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  1. Yup, or lower reflection chance and reduce duration. 30s of capless 50% reflection could work with Tier 4 reflection. In some cases it can be better than 60s 100% but with cap. I like the idea of making all 3 spells different enough so there's always a situation where these situational spells could beat the others. Yes, but also for Llengrath's. With such design (which feels right), my concern is basically only about Wall of Draining. BPM tweaked it to -2s for foes / +0.25s for self but I plan to rise a bit to +0.33s for self so it is a bit closer to its modless glory. I might not go with 100% spell resistance, even if I think it would thematically go well with 100% reflection. Could also be 75% (or lower) of both with a good duration, so it won't be as abusable with WoD.
  2. I was suggesting Spell Resistance (or +all defenses if Spell Resistance prevent somehow reflection) The issue I see is interaction with the the spell level count. Spell level count reaching 0 will either dispell both effects (in which case targetted spell) or only dispell itself. In both case it feels weird IMHO. That's why I would put Spell Resistance only on version of Spell Reflection without Spell level count. Adding some spell resistance to Tier 4 and 6 would buff Wizards significantly. That's why I'm not not to keen on adding it. Tier 9 a bit less cause it would still require casting a defensive spell instead of one of these ultimate damage spells, universal dispell, etc... That's why I suggest to differentiate a bit more the spells than they are currently.
  3. In a nutshell, what can be done through modding is anything but applying reflection to AoE effects : - tweaking the number of spell levels reflected (including removing the limit entirely) - tweaking the durations (including Infinite duration which could make sense with an effect limited to a nimber of triggers) - Applying reflection to targeted weapon attacks (and targeted non-weapon / non-spell abilities) though I won't risk the "total number of ability reflected" part with it. - Lowering the % reflected (yep this is a nerf, but could be coupled with a number of spell limit removal or another buff - the aim is to provide more variety) - Add other effects (such as actual Spell Resistance or +all defense vs AoE spells) What are my personal thoughts about any changes : - Spell Reflection is situational. There is nothing intresically wrong with situational abilities for Wizard given the possibility to swap Grimoire. - Wizard is a hugely powerful class. Buffing it should be done with caution. - There is one single fight in the game where spell reflection is VERY useful. And since it is one of the top fights, buffing Spell Reflection would be a Game Changer for this particular fight. You know the one I'm speaking about, since you describe it in your Gamefaq guide (wrong subforum to state it explicitly). - My main concern is the spells are quite redundant IN ADDITION to be situational. You'll never need the 3. You'll never even gain a marginal gain by using a more appropriate one than the 2 others. Casting one of them is purely ressource management. Which wouldn't be that bad if there weren't also the constraint of their situationnality. - They contribute to high level Enchanting spells being meh. - I have a specific concern for Llengrath's Spell Reflection because Tier 9 casts are so precious (and other ones are so so good). BPM also reduces the efficiency of Brilliant with higher Tier cast restoration, so there will be few circonstances where you want to use it for ressource management. There are tons of tweak possibility. As a simple example, there could be following difference between the 3 spells : - One with 50% chance reflection, without number of Reflection limitation and a moderate duration - One with current design - One with 100% reflection, 100% resistance to spells but low duration (though Wall of Draining coul dmake it abusable, even with BPM nerf)
  4. Heart-Chime amulet is probably the most disappointing magical item of the game. Great lore, weaksauce effects. It's unfortunate that it doesn't work at all for Tekehu, but it would be meh anyway, so I probably won't correct it.
  5. Granted that all these spells are situational anyway, how do you feel they are balanced ? It is hard to evaluate before different spells use different pools of ressources, but it seems to me that the higher level ones don't grant much extra benefits. This is especially meh for Llengrath Reflection : I don't think there is much point to waste your highest tier spell for such a spell. DnD Equivalent also enables to reflect higher spell levels, but here it doesn't seem to be the case. (Yes, I'm wondering about tweaking them)
  6. The speed boost I got yesterday with 11 stacks of Scordeo Trophy Strategic Blitz after 2 Whirling Strikes is quite nice (especially with Stunning Shot...)
