would that mean that the penalty from Tactician not apply to AoE skills? Well that's marvelous! Have there been any other tests? I'll dig around but I'm not sure where to look.
  7. So I'm playing around with builds, namely Fighters and the Tactician specialization caught my eye. My question: what exactly counts as "threatening" and enemy? The Tactician class gains a penalty to Accuracy and Penetration when targeting enemies that are not threatened by an ally. The values are not given but I estimate that it's large enough for the penalty to matter. For example, will the penalty factor in when using spells to back line units and units not engaged by a tank. Is attacking a unit equivalent to threatening it? Thanks.
  8. Just tested it to be sure and yes, it is. I seem to be mistaken in thinking that it applies to Wizard as well but the idea is still pretty good. Several Chanter spells benefit greatly from power level. The best I can think of are Thrice Wronged, Singt o' Eld Nary, Seven Nights She Waited, Hyel-Hyraf, etc. Basically avoid the summon spells. PL affects duration, damage, penetration and projectile count. The spell that benefits most would be Eld Nary since it has a projectile count, penetration and damage. The spells that will benefit least would be the summon spells since they only get duration
  9. My role is killing Difficulty PotD Can you spell out how you got those stats? I'm curious if I can match it. So far you've got +10 MGT from Helwalker and +10 INT from Duality. +1INT and +1 DEX from Chameleon's Touch while I can't place the rest. The other equips don't contribute to it so it's either you got those stats from inspirations (+5 ea.) and other bonus spells or events (If you had a Chanter, that's another +5MGT, +5CON and +5PER(?) from The Brideman Slew... Invocation) Any assistance? Much obliged. ________________________________ As for a WIzard bu
  10. Probably a Fighter or someone who manages Engagement. I've been able to survive with just Pallegina as both tank and healer but not much else. At least one, preferrably two in some battles where the doorway is simply too large to body-block. Failing that, a Wizard. I can't count how many times the Wizard's AoE CC and Durational AoE saved me from large groups of predators in PotD. I can heal with potions but I can't live without some form of Crowd Control, really.
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