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  1. New version available on Nexus, with the changes discussed above and a few bugfixes. Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod at Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) I guess when I'll get back my family, I won't be updating the mod so often EDIT : I may disconnect for a while in a few days. I want to be freed from the stress of discovering yet another thing to mod I'll come back, don't worry. Just need a few days more to confirm that there isn't something gamebreaking in this version.
  2. No I didn't. Everybody may eat forbidden pie. So +5 all PL would benefit every case. Brrr, I'm not promoting corpse eating that much. However, all other bonuses work for other classes. Which lead to the actual point : I also changed the secondary effects of Kith food. Forbidden Pie provides +4 Resolve among other effects, which is a nice static boost to reduce the duration of Forbidden curse. And FORBIDDEN PIE for FORBIDDEN FIST sounds good. Like you do FORBIDDEN STUFF. Oh, my abilities are so FORBIDDENLY EDGY, you can't be as FORBIDDEN as ME. Of course, I wear a black cloak, black boots, and you know what ? A black and slightly red cap.
  3. Bug confirmed and corrected. Will be included in next version. That comes from having 2 separate files that affect the same list. Rermoving one of them will lead to strange display, but impossible to improve this. Ok, so I went for following principle, in order to make things more consistent without penalizing Fury too much : - Garden of life is a Heal over Time so Rejuvenation KW makes sense. Livegivers will get a bonus for it, and Fury won't be able to cast it. - Cleansing Wind and Nature's Bounty heal only once, so Restoration KW makes sens. Livegivers won't get a bonus, and Fury will be able to cast them as his only Restoration spell. Xoti's Lantern will provide a bonus for them.
  4. Yep, but this food also have effect apart PL buff. +4 RES and mind affliction resistance isn't bad. That said, yes, it is by far the most specialised barb subclass. Bigger abilities has an edge when you need t take the advantage quickly. Also it gets Carnage bonus from his PL food, as well as an extra ability when facing certain foes (infinite Rage vs Belranga). So it's normal if Corpse Eater isn't always cost efficient.
  5. Unfortunately, the game is not very well balanced for Solo. It's hard not to rely on "infinite ressource class/subclass".
  6. Based on rules B and E1, it's only +1 Accuracy per PL and +5% damages per PL. So +5 accuracy and +25% for 5 PL, not +10 and +50%. The PL bonus damages is multiplicative with any additive modifier (such as MIG, weapon bonus, etc). I won't repeat for your list review below. DoT damages and duration should work. Yes, it should work. All weapon attack should get +5% multiplicative bonus per PL. Yes, it works, but +25% only. See above. Or power itself up, it depends on your perspective " but MIG also increase my helaing potential - but Jack, you're a Barbarian / Monk, you don't have a healing potential"
  7. I'll check this. Either it's something I forgot and I'll add it, or maybe it's intentional : changing a description has the drawback of making it English only, so if the auto-description is clear enough, I sometimes avoid messing with it. It would be a Fury nerf then. As CP adding Rejuvenation KW to Cleansing Wind / Nature's bounty was. This was one of their few changes I was not comfortable with. I might remove KW from them instead. It seems Rejuvination should only apply to Heal over Time effect. Garden of Life qualifies for it, but neither Cleansing Wind or Nature's bounty do. Fury getting access to a couple of healing spell would make the subclass better rounded. Garden of Life is basically Belranga's Kryptonite, so cutting it from Fury isn't innocent. But it's hard to justify why Pollen Patch get the tag and Garden of Life does not. I will think about it. Nope, this would change the nature of the subclass and makes Element KW useless. It could have been better this way, but I'm usually reluctant to change this. It could have worked, technically speaking. It's possible in some case to apply a single bonus to multiple KW, instead of copying them (Secrets of Rime only apply +1 PEN to Water + Ice KW). Yes, it would probably require another subclass. That said, BPM's Wildstrike Corrode and its upgrade grants PL bonus to decay, which supports Decay spells.
  8. Designer's note : note that Forbidden pie is designed so Corpse Eater will be resistant to all afflictions above 50% due to Unflitching (one of the best barbarian passive by the way, if not one the best defensive passive of the whole game). This isn't new, you can do it with Luminous Lobster / Wael Mojito / Captain Banquet, but yep, it's a specific synergy of the class. Now I do think that there isn't many Class Combination* / Subclass / Single Class / Abilities that still feel too bad with my mod. But you can help it to be tested and name one if you find (and I don't think there are too OP either) (I'm not saying that they aren't bad Subclass Combination. Some are dumb. Hey, Streetfighter / Tactician !)
  9. It's not even original. I simply took what devs already did, buffed up the values, et voilà ! And also play a Witch. Because there's nothing like feasting upon one's corpse after you've already drank one's soul.