  7. Version 1.5.1 is online (but is only about correcting 1 ugly bug that made Riposte not working since 1.4.9) : Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod at Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)
  8. As pointed by @Testlum, Thick Skinned bonus engagement works ONLY if above 50% health (its is confirmed both by Gamedata and tested in-game) This is a bit annoying since it is not documented in the description. It only applies to bonus engagement, not AR Bonuses. Thick Skinned is a bit "above the curve" as an ability, even considering this. However, I think the minor annoyance of buffing an already decent ability is counterbalanced by having an ability matching its description (and matching what everyone expected until now... that's why I prefer this change rather than chaning the description). Therefore, I'm probably going to take this into account in next BPM version. I don't think it would be too powerful anyway.
  9. So, do you plan to advertise about this project on Character Build subforum ? I could put a link on Balance Mod thread maybe.
  10. Yes, it is definitely a feature. A fight with the Tyrant of Decay would conflict with the nature of the mod, which is meant to help you build a full custom party and experience it in battle. And even with a way to recruit before this battle, you won't be able to buy equipment, so you'll still be gimped. Even by nerfing the Tyrant, it would still be a pseudo naked Solo experience, and that is not how the mod is meant to be played, as it will put a specific constraint on your MC build (and my secret intent is of course to enable all styles of play, so people can get wild with my Balance Polishing Mod ahahahahahahahaha). I'll avoid this battle entirely and go to point 3-4, whichever feels the less awkward. Anyway, the mod users will know this is a only mod made by players and that the dialogue won't match exactly. Point 3 feels fine to get a proper introduction even if there are a couple of weird sentences about your "previous encounter". There might be a clever way to add back the Tyrant battle in a further version of the mod, but I won't go this way for the default/initial version. Level 16 feels sweet. Especially because it is a new Tier for everyone and Single Class even starts start getting their unique stuff at this point. Though I'll have the main character start at level 17 so hirelings will actually be 16. Then the experience gain shall be adjusted so your hirelings will be level 20 about 3/4 of content of the DLC (MC will be 20 sooner, and everyone will get their ultimate Tier unlocked before this point when reaching lvl 19). I'll go with 100k initial gold + amount necessary to get 4 hirelings, as well as a couple of weapons/armors of each kind in exceptional quality. I think the amount of gain shall be adjusted so you end up with several 100k gold (minus what spent). But I have no clear idea about the sweet spot. Adjusting the Gold Gain to the right amount will probably require a bit of testing, cause I can't figure the right theoritical answer for it. I think you can repeatly gain gold when farming the same battle several times in current SSS version. But I'm not sure. Anyway, I think this should be enabled (it was possible in black pit). Farming shall not be necessary (just a possibility when you really want to buy something before a specific battle). I'll unlock ALL equipment* and consumables, except the ones that can be unlocked through battle. You should already have a functional full list from you previous mod. If it is not too difficult, you can allocate items to the various vendors by category. *I would honnestly skip the Soulbounds with impossible conditionals for the version 1.0 of the mod. There shouldn't be too many of them. I guess it is not that complicated to edit the property of items to change the conditionals for something that can be fullfilled for a further version of the mod. It doesn't have to be very original. For the Voulge Tier 2, you can go with 750 shock damages (x3 Tier 1 condition). I'll go with the first. Getting experience is satisfying in general (that's a bit the tradmark of RPG after all) and Lvl 16 (17 for MC) is a point where you have already unlocked most of the stuff anyway, so you're already wild enough. 2. might be an option, if it's not too complicated, it might even work when combined with your other mod, nay ? Yeah, I think it is worth sharing there. I admit I forgot about this thread myself and only remarked you were working on it when you named me. My apologies for forgetting about it.
  11. I'm using Stalker's Patience as main weapon with my SC Stalker and her Skill point are optimized for Arcana. Granted, she is the main Arcana user of the party. It was the character that needed the most ability variety from her consumables. Even with this, she has around 3-5 stealth (I like having a bit on all character), so it's still something. If I had another Arcana user, I could have made her my sleath/sleight of weight specialist of course (with a bit of Arcana for variety - even a modest 5 points give access to Tier 1-4 scrolls).
