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  1. Also the main source of healing for a Paladin is Lay on Hand (except for Kind Wayfarers). So investing in Intellect can be a better choice (especially because it affects Summon duration from your Chanter side).
  2. It would be foe only (except screaming target won't take damages from its own scream) 2.5m radius 12-20 raw damages per Spriti/Vessel. Keeping the original 2.5m radius would be more similar to original intent and would cap damages vs single target (while being an excellent 1000 cuts enabler for SC Ciphers) A bit different from Spark the Soul of the Righteous AoE, and thematically linked to Silent Scream.
  3. Yes, I understand that. But I'm not sure I will be able to do it given the technical issues I had. What I can do is to make a variant for you . But including it in the mod would lead to non autonomous files (one requiring another), which I want to avoid. Now I'm also thinking about setting screaming soul to its original AoE but with Silent Scream damages (12-20 raw) That would lead to respectable damages, esp Vs vessels/Spirits, but will cap it Vs single target. Smoke Grenade isn't an explosive, it's one of the Smoke Cloud upgrade. Powder burn Distracted has been removed by BPM nerf anyway (it was stupidly easy to activate). But that's why I'm reluctant to remove other self inflicted Distraction from Streetfighter.
  4. Now that I'm thinking about it, @theleemight be right about making this abilities for only. There are few abilities in this game that doesn't display their AoE. Clear Out is a good example, and it's quite annoying. But Screaming Souls would become the only ability with unclear AoE that can cause friendly fire. I believe this could really be super annoying. Setting it to foe only would solve the second issue. It could be : -5m wide base AoE -1.5m wide foe only secondary AoE, excludes center target (foe hitting themselves with their own scream while allies don't would be weird) -30-50 raw damages -Distracted affliction What do you think ? Would it be too powerful ? It compares well with Spark the Souls, less damages but raw and instant. Also more conditional. But Spark the Souls is for SC priests only that are good AoE nuker, while Ciphers should probably not be. I'm considering adding self-target to Smoke Grenade to give another option to Street fighter to activate his effects. Throwing a Grenade at your feet should hurt. That would be to compensate the loss of a potential party inflicted Distracted.
  5. When I download again on my pc, the file is named "cl.cipher.screaming_souls_all_targets_scream_gamedatabundle.ea525d8649bd18f588c2f686212f990a" It should be "cl.cipher.screaming_souls_all_targets_scream.gamedatabundle". This unexpected change of the file type might cause problem. It is weird that the name changed. I might avoid this kind of rogue sharing, or make .zip when I do.
  6. Mmm, have you placed the file within a directory such as C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override\BalancePolishingModBuffs\design\gamedata ? (you can replace "BalancePolishingModBuffs" by any other mod)
  7. Yep, but pushing effect tends to cause the target to "walk back" to its initial position. Which might help getting Arterial ticks. It shall be pointed that the damages are among top tier DoT when the target actually moves.
  8. I'm skeptical about a build relying on Destructive Channeling only. As an Evoker, you'll want to cast spells, and that won't do channeling self-damages. At least you'll have Deleterious Alacrity of Motion which could help a lot. Provided you have any source of party regeneration (Druid spells, Ancient Memory, Paladin Auras - which are really good to have for your whole party) and you are on the backrow, you're likely to not always be under 50%. You'll have to skip these and use mostly (Paladin's) single target heals. 20% raw damages isn't that high. It's like, well 10 damages per swing max ? With around 250 endgame health minimum, that's about 12 swings before getting the effect you build is meant for. I have a caster/scepter user with Destructive Channeling always on and I don't even notice the self-damages. But that's just my (paranoid) opinion.
  9. It is not directly linked to the question, but I would go Blood Mage just because it can get bloodied so easily. Wizard has a spell called Llengrath Safeguard that adds a lots of defense when you become Bloodied. It remains active for the entire duration once you have become Bloodied once, so no needs to stay under 50% health. But that's still a good synergy.
  10. Ok, so I started again. Basically I "grafted" a copy of Spark the Soul of the Righteous attack to Screaming Souls ability. Then, step by step, I modded it to redo the Screaming Souls effects. Now it's working fine, with original Vessel/Spirit only AoE, secondary raw damages AoE and Distracted status. Can be applied several times and affect all valid targets. Basically it works, but I haven't copied the original visuals yet. Needless to say that I have yet no clue why this works and why it didn't, but I don't really care at this point. (note that because I had to re-create the attack completely, I might make imossible the split of the changes between 2 separate files) I'll complete the ability and the mod version later. I have a plane to take But if you want to try (Edit : Mechanically it should be the same as final version, except cast/recovery time should be 3s/4.5s instead of 4.5s/3s ; haven't changed yet from Spark the Souls). Edit : Some feedback about how the ability feels now would be precious. Oh, Screaming Souls also works on Spiritual Ally that any priest can take. cl.cipher.screaming_souls_all_targets_scream.gamedatabundle
  11. Ok, still don't work, the holidays are about to end, I may come back to this... when I could. I'm leaving the files here, just in case some fellow modder has time and will to investigate what is going on : Here is the non-working file : cl.cipher.screaming_souls_all_targets_scream.gamedatabundle Somehow, the secondary AoE attack (the one that does the damages) seems to call back the initial attack (no obvious element that could cause that). You see the auto-hit of the first attack again in the combat log. This usually doesn't trigger the damages AoE once again. But the Status causing the attack seems to be caughts in an infinite loop that prevent future re-application. This should work like Spark the Soul of the Rigteous (except no ticks involved), but it does not. Here is the file reducing the AoE. This one is pretty surely not linked to the problem. cl.cipher.screaming_souls_aoe.gamedatabundle
  12. The content of the Summon packae is described in the "2)Summon Rebalance" part of the patch note. Whatever is in this chapter is in this package. Whatever is not is not in this package. I didn't use separate color for this part to avoid overloading the description with too many colors
  13. Thanks for your answer. I probably messed up with my testing. Maybe because I added Wave Walker with Console Command to Aloth... ? Anyway this is bad and shall be tweaked.
