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  1. It's a parameter in the attack component of the summon. You can find an example in the "Conjurer/Familiar" file of the Buff package from my mod : Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod at Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) Really the easiest fix of the world.
  2. White Flame DW is really crazy. To whoever wants a FoD build, I would always recommand it over Bleak Walker (unless specifically for 2-hander - uh oh chromoprismatic FoD). With White Flame, you can basically skip using healing dedicated abilities (still picking LoH because fire immune/absorbing).
  3. I'm not expert about traps, so I leave discussion to other people. If you say so, I trust you that there is something to do. It sounds like a very easy fix, so once you tell me what you want, I'll do it. I will make it part of my mod (in a separate file, as usual).
  4. Well, yes, but there is a huge opportunity cost to be able to use SI without too much inconvenience : you play with High CON (so less points for offensive, a bit less a problem for Main character with Berath Blessing, but still) and one of the tankiest MC. Also, you want to use zeal mostly for offense. Well, that means you don't need zeal for support abilities. How to spam exhortations, beacons then ? Basically you don't need zeal because beyond Tier 1 (which are cheap and possibly refunded - again choosing specifically Goldpact makes the whole build more sustainable), most paladin active abilities are bad. SI is overcosted, but at least does something fairly significant. Sacred Immolation does respectable damages to foes (with good PEN), that has never been the problem. Additional Zeal costs Ability points, equipment slots, Brilliant support etc... Also Zeal overcost is much more a problem when going Single Class. Unless playing with Divine Retribution and the right party, but then reducing zeal cost isn't significant anymore (especially since SI can't be cast unless previous one is over). About PL cap : No cap, but active effects are not supposed to cap. I'm saying "supposed" because Saving/Loading apparently makes food bonus stackable...
  5. You know that Spiritshift is a modal that you can deactivate when you want, right ? So you can activate, use Flurry, deactive (a few seconds later, one cannot activate/deactivate a modal instantly) and you'll have flurry in human form. That's why I usually say that Shifter has literraly no real drawback.
  6. You can only have one "summon" (or pair/triple/qudruplet of the same spell), doesn't matter which comes first. You can mod a summon spell so it doesn't count for the limit. My issue is that I want to implement weapon scaling for this particular summon, and the way I implement it is by checking that the creature has been "summoned". Maybe I won't be able to do both.
  7. Yeah but your loremaster is going to be suprised when his killing bolt will unsummon his ancient weapons...
  8. Ninagauth Killing Bolt's conditional spectre does count as summon. So it will remove any preexisting summon...
  9. This is one my question to myself : how much better for defense is Spiritshift armor compared to a robe AND a shield (preferrably small) for casting ? (If you're attacking, then Spiritshift armor is overall better because dual wield is better than S&B.) Note : stag all defenses bonus doesn't stack with similar bonus. It is considered as active. Anyway, you can keep cat flurry after turning back to normal, so...
  10. Not that much considering DAoM. If you're willing to use WoD, there are far more broken things to do with it.
  11. Mmm, Inspired defense is (sort of conditional) +1 and Stoic Steel is (also conditional) +3 (stacks up to 3 times). That's +4AR. So total 10+4+4+1/+4 = 19/22 AR on endgame, only minus 2 for other shapeshifts.
  12. And also : Citzal Spirit Lance Phantom Combusting Wounds Citzal Spirit Lance + Phantom + Combusting Wounds
  13. Shifter is better either used as a caster (no downside at doing so) or MC with a martial class. Plot Twist : Wizards are a martial class.
  14. While near death, try until you get a graze (Morningstar as a prequisite, Might/Con debuff can help). Then use an insta-kill effect (Marux Amanth being the most reliable, albeit 1 Full attack use - pair with Sun & Moon for triple roll). Seems doable, albeit not convenient.
  15. I suppose it does not work with Ghostheart either. Would have been the most marginally useful ability of the game.
  16. If 40% damage reduction at level 20 and +3 engagements isn't enough, I don't know what to do . And it is especially great coupled with Minoletta's Piercing Sigil/Cloak of Death for SC, or obviously martial MC. Intellect in Ogre form isn't that significant so the attribute debuff is basically just fluff. Being a Wizard ressource instead of independant isn't so bad. These ressources can be renewed, while shift cannot. On another topic, maybe I went overboard with Shieldbearer. 200 points of damage shield for 6s while near death is somewhat better than Prevent Death. You're are being healed in the meantime. I might have to reduce the damage shield value to 150 points or 100 points.
  17. But is not a spell Wizard and Chanter get the talent. So apart picking it on a level with Mandatory druid pick, it doesn't matter much. Tricks with the above table : - Picking Iron Will and Bull's Will with a Cipher multiclass - Picking Long Stride and Fast Runner with some Monk multiclass - Picking Practiced healer with your Ranger with Chanter multiclass (does not get the talent). Who is gonna pick Practiced Healer with a Ranger ? etc...
  18. Even 20% for 12s could be enough. With scaling and INT, it would last enough when gangbanged and provide decent protection vs single foe (good chance to be reactivated before all charges consumed)
  19. Rods Rods are life Rods are love Amira's Wing provide bonus deflection, healing received (great for fighter/solo) and Single target/multi target damages at will. Or staff. Because Llengrath Warding Staff and Chromoprismatic. Staff Modal is great for solo (albeit less important for battlemage). I'm not even sure there are any foes immune to crush bar Bog Ooze, and you can always swap weapon for these few cases. Greatsword is a good choice, I would say. WotEP with Quickswitch is very nice.
  20. No no, it's good to have feedbacks. Now I'm thinking : what about higher chances with much shorter duration ? Like 25% chances for 15s ? (these adjustments are quite easy)
  21. The timer + guaranteed effect is a good idea, maybe closer from the original. The thing is this is quite a technical and time-consuming change to make, as it was for the current version of the ability, so I'm honestly not to fond of changing it (bar the numbers). Somehow I think it is fitting that illusions are not totally reliable. EDIT : but now, I'm thinking about adding a timer to Moon Godlike's Silver Waves Maybe not. Their bonus corrode AR was set to give them an asset vs one of the Megabosses.
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