  12. I don't feel Might critical for weapon attack in general, cause it is additive with all these weapon quality mod. It is neat for healing, but practiced healer or Chanter bonus healing done chant makes it also a bit less important later. PER can be abused in various way to get more Graze/Hit/Crit, which helps from getting more Interrupt to Weapon special effect procs. Your character is optimized for this, so certainly not stricly inferior to 15 MIG / 20 PER (and such a small variation has a low impact anyway)
  13. Time Parasite + any Rod + Shared Nightmare sounds like mass murder. Rods have the flexibility to switch from Single Target to AoE without delay, and I absolutely love this flexibility. Against single target... Ahem, I guess Time Parasite won't be so efficient to begin with.
  14. Concussive Tranquilizer with any blunderbuss by the way. Multiple hits for massive buff reduction is neat, and multiple Interrupt on Graze to go through layers of concentration are neat.
  15. Also another possibility : You can use Whirling Strikes with a melee&ranged weapon combo. Driving Flight even applies to such ranged attacks to proc more hit. It's quite fun with either one of the Mortars in left hand. Or Scordeo's Trophy (with Strategic Blitz) to get stacks or melee weapon recovery reduction. Fast melee Attacks + Stunning Shots is quite nice.
  16. So, base game has strengthened bond working correctly. First version of yours made double strengthened bond on the pet. Or adds a new strengthened bond that stacked with defensive bond maybe ? New version let the old strengthened bond but have a new item that only exists to remove defensive bond. Just to be sure I got it. Edit : anyway, it works. Version 1.5.0 is on the way. Edit edit : Version 1.5.0 is live. It only merges the content of Highest priority package into Buffs package, which removes the special loading instructions. Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod at Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) Thanks @Noqn
  17. Yeah, it's weird, it seems to fail on first try. But I have no clue what happens. The bug isn't caused by one of the mod. I would have corrected it anyway if I had a clue about the cause.
  18. Hi, thank you for making suggestions, but this is not in line with my plan. 1) technically, this is indeed annoying. The biggest factor here is that it isn't possible to remove 1 injury or prevent 1. You can only remove them all as part of an effect. 2) The changes I've made are BECAUSE these abilities are situational. This is the reason I buffed them in the first place. Unrelenting adds +5 Discipline because it is annoying to use. Providence provides an effect that lasts to the whole battle in order to avoid making it more useful when you only procs once (which is already situational). On the other hand, Providence provides Pals an almost absurd resilience in the right situation. I've kept Resurrection Prevent Death for a similar reason : contrary to BDD, it is impossible to spam. 3) I usually don't change the philosophy of an ability, unless it is redundant with some others. Vengeful defeat would be a little too close from barbaric retaliations if I changed it. 4) There are plenty of ability choices, and none of the said abilities are meant to be corn stone of their respective single class. If you really don't like the concept, just pass :-), you have many viable choices now 5) Potion of Luminous Adra. If you still want to use these abilities for specific encounters, you still have them. You usually want some of these potions in your quickslots for megabosses. This is especially critical for Vengeful Defeat because these are the battles where you will want more Rage. But yeah, these abilities are not meant to be spammed.
  19. Nice ! I think I can trust you, you even pointed that Maia's auto-tables were working correctly, which I was not aware (but can be explainted from the game files). I will add this to next version. Better to avoid a cumbersome additional mod component with specific loading rules indeed !
  20. Version 1.4.9 is live. Include a bit of revamp to SC ressources giving abilities, Wildstrike Frenzy bug correction and bashing shield tweaking up.
  21. Yup. Keep in mind BPM Unbending % rate only benefits from Healing Received (not Healing Done, not Might, not Int, not PL, albeit the later two influence the main effect duration. It is also a bit better when taking damages repeatedly, but much less so than the original one. With fresh fruits and a single foe attacking you, you can expect around 2/3 health back. You need Unbending Trunk to hope full regen.
  22. No it's 50% total over 12s in BPM. So, well, 50. There is a thread on this forum called Various Testing where I explain how it works in the base game. Annoying to post the link with a smartphone while carrying a baby, so Google is your friend.
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