  14. I think the big difference here is that Ciphers get one single pool of ressources instead of separate ones per Tier. You can play a decent Cipher with no more than about 5 abilities provided you pick the less situational ones. Priests, druids and wizards can cast more different spells, but they also HAVE TO.
  15. Sorry for failed annoucement but I have just spotted the new Screamin Souls only work once per target. Recasting the spell has no effect. I have no idea why but I'm still working on it. It might take a while, the bug seems kind of deep.
  16. By the way, has anybody ever seen Tekehu purging himself from a fire Keyworded status (such as Brand Enemy) ? I got the impression this part of Wave Walker racial just doesn't work at all...
  17. Some notes about BPM : - exhortations are much more cost effective. Hastening exhortations upgrades are 25s Nimble+Strong or Swift for 1 zeal (this is locked behind SC wall, HExho itself is only 15s Nimble). Exhortations are a blast for action economy compared with priest buffs. And you don't have to keep your party grouped to use them. - basically all summons are good with BPM summon components. I've done an entire run with a beckoner and I used Wurms most of the time. You only need a backup for fire resistant foes. Ancient weapons are still a super well rounded pick. - I wouldn't care to much about the damages. This is indeed not your role. Sacred Immolation is a good source, but then there is fire resistant foes... I would consider picking glorious beacon damages upgrade Vs these foes (better too with BPM).
  18. Good. Don't hesitate to provide feedback, especially for SC Paladin. For next version, I also intend to : - provide Avian Godlike Immunity to PER afflictions (instead of Resistance). Resistance to INT and PER feels a bit weak, especially since you can pick them as Paladin. Not worth the Headgear slot. I will let INT resistance only - provide Marine Godlike an actual fire immunity once every 12s (through a regenerating Water Keyworded status) instead of the very obscure fire status purge they get every 6s.
  19. Not tried. New proposal : what about : - initial AoE 5m (unchanged) - secondary AoE set to base 1.5m instead of 2.5m but still affects everyone - for each scream, the screamer isn't affected. It sounds like a nerf, but setting the AoE to 1.5m would basically make the effects much more controllable (I might split the changes in 2 files : 1 to affect all targets and the other to reduce the AoE) The pros : - can be deadly Vs Spirits and Vessels but still can't be spammed mindlessly. Since the secondary AoE excludes the Spirit/Vessel, it can sometimes be worse for you than foes. But with careful positioning and reasonably tanky frontline you will still be able to deal absurd damages while taking fewer. (I suspect spirits won't be easy to maintain packed, but they are often weak to PER afflictions so it compensates a bit) - Vs every vessel/spirit free groups, reasonably good summons placement can lead to great effects and not too much hurt. Better than amplified wave at concentrating damages Vs 1 target. - benefit a lot from INT and Shared Nightmare. The secondary AoE could be made decent without hurting your party. - Can still be used to cause Street fighter flanking
  20. Is there a point to High MIG with Barbarians though ? Unless going for SC abilities, DEX is much better for auto attacking and you'll get +5 MIG from Frenzy anyway. Maybe for Frenzy upgrades damages ? I won't prioritarize it with a barbarian. Of course it depends on MC etc...
  21. OK, it works now. Each Vessels/Spirits in the 5m AoE generates its own raw damages scream. Now we can discuss further about balancing the ability. Note that a creature can affect itself with the scream. I'm not 100% sure it was the case previously, but anyway it can be tweaked. I'm still with the opinion that foe-only might be too good, but the 1.5m radius suggestion from @thelee makes sense, so I'm going to think about it. Also reducing the initial AoE so it could be a bit more controllable is an option. It shall be centered on a spirit / vessel though.
  22. Anyway, just wanted to confirm it is a bit pointless to address my modding. Overall it's fun, only Withdraw (+Beetle Shell ?) is a bit broken and it comes with some drawbacks : bad INT, usual Zerks' penalty, confusion on a priest (quite annoying) and ressource renewal a bit tedious since Brilliant interract poorly with Confusion. You might prefer your usual Devil of Caroc Breastplate. Also if you don't like it, don't use it on foes. It's different from some OP combos that could be interesting if they weren't broken (so you basically stop using Blunderbuss Modal with Streetfighter since it would lead to a pseudo-exploit). Of course, Strand of Favor was also a case of "if you don't like it ignore it", but Strand of Favor breaks the game in much more epic proportion.
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