  10. Reminders : Corpse Eater with BPM : Greatly buffed special food (and also replaced bonus MIG and malus INT by more varied effects) : - Kith Meat : -5 Diplomacy, -15% Damages received, +3 Corpse Eater PL - Corpse Loaf : -3 Diplomacy,+3 Health per 6s, +10 Fortitude, +4 Corpse Eater PL - Forbidden Pie : -3 Diplomacy, +4 Resolve, Mind Affliction Resistance, +5 Corpse Eater PL Not tested during a playthrough yet. Also note Carnage scale with PL, so you get a passive benefit from it. And you still have an edge vs Kiths/Wilders/Beasts cause you can eat the corpses. I would probably go with Dual Wield Heart of Fury. Dazing Shout isn't too bad cause you don't need to cast it often. Dragon Leap has a 6s stun AoE and will get good benefit from PL. Blood Frenzy line might be the best because of the prolonged effect. Mage slayer gains -25% hostile and beneficial effect duration instead of 25% spell resistance. I use mine with Spirit Tornado as only self buff. I like to cast it often because of nearly instant damages + terror anyway. And my fanatic paladin usually heals herself with Dual Wield White Flame FoD, so the malus isn't detrimental for LoH. The hostile effect duration reduction synergizes well with Sacred Immolation (works also for Forbidden Fist)
  11. I don't get why it would be a one-trick pony. SC Barbs are good in general, you don't have to rely on Grave Calling abuse. Grave Calling Barb + Chanter for the combo feels like a not very fun constraint for SC party. You have only 5 classes, and 2 of them are required for the combo. It is less constraining in a MC party. Also, if it's just about filling Plaadin's Zeal, I feel a Beckoner is enough without requiring the Skeleton specialization. Ancient Weapon with 25% health are plenty vulnerable enough to die conveniently and give a sizable amount of zeal back. Maybe less, but also not blocking your whole party design just to feed your Paladin. But here I'm just speaking about what I feel fun (while still efficient enough). I also hate Blunderbuss Streetfighter with a passion, since it feels like the cheapest combo of the game. I would consider SC Cipher in such a party (but not as tanks). Rod Cipher to be exact for Blast + Shared Nightmare abuse. Ancestor's Memory at level 13 could help a lot since SC tends to be a bit scarce on resources.
  12. The main issue of priest for offense is the lack of non-fire based offensive spells. Magran Priest gets even more of them. Symbols are crazy strong, but your Symbol is also Fire-based ! SC Magran Priest does not feel versatile enough for Solo play. (In a party, you can use support spells instead, so it's workable). But yeah, you'll always find some guy on Youtube who did it (unless speaking about Ultimate). In general MC are more versatile, so tends to be better for solo play.
  13. For SC, I would anyway choose either Black Jacket or Tactician (for Discipline concern and chain upgraded Clear Out Interrupt). Willbreaker + Body Blows then switching to WotEP for clear out spamming is fun. But d*mn, even with Body Blows, ennemies tend to have super high Fortitude in this game !
  14. Serafen is nice as a SC tank. You can't go wrong with Driving Roar SC Barbarian. But this isn't very original. Maybe Dazing Shout instead ? Basically a free win vs everything not resistant to MIG afflictions. Mirke has High CON for a tank and can be SC monk. Safe choice then. I have a Whirling Strikes Stalker right now and she is working fine as a dual tank with her bear. The build isn't based on BPM specific features but I must admit it helps every time Whirling Strikes doesn't feel optimal. I've found a significant number of bugs with Ranger in general (from the not so significant Whirling Strikes PL scaling to the super annoying pets not getting Camouflage/Defensive Bond and of course, the crème de la crème : Hunter's Claw Save/reload stacking). She has high Arcana and History for Giftbearer Cloak and backup use. I tend to specialize the less versatile characters in Arcana (and you'll want High MIG and INT for Whirling Strikes anyway).
  15. SI feels good for 2 zeal (but not too strong) on my fanatic. Committing to cast, but still brings a lot of value. This character has 15 Resolve and normal Con (but is a Fanatic with a couple of items to boost it). Also, with BPM mod, Mage Slayer gets -25% Beneficial and Hostile effect duration instead of the random spell resistance (that does not work on many things that would otherwise qualify as magic...), which helps SI too. I didn't have to dedicate my ring slot to Voidward either. It is still a significant blow to your HP and spamming White Flames FoD is usually a good idea after casting SI. My fanatic almost killed herlsef vs Menzzago and his clique yesterday... But since it was almost, casting SI was the right choice, ney ? (Note that Moon Godlikes have a special 25% raw damage resistance with BPM mod too. This is noticeable for SI) The fact you don't cast it every encounter is indeed a big plus in term of design.
  16. Whirling Strikes DoT Duration does not scale with PL. It scales with INT though. Damages scale with both PL and MIG. (It was easy to correct on my local mod, will be included in next version. Not that Whirling Strikes is horrible without this scaling, but it felt a bit unfair.)
  17. Mmmm, only in Age of Empire 2 Scimitar are used as ranged weapons. Are you speaking about Scordeo's Trophy ?
  18. Yeah, exclusion of self-target and hostile/non hostile are two different things. For example, you can't Distract yourself with a smoke grenade even if you're in the friendly-fire AoE (too bad for Streetfighter).
  19. , { "$type": "Game.GameData.AttackAuraComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "Duration": 9, "VisualEffect": "", "EffectAttachMode": "Position", "EffectAttachPoint": "Ground", "Scale": "false" }] Mmm, Should be this value listed in the attack. Circle of protection has an AttackAuraComponent of 10s (and works). Well, if it's there and it doesn't work, it looks like a hardcode bug. Note that Sparkcrackers are a different kind of beast. Sparkcrackers are basically THE thieving item. If duration is changed, theft may become too easy.
  20. It's a parameter in the attack component of the summon. You can find an example in the "Conjurer/Familiar" file of the Buff package from my mod : Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod at Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) Really the easiest fix of the world.
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